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The Finale (2) - Recap

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Continuing from the previous episode, Kramer's videotape is played for the jury. NBC executives arrive and George, instead of worrying about their trial, takes time to complain about the plane. The prosecution continues calling witnesses, first with the arresting officer, then the victim. Once they give their accounts, familiar figures from the past are called to the stand. The elderly woman, Mrs. Choate, whose marble rye Jerry stole in "The Rye", testifies. Marla, the virgin, is called to the stand and tells the jury about the foursome's contest in "The Contest". More testimony is given by the bubble boy; the handicapped woman whose spot George took; the doctor who treated Susan the night she died; the library cop, Mr. Bookman; Sidra; Robin, George's former girlfriend whose house caught on fire; a security guard from the parking garage; the detective who investigated Kramer when he dressed as a pimp; and the low-talker, who tries to testify but the jury can't hear her. When George Steinbrenner testifies, he talks about the calzone and how George is a communist. More witnesses give their two-cents about the foursome including the man who runs the underground cockfights; the pharmacist who sold Elaine her contraceptive sponges; a co-worker of Elaine's that speaks about the nipple in the Christmas letter; Mr. Pitt, who tells the story about when Elaine tried to smother him with a pillow; the Soup Nazi; and lastly Babu Bhatt who tells the jury about how Jerry and Elaine got him deported back to Pakistan.

The jury goes into deliberations and Rivera Live reports on the progress of the trial. As the jury continues to deliberate, Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer talk about what life in prison will be like. Estelle, worried for her son, tries to bribe the judge in order to keep George out of prison if he is found guilty. During deliberations, a montage of people from the foursome's past are shown, including the Rabbi, Puddy, Newman, Wilhelm, Poppie, and Mr. Ross. The scene cuts to Jackie Chiles, who's "cross-examining" Sidra. However, they're interrupted when Jackie gets a call that the jury has reached a verdict.

The jury returns from deliberations and Jerry asks Elaine what she was about to say before the plane crashed. Elaine hesitates, then responds "I always loved you...United Airlines". The jury then delivers their verdict -- guilty. None of the foursome show any remorse when they are each sentenced to a year in prison for doing nothing. As the foursome are taken off to prison, Jackie tells Jerry that Sidra does not have implants.

In the prison cell, Jerry comments about the second button on George's shirt, paralleling a conversation Jerry and George had in the first episode of the series, "Good News, Bad News".

The episode closes with Jerry performing a monologue on prison.