Series 7

67 :07x01 - Perfectly Frank

Frank has his 50th birthday and tries to romances Libby, who works at the local library. Liam isn't happy when Frank refuses to allow Nin his great grandmother to move in help with the family. Karen is worried who the father of her unborn child is.

68 :07x02 - Gunshot

The Maguire prepare for the christening of Connor with Mimi in charge. Kelly is devastated and Shane finds himself caught in the middle of the two women.

69 :07x03 - Out of Control

Jamie is worried by Karen's obsession to prove herself as a good mother. Yvonne finds herself out her depth after getting herself into debt.

70 :07x04 - Toyboy

Mimi gets herself a toy boy called Billy who is the Jockey football team's star striker. Not everything is as it seems though. Patrick is encouraged by Shane and Kelly to get back into the dating game.

71 :07x05 - The Things You Do For Love

Maxine gets Ian to pretend to be her boyfriend at her parent's party so that she can impress them. Carl decides to try and win Maxine back after realising it was a mistake to break up with her. Mimi tries to keep Karen's illness a secret. Jamie is seduced by a mysterious woman when he has a night out. Kelly takes control of the brothel whist Lillian is away.

72 :07x06 - From Chatsworth to Cuba

When Mini forces Patrick into doing one last job, his future plans with D'reen are endangered.

73 :07x07 - Reunited

Libby is released and comes looking for Frank. Her mother Patty though tries to ruin her chances with Frank and then he tries to win her back. Jamie tries t clear all of Karen's debts by giving into Michelle's demands. Karen and Paddy become suspicious and Michelle wants more than Jamie can give her.

74 :07x08 - Marry Me (1)

The Maguire family exploit a new money-making scheme. Shane asks Kelly to marry him but she turns him down. Shane discovers a betrayal from within his own family. Chesney decides to hold a house party so that he can try and get closer to Sammy.

75 :07x09 - The Wild Wales (2)

Carl and Chesney are offered sanctuary by a mysterious woman on a Welsh farm. They soon learn though that they are the prime suspects for Bonehead's murder. Ian decides to confront Jimmy to get the truth out of him about the murder. Micky and Liam are chosen by the local council to make a film to inspire the residents of Chatsworth now that their estate has been identified as the most run down in the country. Liam decides to try and film evidence that could stop Carl and Chesney from being sent to prison.

76 :07x10 - Great Dangers (3)

Shane learns that he has been firing blanks and Kelly resigns herself to a future with no children. The Maguire men try and help Shane with his problem. Liam offers Kelly his support. After Carl and Chesney return to the estate and they hide out in Joe's storeroom. Maxine puts her relationship with Ian on the line to help them after discovering they are back in town. Jimmy and his gang are taught a lesson by Shane they will never forget.

77 :07x11 - Fallen Heroes

Liam becomes friends was a second world war veteran called Reggie after he needs help with a school project. There a tragic confrontation between the Gallaghers and Reggie after Libby jumps to the wrong conclusion after seeing Liam with Reggie. Maxine finds her family loyalties being tested. Karen isn't happy when she sees Joe moving on with his life.

78 :07x12 - Boxer

Ian becomes friends with the owner of a local boxing club after he joins the club. Ian recruits Maxine, Carl and Chesney to help raise funds when the club is threatened with closure. Mickey tries to get a job with the fire brigade.

79 :07x13 - Keep It In The Family

Kelly takes her teenage half-sister Tonya in who has become homeless and needs to get her baby boy out of care. Tonya has to look after a simulation baby so she can prove she is a good mother before being allowed her own child back. A pilgrimage for Patty is organised by Libby.

80 :07x14 - Secret Relations

Patrick and Mimi decide to get a quickie divorce but end up being shocked when they find out their marriage was never legal. Mimi comes up with a plan for them to marry and then divorce so their kids wont be bastards. Their true feelings about one another resurface as the wedding approaches. Ian and Maxie attempt to cheer Mickey up with a night out.

81 :07x15 - The End of the Affair

Joe learns that his father has died as he celebrates his birthday. Joe becomes determined to start a new life with Karen away from the area. After Joe shows her what their future could be like, Karen agrees to start a new life with him. When Karen finds herself unable to tell Jamie what she is planning, Joe finds himself taking action with far-reaching consequences for everyone. Bruce gets the chance to be in charge of the pub football team.

82 :07x16 - Gang Wars

When Maxine and Ian end up taking the person who tries to mug them captive they soon realize that their relationship is falling apart when they argue about what to do him. Karen and Joe are locked up in the shop with Joe planning their future. Jamie has Connor and Karen refuses to go anywhere without her son. Joe is able to get his hands on Connor and leaves with Karen unaware he's carrying unwelcome baggage. Psychopath Roscoe returns leaving a dark cloud hanging above the Maguire family. Karen begins to doubt she has made the right decision about leaving which has dramatic implications.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Ended
Network: Channel 4 ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 26, 2004
Ended: May 28, 2013
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