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Series 11

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Series 11

126 :11x01 - The Golden Empire

It's a grand occasion on the Chatsworth Estate as the inhabitants celebrate having been awarded an Olympic ring from London 2012. The Maguire family toasting the expansion of their empire following Mimi's hijacked control of the local school via the PTA and Shane's starting a new business venture. Jamie makes a shocking discovery though and withdraws from the firm. Frank climbs the employment ladder as janitor of 'St Mimi's School'.
Guest Stars: Brooklyn Baker as Jazz Club Customer | Graham Cheadle as Mayor's Aide | Charlie Cook as Nonce
Director: Paul Walker (2)

127 :11x02 - An Inspector Calls

Mimi attempts to stop the school from being failed by an inspector, with help from her friends and family. Frank finds an unexpected perk of his job as caretaker. Jamie attempts to contact his half-brother Kassi. Dom and Gloria continue their affair.
Guest Stars: Roma Christensen as Little Girl | James Dreyfus as Edward Clayhill | Clive Mantle as Mr. Banbury | Andrew Sykes as Teacher | Ryan Wilkinson as Adam
Director: Dominic Leclerc
Writer: Jack Lothian

128 :11x03 - Money In Mind

After Lillian asks Kelly to help save her savings from police surveillance, she agrees for a cut of the money.Kelly is later shocked to find out the extent of Lillian's savings. Kelly ends up being forced to decide what she values most, money or friendship. Banbury wants Mimi's help at the school and she's pleased.
Guest Stars: Glenn Cunningham as Clive Tattersall | Naomi Radcliffe as Mrs. Tattersall
Director: Paul Walker (2)

129 :11x04 - No-One's Perfect

Jamie's illusion of his brother's great life are ruined after the police raid Kassi's home and take him to the police station. Kassi refuses to tell Jamie what's going on, but asks Jamie to find him and his family a place on the Chatsworth to stay during the investigation. Kelly and Marty decide to buy a house following their recent windfall but suspicions are aroused about their dirty money.
Guest Stars: Tim Beasley as DCI Morgan | Ged Forrest as Giro Jack
Director: Dominic Leclerc
Writer: Sean Conway

130 :11x05 - Risky Business

Chesney is having a bad day at work as his chillers have broken down and whileon the hunt for replacements he meets Remona, a Muslim pharmacist. He decides to give Chesco a refit and add a chemist and give Remona the job of running it. After Avril loses her job, Patreesha insists that she goes to work at the car wash. Patreesha is in for a shock though. Kassi, Shane and Jamie are ready for a big night out on the town, but not everything ends up going according to plan.
Guest Stars: Tim Beasley as DCI Morgan | Andrew Buckley as Tom | Sal Fawzi as Ste
Director: Daikin Marsh

131 :11x06 - Death and Erasures

Aiden feels the pressure after OAP Stanton suddenly dies while he is looking after him as part of his community service. Dom thinks that he could be guilty of murder. Esther is finding it hard to raise the kids without Kassi, but following a chance encounter with Frank, he is able to make her see that life's not that bad as a single parent.
Guest Stars: Tracey Booth as Police Officer | Fiona Clarke (1) as Angela | James Foster as Dole Man | Gemma Paige North as Nadine | Alan Rothwell as Stanton | David Williams (3) as Neighbour
Director: Gordon Anderson
Writer: Jack Lothian

132 :11x07 - Crime and Punishment

Shane's plans for DJ Scouse Mouse at Shane-a-delica are going well. Tickets for the festival are selling out and the site looks impressive. After Mimi and Jamie learn about Shane's affair with cRandall they decide they can't supply any drugs at the festival, resulting in a chain of events which puts Shane's relationship with Randall and the festival itself in jeopardy.
Guest Stars: Tracey Booth as Police Officer | Marshall Griffin as Ken the Dog |
Uncredited: Jason Orange as DJ Scouse Mouse
Director: Paul Walker (2)

133 :11x08 - Grandaddy Gallagher

Frank sees his son Lip and granddaughter Katie a bus not far from the Chatsworth Estate. After arranges a meet, Frank finds out that Lip has gone to greath lengths to distance his daughter from the world of Frank and the estate, but it soon becomes apparent that Mimi has been involved in her life. Saul decides to join Remona's Scout group.
Guest Stars: Darren Connelly as Tattooed Man
Director: David Threlfall

134 :11x09 - Domesticated Specialist

Chesney's shop is burgled, and to make matters worse for Remona, her estranged father Barry shopws up to see her. Remona is not interested in rekindling her relationship with him, but Chesney sees the good in him and attempts to convince her to bury the hatchet. Frank believes that he's hit the jackpot after he discovers a substantial amount of pills at Esther's house belonging to Tam. Randall starts to get under Shane's skin with some clingy behaviour.
Guest Stars: Sue Devaney as Mindy | Philip Jackson as Barry
Director: Daikin Marsh

135 :11x10 - Crossing the Line

Billy is feeling fed up with being seen as the village idiot and decides it's time to earn the respect of Mimi by applying for a security salesman job. Things begin to unravel though after Billy pretends he's secured the job and sinks to new levels in his quest for respect.
Guest Stars: Oliver Heald as Stev | Connie Hyde as Lucia | Paul McGreevy as Suited Man | Neil McKinven as Maurice O'Neill | Andy Pope as Mr. Vernon | David Schofield as Louis | Melissa Jane Sinden as Spokeswoman
Director: Gordon Anderson

136 :11x11 - The P Factor

Patreesha believes that she is going to be the latest music export to make it big in America after her new jazz musician boyfriend, Louis promises her a lucrative singing career there. She finds out though that Louis is a conman who has played her. Frank has been barred from the Jockey and deemed to be a pervert by his neighbours and ends up being invited to join some extreme social outcasts.
Guest Stars: Oliver Heald as Stev | Neil McKinven as Maurice O'Neill | David Schofield as Louis
Director: Luke Watson
Writer: Jack Lothian

137 :11x12 - Early Retirement

Mimi is feeling menopausal and she decides that its time to retire. She decides to move to Wilmslow, and wants to dedicate her life to charity work. Billy finds his efforts to please her not going to plan.
Guest Stars: James Nelson-Joyce as Benny | Dominic Vulliamy as Student | Sue Wallace as Edith | Charlotte West-Oram as Pru
Director: Paul Walker (2)

138 :11x13 - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

There is a gunman on the loose on the estate and he is after Frank. His frolicks with the Gastric Bandits have landed him in serious trouble with Derilee's husband, Biddy. It's business as usual at the pub and Lillian has a new man in tow called Cajun Dave.
Guest Stars: Ron Donachie as Biddy | Bronagh Gallagher as Ronnie | Celyn Jones as Joss | Harriet Webb as Receptionist | Caroline Woodruff as School Teacher
Director: Tim Whitby

139 :11x14 - End of the Line

Having spent a few months behind bars for having falsely claiming benefits, Frank is looking forward to an amazing welcome home party, but that's not what others have in store for him. Monica ends up dropping a huge bombshell at the Jockey, while some old faces return one last time.
Guest Stars: Catherine Breeze as First Mother | Derek Hicks as Cell-mate | Susan McArdle as Second Mother | Bill Rodgers as Prison Officer
Director: David Threlfall
Writer: Jack Lothian
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Ended
Network: Channel 4 ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 26, 2004
Ended: May 28, 2013
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