Vendetta - Recap

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Anna taunts the spirit in Rio to show his face. He complies, introducing himself as the great thief Tokageroh. He will have his revenge after 600 years. Anna replies that Tokageroh is a stupid name. Tokageroh tells her to watch herself and grasps Morty tighter. He says he has come to take revenge on Amidamaru for killing him 600 years ago with The Sword of Light. Anna replies that it’s probably a wooden sword. He again threatens Amidamaru, but Amidamaru doesn’t remember who Tokageroh is or if he killed him - he’s killed many evil men. Anna accuses him of being weak and asks how he can possibly expect to beat Amidamaru’s spirit now. The spirit again requests that Yoh and Amidamaru merge as he threatens Morty. Anna steps in refusing to let Yoh fight. Anna explains that Yoh will one day be the Shaman King and she will then be his wife. Anna refuses to let him be killed by the likes of Tokageroh.

Tired of playing, Tokageroh readies himself to slash down at Morty. Anna throws Yoh a wooden sword and he and Amidamaru merge as he runs forth to save Morty. Anna yells for him to stop as Morty warns that Tokageroh has the sword, The Sword of Light. Yoh’s wooden sword isn’t too much of a challenge for the Sword of Light, which Tokageroh is all too quick to brag that he stole. Amidamaru is angry that Tokageroh stole his old sword just to take revenge, and in that split second, Tokageroh takes advantage of Amidamaru’s lack of concentration. Tokageroh attacks Yoh and Amidamaru. Yoh is tossed backwards as his headphones are split off his head. Yoh’s explains that he's okay, he dodged the attack.

Observing from the side lines, Anna is ready to offer advice. There are three ways to save Morty. First, Amidamaru can let Tokageroh kill him as he wishes. Second, you can damage the body he has possessed until he can no longer move. However, in the process, Rio may die. The third option to break his weapon, the Sword of Light. Amidamaru isn’t too keen on breaking the Sword of Light. Amidamaru has a flashback to himself as a small boy chasing thieves off his farm. Again he breaks his sword, citing that it is too weak, and requests that Mosuke craft a better sword for him. Mosuke tells him that if he wants a sword so badly, to steal one off a samurai. Mosuke explains that he needs good steal to make a better sword. However, Mosuke believed that Amidamaru would one day become a fine swordsman and so he crafts him a sword from his father’s knife. That night, Amidamaru and Mosuke name the sword, The Sword of Light.

Anna can tell that Amidamaru isn’t ready to break the sword. She explains that even if there is a slight bit of doubt, they won’t be able to attack at the full force required to break the sword and their attack will be easily dodged. They will definitely be hit by a counter-attack.

Tokageroh decides that he’s tired of waiting and he counts to three. He strikes, but Rio's gang restrains him in time to get Morty away. The Deadenders (Rio's gang) ask Rio what has happened to him that he could possibly make him want to kill another person. The Deadenders recall all the kind moments they spent with Rio. Yoh asks Tokageroh to give up now that he no longer has a hostage. He counters by pointing the sword at himself and declaring Rio his hostage.

At this point, Amidamaru declares that he has no more doubts. Sometimes you need to make sacrifices to save friends. They attack, breaking the Sword of Light. Tokageroh can’t believe it. Amidamaru sheds a tear but believes that friendship is more important than the sword. Suddenly, it starts to rain.

Yoh and Amidamaru ask Tokageroh to finally give up, Tokageroh refuses. Tokageroh explains that he has done too many terrible things to return to go on living, but his mother told him to survive no matter what. Tokageroh reaches for the broken sword but becomes paralyzed. Apparently, two souls in one body puts a lot of stress on it, especially since Tokageroh entered forcefully and Rio hasn’t been through proper training. She starts to send him back to the afterlife, but Yoh stops him. Tokageroh asks him if he really wants a friend, he’ll be his friend. He offers his body to Tokageroh as an offering of friendship. Amidamaru refuses to let him, but Yoh sends him away. Tokageroh enters Yoh’s body, still diabolical and ready to kill Yoh for his stupidity. Anna is really upset and drops to her knees in tears.

However, Amidamaru confronts Tokageroh about Yoh. He offers him a place of peace, where he can have friends. Tokageroh realizes the selfless act and calms down. Morty is amazed that Yoh could have known this. Anna retorts that of course he didn’t plan it that way. Yoh is just able to give without thinking of himself. Anna starts emitting flames and mutters that they will have a special dinner from now on.