Guardian Ghost - Recap

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Morty is reading a book on Shamans to Yoh. It says that shamans have the ability to put themselves into a trance and communicate with God, Spirits, and other spiritual beings. They are able to borrow strength to heal diseases or manipulate governments. Morty still doesn’t understand Shamans. Yoh tells him that as a Shaman, he has no interest in politics or religion. His purpose for coming to Tokyo was to find a main spirit, as a Shaman’s level is mostly determined by the strength of the spirits that aid him. Once he has a powerful spirit on his side, he will become a full-fledged Shaman.

Amidamaru is the first spirit Yoh considers asking to be his main spirit. Amidamaru refuses, telling him he is waiting for someone. Morty tells Yoh of the legend of Amidamaru – he is known as the devil because he disobeyed his shogun and killed all the people that came after him.

Morty takes Yoh to the museum where Amidamaru’s katana, the Sword of Light, is on display. There, the museum curator shows them the 600 year old katana and tells of how it is known to shed tears every night. Yoh and Morty decide to wait and see this phenomenon. When the katana starts to cry, Yoh realizes that it is not the katana, but a man sitting above crying over the sword. He introduces himself as Mosuke and explains that he was the one who killed Amidamaru. He was also his best friend.

600 years ago, Amidamaru and Mosuke were friends. Mosuke had forged a fine katana and the two displayed it to a shogun who offered them jobs. However, now owning Mosuke’s katana, the shogun plotted to kill him so there would only be one katana as fine as his. Not wanting to betray his friend, Amidamaru told him about the shogun’s plan and told him to leave. Mosuke asked Amidamaru to meet him the next night to give him a sword. Unfortunately, someone overheard the conversation, and the next night, they informed Amidamaru that Mosuke wouldn’t be joining him. In a rage, Amidamaru killed all the men to escape. Because of that, Amidamaru became known as the devil.

Mosuke is filled with grief that he could not forge a fine sword for Amidamaru, that he couldn’t meet up with him, and that he ultimately led his friend to death. Yoh offers Mosuke his body to make a katana for Amidamaru. With Mosuke’s spirit inside him, they create a katana. Yoh then delivers it to Amidamaru, explaining that Mosuke kept him waiting for 600 years. He couldn’t show his face after that long. Amidamaru understands and can finally rest in peace.

As Amidamaru is ascending to the next realm, he witnesses Rio, one of the town’s gang members, start a fight with Yoh. Amidamaru comes to the rescue allowing Yoh to channel him and defeat Rio. Amidamaru decides to stick with Yoh after all.