A New Order - Recap

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As Yoh is recovering at the hospital, his fiancée, Anna, shows up unexpectedly. Horrified, Yoh admits to his friends that every memory he has of her since childhood leaves him in tears by the end. Regardless, Anna's goal is to live an easy life as the wife of the Shaman King. Therefore, she'll train Yoh herself. As they speak, Shamans from all over the world are gathering in Tokyo to determine who will become the Shaman King, the savior who will lead the world out of chaos.

Anna proves to be a tyrant at training. She has prepared a hefty regimen that includes running 50 kilometers a day with weights, doing sit ups, and lifting weights. She even keeps Amidamaru tied up so he can't help, and has her own spirit watching over Yoh in case he slacks off. But Yoh's not doing this solely for Anna - he owes it to Amidamaru. He must train to make his Shaman powers more powerful..

Meanwhile, Lenny's big sister has come to town and she’s ready to take on the boy that beat her little brother. She summons three spirits to attack Yoh, but he finds he's improved significantly through training and can easily beat them with Amidamaru.

After the battle, Amidamaru complements Yoh on becoming stronger, while Anna hands him more weights. Yoh's got a long way to go before becoming the Shaman King.