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Perfect Unity - Recap

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Having all-but-lost the battle with Lenny, Yoh lies in a hospital bed with a bandaged shoulder. Amidamaru sits by him, ashamed that he couldn't do more to stop Lenny's attacks. Yoh tries to cheer him up - he did his best.

Rio and his boys sit in the waiting room chatting with Morty. They were the ones to save Yoh after the final Rapid Tempo Assault - rescuing Yoh on their bikes before he was killed.

Amidamaru and Morty ask about the Shaman King and why Lenny wants to be him so badly. Yoh explains the legend his grandfather told him ten years ago. At that time, Yoh was a young kid who didn’t want to be a Shaman, so he didn’t train very hard. He spent most of his days listening to music and living a relaxing life. His grandfather got really mad at him because after four years of training, the boy still couldn’t summon an earth spirit. Convinced Yoh was a failure, he told him the story of the Shaman King. No matter how much civilization develops, humans will never understand everything about the earth. As time passed, humans forgot about the spirits and acted on their own desires. No one knows how the deeds of humans will affect the earth. The Shamans must communicate with the spirits. Those that master the ways of the Shaman will be able to communicate directly with the King of Spirits, what some call God. Those Shamans act as messengers to the world to keep harmony and deter people from acting from selfish desires which lead them towards a path of destruction. The Shaman that will become one with the King of Spirits will become known as The Savior, or the Shaman King. Yoh trained hard after that because he believed if he became the Shaman King, he could live a lazy life.

Meanwhile, Lenny makes his way to the hospital. He must become the Shaman King at all costs to restore the Tao family's reputation. Len explains that when a spirit merges with a Shaman, there is one body but two wills. Therefore, the only way to use 100% of the spirit’s power is to use the spirit as a tool. He hits Yoh and sends him flying backwards, taunting him that when he dies, he will gain control of Amidamaru. Yoh stops and tells Amidamaru to go to the next world after Mosuke so he won’t become Lenny’s spirit. Amidamaru refuses to abandon his master and when Len attacks, they are able to repel and block his attacks. Yoh is now at 100%, when both his and Amidamaru's wills are one. With that newly released power, he uses his Celestial Slash to end the battle. Both Shaman collapse. Morty runs to Yoh's side. When he looks over, Lenny is gone.