Pai Long Attacks! - Recap

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As Yoh and Lee Pai Long continue fighting, Morty runs looking for a katana. Yoh is seriously getting his butt kicked. Morty sees a gang and asks them to borrow their bokuto. Rio steps in to save Morty and after some fighting, gives Morty the bokuto. Jun Tao asks that even so close to death, friendship is still important to him. Yoh answers simply with a yes. Morty shows up with the bokuto and Yoh and Amidamaru get ready to fight again. This time, Yoh is able to free Lee Pai Long with his Celestial Slash attack which cuts off the prayer flag commanding Lee Pai Long.

Pai Long regains control of his self and sees the poster. He’s been dead for 17 years. He gets really angry and punches the glass, amazed that he cannot feel pain. He remembers being killed for her family, and when Jun tries to place another charm back on him, he destroys it and refuses to give her back control. He then attacks her and is about to strike with Fojan Kick, but Yoh steps in and saves her. He asks if revenge will really change anything. Yoh asks if there is anything that can be done to stop Lee Pai Long before he overexerts himself and becomes an evil spirit. Jun says there is nothing she can do. The only thing that can stop him is someone who can defeat him. She’s given up. Anna reprimands her, asking her to take some responsibility since Lee Pai Long is her main spirit. She tries to think of someone, and then thinks of Pai Long’s master, the man Pai Long could never defeat, Shaolin.

Anna is ready to try and using her prayer beads, becomes a Spiritualistic Medium. She takes a trance state and Shaolin is fused into Yoh’s body. He appears as an only man, but still, Pai Long cannot touch Yoh. The master tells him that his moves are flowed because he acts out of fury. He needs to calm down. Suddenly Yoh does Shaolin’s Shadow Fist and knocks Pai Long down. The master tells him to abandon his fury. Pai Long asks why should he? He’s lost everything. The master replies that when he has lost everything, he won’t be able to feel anything. He feels because his devotion to Daodan Do remains in his heart. Pai Long attacks out. The master tries to make him understand that if he lets his emotions show forth so openly, his opponents can easily judge his next move. Pai Long won’t listen. The master has no choice but to perform the Shadow Fist Succession Technique, Sou Jyu Ken! Pai Long falls to the ground. His Nunchuki breaks as the seal on Pai Long is released and he returns to his true self.

Realizing what just happened, Pai Long is very apologetic for bringing his master the whole way here to calm him down. The master explains that he was saved because of Yoh. Yoh fought to restore him to his former self. He then explains that his martial art, Daodan Do, should be used to save others, not to save himself. That’s how he became a hero to so many people in the world. Pai Long doesn’t know what to say.

Jun admits that she may have been wrong about Pai Long and particularly about Yoh. He really is a good person. Anna is like of course he is, he’s my fiancée. Jun walks away. She doesn’t have the right to use Pai Long. Before she goes, Pai Long asks her to continue as her kyonshi. He vows never to give into fury again. She agrees, but without the charm this time. Rio is all impressed that Shamans can be so cool!

Lenny watches on from above. He vows to get stronger so Yoh won’t be able to stand in his path.