The Puerto Rican Day - Recap

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Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer head back to town after cutting out of the Mets game during the 8th inning since they were losing 8 to 0. While on the highway, they run into trouble with a Volkswagen Golf. As they drive, George talks about a new movie that he recently saw about the Hindenburg disaster and a comment that he made after the explosion. When the foursome reach 5th Avenue in the city, traffic in front of them slows to a crawl. As traffic barely moves, the gang realize that it's Puerto Rican Day parade. Elaine begins to worry that she won't make it home in time for 60 Minutes, since it's part of her typical weekend wind down routine. Suddenly, Kramer sees a way out of the traffic jam over to their right. Jerry tries to get over in time, but don't make it when they once again run into the Volkswagen Golf.

Seeing how they're getting no where fast, Elaine gets out of the car to find another way home. George also gets out when he sees a theater nearby that's playing the new Hindenburg movie and realizes he can reuse his line. Elaine, who had grabbed a cab, decides that the cab isn't getting her home any sooner so she gets out of the cab, just to have traffic begin to move once she exits. At the movie, George tries to be funny, but is outdone by a guy with a laser pointer. The audience laughs at all of the laser guy's antics, but not at George's line.

Back in the car, Kramer tells Jerry that he thinks they should abandon the car and come back for it later. Kramer is then able to strike a deal with the driver of the Volkswagen Golf so he and Jerry can get to the shortcut. Just then, George arrives back at the car and the red laser pointer dot keeps appearing on various parts of his body. Elaine ends up at the same spot in her cab.

Elaine continues to try to find another way home while Kramer desperately searches for a bathroom. Elaine is able to get over to the parade route and tries to find a way to cross the parade. She is able to lead a group of people across the parade via a reviewing stand. Kramer, still searching for a bathroom, finds an apartment for sale and acts like a wealthy man, H.E Pennypacker, in order to tour the apartment and use the bathroom.

Kramer makes his way back to the car and tells Jerry about the ending of the Mets game. We see Kal Varnsen (Jerry's alias), watching television in the apartment. George hunts down the laser pointer guy and plans an attack on him. The route that Elaine took to get across the parade route ends up to be a dead end. George stages his attack and grabs what he thought was the laser pointer, only to get his hands covered in ink.

Kramer inadvertently sets the Puerto Rican flag ablaze and is approached by an angry crowd. Art Vandelay searches for a bathroom to scrub the ink off of his hands and ends up running into Varnsen. H.E Pennypacker joins Vandelay and Varnsen and the trio runs away from the mob. Varnsen asks who's watching the Saab, and we see that the mob is and in what condition they left it.