Series 10

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Series 10

116 :10x01 - The Working Man (1)

The Department of Work and Pensions has managed to catch up with Frank. A nightmare fantasy emerges of Frank on death row with the Chatsworth characters appearing as his prison mates, prison governor, guards and last supper servers. Shane and Jackson start a new enterprise of bootleg booze. Avril supplies pills to Patty but after she refuses to get her more, Patty plots to steal a pack with Aidan's help.

117 :10x02 - The World of Burger (2)

Frank is enjoying his new job at World of Burgers. Wesley is jealous of his influence though and comes up with a scheme to oust him in order to achieve his longed-for promotion. Karen uses some alternative parenting methods to deal with Connor's destructive hobby. Mimi adopts this new approach with Cilla after hearing a few home truths. Shane's search for a missing cat leads to a new experiment.
Guest Stars: Kaya Brady as Candy

118 :10x03 - The Brazilian Effect

Marty becomes friends with a Brazilian housemaid and decides to try and rescue her from her life of servitude. Kelly thinsk that it's none of their business, but that doesn't stop Marty, who attempts to liberate her with some money he was supposed to be banking for Lillian. Fed up witth being walked all over, Billy confides in Karen, who believes that the answer to his problems is a self-help tape.

119 :10x04 - Who's The Mummy?

Billy finds a used pregnancy test after Mimi, Karen and Gloria spend the night drinking. He ends up turning to Jamie for some advice, and both of them attempt to find out who's the daddy, with Jamie scared by the thought that the baby could be Gloria's. Jackson is feeling suspicious because Avril and Calum are always together. Aiden and Chesney collect meat for a raffle and manage to get stuck with a live cow. Gloria turns to Dom after she gets into trouble with a loan company.
Guest Stars: Kaya Brady as Candy

120 :10x05 - The Truth Will Out

Feeling bad following the hit and run, Shane attempts to makes amends by befriending Ruth, the widow of the man he killed. Ruth welcomes him into her life, but her troubled son Shaun takes an instant dislike to him. Kelly urges Shane to stop before the truth comes out. Chesney manages to find the girl of his dreams after Beccy enters Chesco but he fails to impress her. Patty attempts to help Chesney win her over by attempting a Cyrano-style technique.

121 :10x06 - Secrets and Wives

Marty ends up making a life-changing decision and asks Kelly to marry him. Kelly later finds a letter to Marty from his children in Spain and she ends up calling the wedding off. Jamie's evasive behaviour begins to make Karen feel suspicious. After seeing a flirty text, Karen worries that Jamie is cheating on her and she turns to Gloria for help unaware that she is the other woman. Lillian has a vision, but can't decipher its meaning.
Guest Stars: Emma Pilson as Working Girl
Director: Gordon Anderson
Writer: Jack Lothian

122 :10x07 - Business as Usual

Business is going well for Jackson and Shane and their future is looking rosy. After Jackson sees Shane giving leftover food to the homeless, all hell breaks loose though. Billy's having some trouble in the bedroom and is worried witless. Mimi's heartbroken thinking that he doesn't love her any more.
Guest Stars: Beatrice Kelley as Cynthia | Connor Ryan as Lad | John Sessions as Father McGinn | Matt Chapman (1) as Security Guard
Director: Luke Watson
Writer: Ed McCardie

123 :10x08 - What Are Friends For?

After Dom gets a cryptic text from an ex girlfriend in desperation it prompts a crisis of faith and he turns to Frank for help. Lillian says goodbye to another happy old man at the brothel, but he turns out to be the local magistrate who's been claiming the visits on his expenses. Lillian has to convince a judge that she's actually a life coach.
Guest Stars: Robert Pugh as Malcolm | Darcy Isa as Shona | Holly Kenny as Alice | Stephen Chapman as Alice's Dad

124 :10x09 - Great Rivalry

Jamie needs to more quicly to lay down the law and protect his family from some gang threats. Somebody has been passing the gang inside information and Jamie neds to find out who it is. Avril continues to act as a rogue pharmacist despite Jackson's warnings. Frank and Dom are in competiton about the number of conquests they've made on the estate.
Guest Stars: Ian Munzberger as Benny | Stephen Aintree as Barney | Jamie Davis as Calum | Kevin Sutton as Man with Covered Face
Writer: Ed McCardie

125 :10x10 - One Year On

Its Mimi's first wedding anniversary to Billy and they're decided to renew their vows. Mimi attempts to throw away memories of her past life with Paddy, but she manages to alienate a furious Ruby with comments about her dad. An emergency meeting is held about Patty's deteriorating health. Avril and Jackson's relationship is on the rocks. Gloria starts another scandalous affair.
Guest Stars: Jamie Davis as Calum
Director: Luke Watson
Writer: Ed McCardie
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Ended
Network: Channel 4 ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 26, 2004
Ended: May 28, 2013
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