A New Shaman - Recap

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Rio’s gang sits by him as he sleeps. Anna has informed them that Rio will probably sleep for another week.

After commanding Morty to get breakfast ready, Anna asks Yoh what he thinks about how such a weak spirit such as Tokageroh could possess Rio. At that point, Trey makes his entrance from the bathroom. Anna is angry that he’s still in the bathroom and she storms off.

Rio awakens and apologizes for being weak and having an impure heart. Since he was younger, he has been a lone spirit searching for meaning, but he’s always had a void in his heart that he’s called Tokageroh. He starts apologizing profusely to Yoh, Amidamaru, and Anna, specifically to Amidamaru for causing him to break his own sword to save him. Yoh is amazed Rio can see Amidamaru and he and Anna deduce that because Rio was possessed, his Shaman ability has now been awakened. Everyone is amazed. Rio is still stuck on the fact that he has broken Amidamaru’s sword. To make up for it, he cleans the house and takes on the cooking. Rio's gang hypothesize that while Rio may try to present a happy face, deep down, nothing will repay his debt to Amidamaru for the sword. Rio and The Deadenders begin talking about finding the Best Place again.

Rio sits alone. Amidamaru confronts him and asks him to forget the sword. Ryu can’t. Amidamaru can’t either and mourns the sword in a separate room.

Rio’s gang decides to repair his bike which will hopefully make Rio happy. Unfortunately, they have no money. They decide that since they can’t fix the bike, they will bring girls to the place. Yoh and Anna wonder about the spirits. They haven’t felt them since last night. Elsewhere in town, Rio’s gang try and fail at picking up girls. They decide to dress up as girls to make him feel better.

Anna and Yoh decide to make everyone feel better, they will summon Mosuke. She will put Mosuke in Rio so Amidamaru can talk to him. Rio gives Anna permission to call Mosuke into his body. Immediately, Mosuke strikes out accusing Amidamaru of breaking yet another of his swords. Amidamaru strikes back, having waited 600 years. They hit each other and then settle down as friends. Through Rio’s body, Mosuke repairs the sword and they decide to return it to the museum.

Above, a man throws down three feathers which change into monsters. Yoh laughs and comments that those are perfect beings to test the new Mosuke on. She throws the sword to Morty who tries to open the sheath but finds nothing. Yoh and Amidamaru merge and a new sword appears. When Amidamaru is with Yoh and holding the sword, it embodies Mosuke’s will and a spiritual blade forms. It is required for the Shaman fight. They make short work of the monsters and a feather lands at Trey’s feet. Anna explains that it is Mikihisa’s guardian, Yoh’s father. He comments that Yoh is improving, but this is only the beginning.

Rio rides off on his bike vowing to become a Shaman no matter what. Suddenly, a blue ball of light flies over his head. A voice tells Rio that they are the Destiny and the Destruction Star. At the same time, Yoh and Anna observe the Destiny and Destruction Star. The appearance of the stars designate that it is now time once again to begin the Shaman Fight.

Lenny and his sister also watch the star. He asks her if she still is thinking of Yoh. Lenny then vows to become the Shaman King.