The Rio Deal - Recap

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Rio and his gang sit at a restaurant. Rio has decided… he will become a Shaman. The next day, Rio asks Yoh to become his master and train him to become a Shaman. Anna tells him okay, so long as he passes the test - cooking. Rio passes and he's actually a pretty good cook. Anna tells Rio that he can start work immediately. Anna gives Rio his training schedule, it appears to be a list of household chores. Rio is satisfied with the list, believing that taking care of the master is a significant part of the training. Rio observes Yoh training, lifting weights and running. Rio accompanies Yoh while he is jogging around town.

Lenny and his sister exchange words about Pai Long. He will carry out their revenge. She answers that they are finished. They walk into their apartment to find Jenny, a girl with blue hair, and another member of the Tao family. Jenny has come to make sure that Lenny becomes Shaman King at any cost. She has decided that she will be the one to dispose Yoh Asakura. Jun does not want her to fight and she asks Jenny to leave. Jenny Tao refuses. Jun calls forth Pai Long and Jenny calls Yugai, informing Jun that Jun's uncle's commands are absolute. Yugai is able to percieve all of Pai Long’s moves. Jun and Jenny begin fighting. Len tells Jenny that it is enough. He doesn’t care what she does, but if she hurts his sister, he won’t forgive her. Lenny asks her to leave.

Rio confronts Yoh about his laziness. He has heard that there will be a bunch of Shamans like Len gathering, and if Yoh doesn’t train harder, he fears he will not be able to beat them. Suddenly, Jenny appears and has Yugai attack Yoh. Yugai is able to wrap a wire around Yoh’s neck. Rio steps in and strikes Yugai. It has no effect on Yugai other than to release the wire around Yoh’s neck. Yoh calls Amidamaru and Rio throws him his bokuto. The two fight Yugai with his wire whip. Suddenly, Yugai uses illusions to replicate himself several times to surround Yoh. Yoh calms down to see through the illusion and strike the real Yugai.

Yugai isn’t finished, however, and soon has a smoke screen up. The smoke apparently is made up of a paralysis substance because Yoh’s body starts going numb. She starts throwing ninja stars at him, which he is barely able to dodge. Morty and Rio lie by the side of the road unable to move. Luckily, Amidamaru isn’t effected by the numbness and blocks all the ninja star attacks. Yoh and Amidamaru then perform the Celestial Slash, and hit as she floats in the air. She explodes. Jenny stares in amazement and then walks away defeated.