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Prev: 2x38 -- Long Live the King (Sep/03/2005)

Sam RegalSam Regal
voiced Faust VIII
Tara SandsTara Sands
voiced Anna Kyoyama
Tara SandsTara Sands
voiced Anna Kyoyama
J. David BrimmerJ. David Brimmer
voiced Bason
Kayzie RogersKayzie Rogers
voiced Choco
Kayzie RogersKayzie Rogers
voiced Choco
Lisa OrtizLisa Ortiz
voiced Jun Tao
Mable RoseMable Rose
voiced Corey
Amy BirnbaumAmy Birnbaum
voiced Eliza
Tress MacNeilleTress MacNeille
voiced Kino Asakura


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1x12: A New Shaman recap: Rio’s gang sits by him as he sleeps. Anna has informed them that Rio will probably sleep for another week... read more.

1x10: The Infamous Tokageroh recap: Yoh and Morty arrive back home completely tired. Anna greets the two angrily because they are late. Anna explains that she is hungry and Rio isn’t there to cook. Rio has given up all hope of becoming a Shaman. Fortunately, one of his gang members named Muscle Punch, has a solution to finding the "best place". The best place is Arcadia where people embark on a journey to find their true purpose to life, a place that will accept them. Their new best place is thirty minutes away. The gang's destination - the Funbari Bowling Alley. The place was abandoned a while ago, but Muscle Punch was able to play with the wiring to get it to work again. Rio is unsatisfied with the bowling alley. Muscle Punch asks what’s wrong with it. Rio explains that it’s too far from the train station and there are no shops around. The best place isn’t a playground. It is a place where they can rest their hearts and feel at ease. Muscle Punch understands and they abandon their temporary best place. However, before they go, they play a couple of games of bowling... read more.

1x9: Northern Boarder recap: As Yoh and Morty walk home, they notice a snowman in the middle of the road. They think that’s kind of weird for summer. There is a man lying by a light post not moving. Yoh starts making fun of the guy and going through his stuff. The person awakens and Yoh is thrilled. They take the boy back to their house. After dinner, the boy meets Tamegoro, the family head of the previous owners of the house and is completely startled. Morty is impressed that the boy can also see spirits... read more.

recap: As Yoh and Lee Pai Long continue fighting, Morty runs looking for a katana. Yoh is seriously getting his butt kicked. Morty sees a gang and asks them to borrow their bokuto. Rio steps in to save Morty and after some fighting, gives Morty the bokuto. Jun Tao asks that even so close to death, friendship is still important to him. Yoh answers simply with a yes. Morty shows up with the bokuto and Yoh and Amidamaru get ready to fight again. This time, Yoh is able to free Lee Pai Long with his Celestial Slash attack which cuts off the prayer flag commanding Lee Pai Long... read more.

1x5: A New Order recap: As Yoh is recovering at the hospital, his fiancée, Anna, shows up unexpectedly. Horrified, Yoh admits to his friends that every memory he has of her since childhood leaves him in tears by the end. Regardless, Anna's goal is to live an easy life as the wife of the Shaman King. Therefore, she'll train Yoh herself. As they speak, Shamans from all over the world are gathering in Tokyo to determine who will become the Shaman King, the savior who will lead the world out of chaos... read more.
Recurring Guests

Matthew Charles as Mosuke (6 eps)
Gregory Abbey as Yugai (2 eps)
Sean Schemmel as Bus Driver (2 eps)
Rachael Lillis as Old Woman (2 eps)
J. David Brimmer as Mosuke (2 eps)
Oliver Wyman as Boris Tepes Dracula III (2 eps)

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