The Slicer - Recap

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Elaine is suffering from chronic nightmares and sleeplessness. Her next door neighbor left the country, but left their alarm set to go off at 3:30 every morning. George lands a new job, which he considers a dream job, at a poorly run company. However, George can't shake the feeling that he knows his new boss from somewhere. While in his boss's office, George sees a photo that triggers his memory of "the boom box incident". Now scared that he'll lose his job because of the incident, George goes to Kramer for advice. The two devise a plan to get the photograph out of the boss's office then retouch it.

Kramer decides that the quality of meat he gets for his sandwiches is sub-par, so he purchases a meat slicer in order for him to slice his own fresh, quality sandwich meat. After hearing about Elaine's problem, Kramer suggests that she blow the circuit to her neighbor's apartment to shut the clock off.

Jerry has a date with a doctor that Elaine set him up with, but Jerry is annoyed when all the doctor talks about on their date is saving lives. However, Jerry soon finds out that the doctor is actually a dermatologist. George suggests to Jerry that he set up a "revenge date". The revenge date goes exceptionally well until Jerry uses the phrase "skin cancer". The doctor offers to do a skin cancer screening on Jerry at her lab.

George sends the photo in his boss's office into a lab in order to retouch himself out of the photo. However, when George gets the photo back, the lab cut out the boss from the photo, not George. Back at the photo shop, George as the shop add the boss back in, and they do so as a cartoon character. In order to get the picture back to normal, George has to find another picture of his boss, shirtless, or he'll have to find a new job.

Elaine kills the power to her neighbor's apartment, but in doing so the power outage shut off the neighbor's cat's automatic feeder. Unable to get into the apartment, Kramer uses the meat slicer to cut small enough pieces of meat to feed the cat under the door. Elaine keeps the slicer at her apartment and begins to find several uses for it, including using it on her heels. Kramer asks for his slicer back, and Elaine returns it to him quickly by shoving it out of her door then shutting the door on Kramer. Kramer notices that the blade is damaged and tries to get into Elaine's, but ends up taking the knob off of the door instead. Later, Elaine discovers that without the doorknob, she is stuck inside her apartment.

Later, Jerry has an allergic reaction and hive break out all over his neck. Jerry heads to the doctor's to confront her about the hives. As she leaves, Kramer, in his meat coat, comes in. The cancer doctor spots a cancerous growth on George's boss.

George is able to get a hold of a recent bare-chested photo of his boss and is able to successfully doctor the photo. Kramer wants to tell the boss about the cancerous growth. George tells his boss about the growth, but he holds up the recently doctored photo and shows George that the mole hasn't changed in ten years. The boss then proceeds to tell George a story about a guy on the beach with a boom box.

At the end of the episode, George, Jerry, and Kramer try to keep Elaine company from her hallway until a locksmith can get to the apartment to open her door.