The Infamous Tokageroh - Recap

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Yoh and Morty arrive back home completely tired. Anna greets the two angrily because they are late. Anna explains that she is hungry and Rio isn’t there to cook. Rio has given up all hope of becoming a Shaman. Fortunately, one of his gang members named Muscle Punch, has a solution to finding the "best place". The best place is Arcadia where people embark on a journey to find their true purpose to life, a place that will accept them. Their new best place is thirty minutes away. The gang's destination - the Funbari Bowling Alley. The place was abandoned a while ago, but Muscle Punch was able to play with the wiring to get it to work again. Rio is unsatisfied with the bowling alley. Muscle Punch asks what’s wrong with it. Rio explains that it’s too far from the train station and there are no shops around. The best place isn’t a playground. It is a place where they can rest their hearts and feel at ease. Muscle Punch understands and they abandon their temporary best place. However, before they go, they play a couple of games of bowling.

At home, Anna is not impressed with Morty and Yoh’s cooking. Anna has them remake dinner again. On their way to get more ingredients at the food store, they stumble upon Rio at the bowling alley. Rio sees them coming and hides in the women’s bathroom, ashamed of giving up his dreams of becoming a Shaman. Morty has an instinct that there is a strange prescence in the bowling alley. Amidamaru feels the same prescence as Morty does. Amidamaru senses that an abnormal spirit out for vengeance seems to roam here. That night, Yoh decides that he should ask Anna about the evil spirits. Suddenly, they realize they were supposed to buy ingredients for Anna and run off hoping the store is still open.

Rio is still alone in the women’s bathroom. Out of no where, a lizard tells him that he’s waited 600 years to find someone he could reach. The lizard transforms into an ape inside the mirror and attacks him. Rio screams violently. When Rio's gang members find him, the spirit has already taken possession of Rio. Rio's gang can’t figure out why Rio is behaving so differently and demanding drinks and snacks. Rio suddenly demands his gang to get Amidamaru's sword, The Sword of Light.

After many tries, Anna finally accepted their cooking. While Yoh handles the dishes, Anna researches the haunted bowling alley. Anna tells Yoh that it used to be a hideout for thieves that stole food from the locals. The thieves' leader was a strange-looking man named Tokageroh.

Rio and gang set out looking for the Sword of Light. Rio and his gang break into the museum to find it. Meanwhile, Muscle Punch tries to persuade him from stealing. Rio reveals that he is the thief, Tokageroh, and stealing is what he does. Morty overhears Rio and he then sees the spirit that has possessed Rio. Rio threatens that if someone tries stopping him, the person will not get off so easily. Tokageroh grabs Amidamaru’s old sword, intent on killing him with his own sword - that will be his revenge. Morty runs as fast as he can to warn Yoh, but Tokageroh jumps out the window and blocks his path. Before Morty knows it, he becomes Tokageroh's hostage.

Yoh, Amidamaru and Anna all feel Morty screaming in their hearts. Anna calls it a message from the stars, or as the Japanese would say, "a notice from the insects". Suddently, Tokageroh shows up with Morty as hostage. Anna senses that Rio is being possessed by something. Anna tells him to reveal his true form, and the thief, Tokageroh, appears. Tokageroh seeks revenge on Amidamaru.