Lenny - Recap

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As Morty is walking home from school, he sees a second Shaman atop a building. When he tells Yoh this, Yoh doesn’t seem all that concerned, although he does admit he hasn’t been training much lately. He’s currently doing some type of exercise to “beat the sun”, but passes out from the heat. Later, he shares some ice cream with Amidamaru and announces to Morty that they are friends now.

As Morty is walking alone that night, he again meets the other Shaman, known as Lenny Tao. He mumbles something about the stars being the lights that guide us. Those that can’t see the light stray into darkness. He steps out into traffic, and a truck almost hits him. At the last instant, he calls forth his spirit, Bason, who comes out and slices the truck in half with his sword. Lenny Tao says that there can be only one Shaman King.

Yoh has never heard of Lenny Tao, although Amidamaru says the kid’s spirit seems to be that of a Chinese warrior and he’d like to fight it. Yoh and Tao Ren finally meet while crossing the street. Lenny believes that spirits are to be used as tools to make the Shaman more powerful. Yoh is horrified that Len could think of spirits like that and tells him to rephrase his wording. Lenny just laughs and walks away.

Later that night, Rio and his gang meet Lenny, who tells them they are in his way. They attack, but Len is far too powerful for them all. Yoh steps in and begins his first battle with Lenny. The battle has Yoh calling forth Amidamaru into “Spirit Form” in which he can insert Amidamaru inside him to harness his powers. They fight for a while, but it is obvious that Lenny is more powerful. He performs his final attack, Rapid Tempo Assault, which is struck down by Amidamaru. Len then powers up to 100% Spirit Control, thus being able to utilize all 100% of his spirit’s powers and attack again with his Rapid Tempo Assault. This time he hits Yoh and knocks him down.