Yoh, Morty! - Recap

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Morty Oyamata leaves school absorbed in a book. He has a feeling that someone is calling him from the cemetery. Yoh asks him to watch the stars with everyone. Manta is confused - who is everyone? He only sees himself and the boy. Yoh says everyone and a bunch of spirits appear around him. Morty runs off terrified.

The next day at school, Morty tries telling some of his fellow classmates about his experience, but no one believes him. They tease him and laugh. Suddenly, the boy from the cemetery shows up in class. The teacher introduces him as Yoh Asakura. Morty flips out, trying to explain that he’s the kid from the cemetery. When Manta confronts Yoh about the cemetery thing, he denies ever seeing Morty. The rest of the class laughs at Morty’s persistence.

After school, Morty follows Yoh, but loses him after observing him watching water for several hours. Morty decides to go back to the cemetery to find Yoh. A violent man, Rio, demands that his gang makes sure the kid who usually comes by the cemetery stay off his place. As he is lecturing his guys, they stare back at him in terror. Rio has just stepped on the grave of Amidamaru, the famous legend about a samurai from 600 years ago who killed a bunch of people. By standing on his tombstone, Rio might just be cursed with his spirit. Rio is unimpressed and strikes the tombstone with his sword yelling "Nattou" (Japanese fermented soybeans).

Morty witnesses the event and knocks over a can trying to leave quietly. Rio accuses him of trespassing on their Best Place, and they decide to teach Morty a lesson. The next day, Morty shows up at school completely beaten up. His classmates can’t believe Rio beat him up. Morty declares that he’s seen spirits, but still no one will believe him. Yoh comes up behind him and affirms the concept. After school, Yoh decides to take him back to the cemetery. He thinks that Morty must be a good person because evil people can’t see spirits. At the cemetery, Yoh ties Morty to a tree and tells him to watch. Yoh decides to face Rio that night, channeling a spirit. He tells Morty to watch him closely, as he is a Shaman, and then calls Amidamaru. With Amidamaru, he takes out the men attacking him. Rio attacks, and Yoh defeats him as well. Morty is intrigued.

The next day, Yoh and Morty repair Amidamaru’s tombstone.