The Kung-Fu Master - Recap

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Lenny's sister mocks her little brother - Yoh has proven to be too much for him, so she'll summon her own spirits to take care of him.

Meanwhile, Yoh's still pushing himself through Anna's intense training. As he runs and Morty rides his bike beside him, Yoh explains that this is good for him - the more he trains, the easier fighting with Amidamaru will become.

Suddenly, Morty sees a poster of an upcoming movie - White Dragon Revival: Fist of Anger - starring his idol, kung-fu master Lee Pai Long, who fights alone against evil. Pai Long has a superhuman body and can take on anyone! Yoh is less than enthusiastic about the movie and quizzes his friend about why he wants Yoh to see this movie so badly. Manta admits he wants to share the things he likes with his new friend.

At home, Anna refuses to give them any money to see the movie and then chastises Morty for being weak. Only the weak admire those stronger than themselves. Morty explains that long ago, Lee Pai Long died but his body was never found. Even now, the circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery. After some convincing, Anna finally allows them to go, but on one condition - that she come too.

After the movie, Yoh and Amidamaru discuss how cool it was, but their fun is soon interrupted by Len's sister's Kyonshi (frozen corpse). Together, Yoh and Amidamaru take out the corpse, but soon, Lenny's sister appears before them. She is Jun, a priest (Shamans that can control kyonshi through commands), and wants Amidamaru for her brother, Len.

Suddenly, she calls her kyonshi, who is none other than Lee Pai Long. He has a prayer flag attached to his head. She tells them that he is her main spirit. Again, she asks for Amidamaru. Yoh informs her that Amidamaru is his friend, and therefore, he won’t trade him off like an item.

Lee Pai Long attacks with his specialty, Fojan Kick, which throws Yoh back. Jun Tao explains that priests control the main spirits within the spirit’s own body while they control them. That way they can always be at 100% Spirit Control with their spirits. Yoh tries to attack but again is countered. Again, she asks Yoh for Amidamaru. He again refuses. She then commands Lee Pai Long to attack until Yoh is dead. Lee Pai Long performs Hojankyaku, which sends a pillar of fire at Yoh as he’s falling to the ground. He then does Fojan Kick to add to the impact as Yoh hits the ground. Morty is flipping out about how his idol, Lee Pai Long, could be used as a tool for evil. Anna tells him that because the Shaman controls the spirit, the spirit’s will is meaningless, so his body must act in accordance with the Shaman’s will. Therefore, it is not Lee Pai Long that is the bad guy, but Jun Tao. Lee Pai Long apparently was killed 17 years ago to become Jun Tao’s kyonshi, a birthday present from her family.

This gives Yoh the opportunity to recover slightly, and build more anger at how Jun Tao treats her spirit. He calls to Lee Pai Long, telling Tao Jun that even if she is able to control his body, she still can’t control his heart. That hesitation will be what Yoh can use to defeat them. As he speaks, Lee Pai Long sheds a tear, and Jun is amazed that as a corpse, he can have feelings. Jun commands Lee Pai Long to kill Yoh, but Yoh is determined to free Lee Pai Long’s spirit. Morty asks Anna to lend Yoh some power, but she refuses. This is another trial he must overcome. If he loses to an opponent like this, he is not destined to become the Shaman King. She does not want to become the wife of someone who is not successful.

Amidamaru asks for a katana with a grip to cut the chain around Lee Pai Long's neck. Morty runs off as Len sets up for Lee Pai Long's final attack.