The Finale (1) - Recap

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The episode opens with Jerry and George talking about the movies and how George really wants to get his 15 minute of fame. Kramer heads off to the beach while Elaine calls a friend, whose father was admitted to the hospital, on her cell phone. After the phone call, Jerry and George tell Elaine that calling her friend with a cell phone is not socially acceptable. Later, Jerry receives a call from NBC. They tell him that they want to talk to Jerry and George again about their pilot.

Jerry and George head to NBC studios to meet with the VP of programming, who wants to develop their pilot into a 13-episode series. Ecstatic, Jerry and George plan their move to California and Jerry interrupts Elaine to tell her about the deal that they landed with NBC. George's parents are also thrilled to learn about their pilot being picked up. As a perk, NBC allows Jerry and George to take one of their private jets anywhere they want with their friends. Kramer returns from the beach, unable to get water out of his ear, and warns Jerry and George that Los Angeles is a seductress and they'll never come back to New York once they move there.

Jerry and George invite Elaine and Kramer to use the private jet with them, and decide to fly to Paris. Before they leave, Elaine goes to call her friend again, but Jerry warns her that it's not the kind of phone call that she can rush. Newman asks to go with, but Jerry turns him down. Sad, Newman promises Jerry that he will have his day of reckoning.

Aboard the jet, everyone is very impressed, but George is less than whelmed by what they're given since the plane wasn't one that Ted Danson is given. Kramer continues to try to get water out of his ear, and ends up falling into the cockpit which sends the plane into a dive. As the plane is speeding towards the ground, George confesses to everyone that he cheated during "The Contest" and Elaine starts to confess something to Jerry, but the plane straightens about before she is able to do so.

The pilot lands the plane in the small town of Latham, Massachusetts to make sure the plane is still fit to fly across the Atlantic. Everyone files off of the plane, and talk about whether or not they want to get back on the plane. As they walk around the town, they witness a fat man being robbed, and Kramer videotapes the incident while the others stand and mock the man. They are then arrested for not following the town's "Good Samaritan" law.

In prison, the foursome are informed that under the "Good Samaritan" law, their actions will result in a minimum of an 85,000 dollar fine and a maximum of five years in prison. The prison guard tells them that they will probably be persecuted to the full extent of the law since they are the first people to be arrested under this law.

The foursome decides to call Jackie Chiles to serve as their defense. The prosecuting team digs into George, Jerry, Kramer and Elaine's past in order to find incidents that will show what terrible people they are. Rivera Live arrives at the small town to cover the trial, and figures from the foursome's past, including Peterman, the Rabbi, Puddy, and George Steinbrenner, as well as Jerry and George's parents and Newman (who's beside himself in anticipation of seeing Jerry get his day of reckoning) get ready to travel to Latham for the trial.

Before the trial, Jackie attempts to give George a moral compass. The judge, Arthur Vandelay, arrives to begin the trial and George thinks that the judge's last name being is Vandelay is a good sign. The episode ends with the opening arguments.

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