Series 3

19 :03x01 - Liamday

Liam denounces religion at school, forcing Debbie to think of an explanation for his behaviour to stave off a visit from social services. However, pretending her brother has cancer backfires when the entire community suddenly gets involved with the cause - while an unwitting Frank and Sheila decide to reunite the family in their hour of need by moving back in.
Guest Stars: Rory McCann as Father Critchon | Natalie Gavin as Attractive Young Woman | Dean Andrews as Geoff Mulligan | John Peat as Dicko | Danny Cunningham as PC Danny Lowe | Fiona Allen as Miss Murdoch | Vicky Hall as Serena | James Foster as News Vendor | Pam Shaw as Old Woman | Emma Kearney as Reporter | Kirsty Doyle as Caring Woman | Annabelle Apsion as Monica Gallagher | Meriel Schofield as Doctor | Dystin Johnson as Norma Starkey

20 :03x02 - Dark Friends

Lip gets a job at a hotel, and is soon collaborating on a towel-stealing scam with one of his colleagues. However, his new friend has a secret agenda - which has dire consequences for Kash. Kev's sister moves in with Frank and Sheila, who are surprised by their guest's voracious sexual appetite.
Guest Stars: Bryan Dick as Jack Wyatt | Christine Bottomley as Zoe Wyatt | Amy Searles as Claire | Sally Carman as Kelly-Marie Ball | Rory McCann as Father Critchon | Matthew McNulty as Trev | Yasmin Bamford as Wendy Wagstaff | Mike Woodhead as Client |
Uncredited: Baxter Williams as Station Master

21 :03x03 - Baby

Following a robbery at the shop, Mandy gives birth to Lip's daughter, but her family do everything they can to prevent the father from seeing his baby - until he claims to know the identity of the thieves.

Meanwhile, Kev's luck appears to be on the up when he receives a horse-racing tip, but when the rest of the estate get wind of his scam, it all goes horribly wrong.
Guest Stars: Samantha Robinson as Anna | Katie Wimpenny as Janie Rattigan | Martin Reeve as Janie's Dad | Sean Gilder as Paddy Maguire | Tina Malone as Mimi Maguire | Steve Bell (3) as Donny Maguire | Kevin Sutton as Husband | Archie Kelly as Waggie | Bernard Wrigley as Russell | Harley Bartles as Robber | Liam Boyle as Mick

22 :03x04 - Benefit Fraud

Carol is enraged to learn Lillian had an affair with her husband in the 1970s, so decides to exact revenge by reporting her to the DSS for benefit fraud. This sparks panic all over the estate - especially for Frank, who has been posing as the late Brendan for financial gain. Carl agonises over being in love with Lip's girlfriend Emily, but as he tries to win her affections he succeeds only in creating more problems for himself.
Guest Stars: Emily Fleeshman as Emily Lawson | Katy Cavanagh as Shirley Lawson | Graeme Hawley as Troy Lawson | Toby Hadoke as Manager | Denise Kennedy as Gaynor Pierce | Andrew Sheridan as Nick Anastasiou | Sarah Parks as Welfare Officer

23 :03x05 - Old Flame

Kev wakes up on his birthday in high spirits, only to learn his mother has thrown herself from her balcony. He is further perturbed by the presence of ex-wife Roxy at the funeral, who then pursues him in a bid to win him back. Veronica finds the pair in a compromising situation at Kev's mother's apartment and refuses to listen to his pleas of innocence.
Guest Stars: Paul Copley as Norman Owens | Jill Halfpenny as Roxy Benson | Maxton G. Beesley as Funeral Director | Rob James Collier as Stud

24 :03x06 - In With the Maguire's

Carl gets a job growing cannabis for the Maguire brothers, but ends up getting arrested. His problems aren't over when he's released, as his employers suspect him of being a grass. As a family feud gets under way, Mandy forbids Lip from seeing their son, so he decides to restore the peace by tracking down the real informant.
Guest Stars: Tina Malone as Mimi Maguire | Clive Bonelle as Donny Maguire | John Peat as Dicko | Marcus Hercules as Jimmy | Linzey Cocker as Zadie | James Wells as Russell | Nichola Burley as Chloe | Nicky Evans as Shane Maguire | Paula Wolfenden as Female Copper

25 :03x07 - Act Your Age

Debbie grows envious of her new best friend, and is made to realise how much she is missing out on a 'normal' teenage life. A power cut at the Gallaghers' illuminates Sue's increasing debts, and she shamefully absconds, leaving Marty in all sorts of problems. Frank's latest money-spinning scheme backfires, while Lip, Ian and Carl are forced to deal with a food shortage.
Guest Stars: Justina Skillen as Nicola | Ian Reddington as Tommy | Sarah Kirkman as Doctor | Tony Mooney as Jason | Chris Coghill as Craig | Steve Hester as Passenger | Matthew Gerrod as Rick |
Uncredited: Michael Hilton (1) as Boy Racer

26 :03x08 - The Wedding

Sheila orders a conservatory for her backyard, but doesn't bargain on the builders excavating for the foundations - forcing her to tell Frank her first husband is buried under the patio. Meanwhile, Veronica comes up with a money-making scheme when her final attempt at IVF on the NHS fails, and it looks increasingly likely that Debbie will be the only Gallagher at the wedding.
Guest Stars: Jake MacDonald as Brian | Margaret Henshaw as Mary | Maggie Fox as Registrar | Trevor Williams as Builder |
Uncredited: Richard Wallis as Builder
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Ended
Network: Channel 4 ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 26, 2004
Ended: May 28, 2013
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