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Sex and the City: Sex and the City

At a birthday party for thirtysomething Miranda, Carrie, and Samantha decide from now on, they'll have sex like men. Carrie has sex with an old flame, who's fine with being a sex object, then later runs into Mr. Big, both as she leaves the apartment and at Chaos. Miranda is set up with Skipper, who she hates at first but begins to warm up to. Charlotte decides not to sleep with Capote Duncan, who then asks her for cab fair so he can go get laid. Samantha, in turn, meets Capote at Chaos and has a one night stand with him.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Airdate: Saturday June 06th, 1998

Director: Susan Seidelman
Writer: Darren Star

Guest Stars
Ben WeberBen Weber
As Skipper Johnston
Chris NothChris Noth
As Mr. Big
Sarah WynterSarah Wynter
As Elizabeth
Willie GarsonWillie Garson
As Stanford Blatch
Bill SageBill Sage
As Kurt Harrington
Bruce McCartyBruce McCarty
As Peter Mason
Donna HanoverDonna Hanover
As Realtor
Jeffrey NordlingJeffrey Nordling
As Capote Duncan
Jonah BayJonah Bay
As Hip Guy
Navia NguyenNavia Nguyen
As Tatiana

Christopher Del GaudioChristopher Del Gaudio
As Restaurant Patron
Episode Notes
Carrie gives Mr. Big his name. His real name will not be revealed until the series finale, "an american girl in paris (part deux)".

Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) is a natural blonde and dyes her hair red for the show.

The tutu that Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) wears in the opening credits was from a vintage store and was purchased for only 5 dollars.

All of season 1 was shot on 16mm film. The next seasons were shot on 35mm film.

Kim Cattrall turned downt he role of Samantha twice before being pursuaded by Darren Star's boyfriend to shoot the pilot.

Sarah Wynter (Elizabeth) will later appear in season 3's "politically erect".

Aside from the four main characters, Chris Noth (Mr. Big) is the only character to appear in both this episode and the series finale, "an american girl in paris (part deux)".

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Joey AltrudaA Martini For Mancini 
Joey AltrudaMucci's Jag Mark II 

Episode Quotes
Carrie: It's like the riddle of the Sphinx... why are there so many great unmarried women, and no great unmarried men?

Carrie: (voiceover) Welcome to the age of uninnocence, no one has affairs to remember, no one has breakfast at Tiffany's.

Skipper: I'm a romantic, I just have too much feeling.
Carrie: You sure you're not gay?
Skipper: No!

Mr. Big: Oh, I get... You've never been in love.
Carrie: Wait... have you ever been in love?
Mr. Big: Abso-fucking-lutely.

Samantha: (about Mr. Big) You see that guy? He's the next Donald Trump. Only he's younger and much better looking.

Elizabeth: He never called, the bastard. In England looking at houses would've meant something.

Episode Goofs
The windows on Mr. Big's car aren't tinted when he asks Carrie if she wants a ride. But when she gets out of the car and asks him a question, they are tinted.

During the opening credits, the close-up of the bus shows that the bus if full of people. But it's empty after the bus rounds the corner.

Cultural References
Samantha: (about Mr. Big) You see that guy? He's the next Donald Trump. Only he's younger and much better looking.

Donald Trump is a business executive and CEO of Trump Organization. Trump is also the executive producer of the reality series The Apprentice.

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