Northern Boarder - Recap

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As Yoh and Morty walk home, they notice a snowman in the middle of the road. They think that’s kind of weird for summer. There is a man lying by a light post not moving. Yoh starts making fun of the guy and going through his stuff. The person awakens and Yoh is thrilled. They take the boy back to their house. After dinner, the boy meets Tamegoro, the family head of the previous owners of the house and is completely startled. Morty is impressed that the boy can also see spirits.

The boy introduces himself as Trey Racer. Rio, Yoh, and Morty introduce themselves and the boy goes crazy and grabs Morty calling him Corey (because he is short). After the incident, they sit calmly again. Morty asks if he’s from Ainu. Trey affirms this. He is a proud member of the Ainu tribe, he lives with Mother Nature in the north. Trey had something that he had to do in Tokyo, but when he was there, his belongings were stolen. Trey looked for his belongings for a long time, Trey soon grew hungry and he fainted. Yoh offers Trey to stay here at the motel with him and Anna. Suddenly, Anna barges into the room and interjects with the conversation. Anna explains that if he wants to stay here, he must obey her orders. Trey agrees to her plans, and he soon regrets he did.

Trey is obsessed with the fact that Anna and Yoh are engaged. He doesn’t even have a girlfriend yet, but he really doesn’t want a violent one like Anna. When Anna leaves, Yoh asks him if he’s ready to search for his belongings. They search in vain. As they sit, frustrated and hot from the Sun, Trey notices a lone flower growing by the street. He feels sorry for it, the Mainutients are spirits that were thought to be living under coltsfoot in the northern lands. They lived together with Trey’s people, as his people lived in harmony with nature. He believes that humans must be in balance with nature. To be born with water, cultivate through wind, be respectful to fire, and return to the Earth. Sadly, then the careless city life destroyed nature. Trey explains that the Mainutients are losing their habitat. This really upsets Trey. His dream, and the reason he came to Tokyo, is to create a vast land filled with coltsfoot. Yoh and Morty are slightly underwhelmed by this great dream of his. Morty doesn’t believe that even if he was able to go to Tokyo he’d be able to fulfill that.

The next day, Anna has lots of training for Yoh and Trey to be doing. She’s especially hard on Trey. Yoh eventually asks why she's working Trey so hard. Anna calmly informs them that they shouldn’t believe everything he’s told them. Anna explains that Trey’s actually a Shaman. There are two reasons why a Shaman would be in Tokyo now - to enter the Shaman Fight in Tokyo or perhaps to destroy contestants. They suspect that Trey is here to take out Yoh. Amidamaru couldn’t confirm the Trey’s spirit's form, though. Yoh still believes that Trey is a good guy.

The next morning, Rio informs Yoh, Morty and Amidamaru that Trey is no longer at the motel. Yoh finds Trey outside with the evil Kyonshi of the Tao Family. Yoh and Amidamaru came to fight them as opponents. Trey is surprised that Yoh is a Shaman. Trey’s main spirit is Corey of the Mainutients (a very small girl with a pink hat). Yoh, Amidamaru and Morty think Corey's cute. Yoh and Trey fight side by side as a team. Trey fights on a snowboard and runs over the Kyonshi. His attack, the Ninhogo Punch, shoots ice shaped sword blades at the enemy. The enemies are encased in ice. Anna and Rio watch in amazement. Ryu is fascinated that all Shamans can be as strong as Yoh.

After the fight, Trey apologizes for getting them involved. He suspects that these are the guys that stole his belongings. He followed them to Yoh’s house. Yoh and Anna explain to him that actually, these were just Kyonshi of the Tao family and that really, they’ve been after Yoh for awhile, they have nothing to do with Trey. Alarmed, Trey then wonders who would have stolen his belongings? They find them at the police station. As he walks away, he asks Yoh to meet him attain at the Shaman Tournament in Tokyo.

When they get home, they find Trey has decided to take up residence with them for the next couple of days until the tournament.