Series 8

83 :08x01 - The Night Before

Libby and Frank's upcoming wedding is the talk of the neighbourhood but the plans are thrown into chaos at Frank's stag do. Everyone wants to know who the father of Mimi's new baby is.Avril, Jackson and daughter Letitia Powell have settle themselves into the community and Avril volunteers to host Libby's hen night. Things don't go to plan though when there is a disaster for one of the Maguire clan. Karen returns to town but Jamie is unsure of her motives.
Director: Dominic Leclerc
Writer: Tom Higgins

84 :08x02 - Missing

Frank is still missing and Libby is upset when Monica demands custody of Stella and Liam. Frank has regenerated into Chatsworth's very own Time Lord as he remains in a drug fueled state and he battles to return home. Mimi realises she has made a mistake in promoting Shane to head the family business. Karen hopes that her and Jamie can move forward together.

85 :08x03 - Where's Frank?

Libby is shocked back into reality after she sees footage from Frank's stag party. Frank remains completely lost in his own sci-fi world. Shane decides to go into the school security busoness. Mickey is worried when his gay pen pal Timmy is released from prison.

86 :08x04 - Back Home

After Karen pays a routine visit to her psychiatric hospital she is shocked to find Frank there who seems vulnerable and confused. Frank is finally able to battle his way back to reality. Sita is upset after she fails her exams. Her lecturer Cromer offers her help but with conditions attached.

87 :08x05 - Wedding of Disaster

Frank plans his escape from the psychiatric hospital. Libby learns that Frank's divorce is about to be nullified and they could lose the family home in less then a day. The only solution is for Frank and Libby to get married but time is running out.

88 :08x06 - Gangster Gallagher

Carl sets up his own valet service as his 21st birthday approaches. Jamie offers him a job with the Maguires. Carl likes the new attention he gets. Kelly is not happy when she finds out that Shane has been taking money from their joint account and putiing it into the family business and she is determined to get it back. Chesney ends up going along with Mickey's idea to set up a gay hotline so that he can make some money.

89 :08x07 - Kidnap and Ransom

Kelly and Shane find themselves in trouble after their new fantasy-kidnap business ends up causing a police investigation. Sita ends up taking action after learning Chesney's Muslim driving school venture is just a ruse for wild parties.

90 :08x08 - Together In Heaven

Micky and Aidan thieve from the bad guys and gives to those much more deserving, themselves. The family faces ruin though after the police are alerted to what is going on. Patty meets Trevor through her job on the local suicide helpline. Libby is concerned that Frank no longer wants to get married to her.

91 :08x09 - Maguire Meltdown

After Cilla ends up in the hospital, Mimi accuses Shane and Kelly of attempting to kill her. A face from the past ends up helping Mimi to reconnect with her daughter. Bonnie, a new girl working at the brothel ends up being a hit when her ideas to improve the business are a success.

92 :08x10 - Sickness and Health

Micky finds his paternal urges discovering an outlet after he adopts a cat. Sita ends up reaching a new level of understanding and respect with Bradford. Later though she finds herself in trouble with the police after she helps Carl with a job for the Maguires.

93 :08x11 - Takeover

Kelly is not happy when she finds out that Lillian has formally adopted Bonnie and given her the business but it is not too long beforeBonnie ends up showing her true colours. Libby employs a carer to look after Patty. Sita ends her relationship with Carl after she reveals that she is leaving for an arranged marriage.

94 :08x12 - Sibling Rivalry

Mimi is shocked after her brother Bobbi shows and announces that he is soon to become her sister. Micky attempts to help Mimi and Bobbi come to terms with their differences. Jackson finds himsrlf becoming involved with a local political party with some extreme right wing policies. Shane's new clamping business causes trouble on the estate.

95 :08x13 - Beginnings and Ends

A Charity night at the pub ends up in disaster after Shane steals Tilly's wheelchair. Libby's new friendship with Martin helps her rediscover her passion for books. Patty tries to convince Frank to win Libby back.

96 :08x14 - The Not-So Deceased

Paddy returns to the Chatsworth Estate in a coffin. Aiden is dared by Leticia to break in and take a picture of Paddy in return for a kiss but they end up being in for a surprise. Karen starts a children's entertainment business but she isn't impressed when Mickey, Avril and Lillian join the team. Karen ends up finding a new way to make some extra money behind Jamie's back which puts herself in real danger.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Garratt as Policeman

97 :08x15 - My Name Is Avril

Avril has been keeping secrets from her family and it is only matter of time before someone finds out the truth. Mimi has her eyes set on fit jogger Neil. After 12 year-old Bean attempts to shop lift, Chesney calls her her dad, Gorky who is his home delivery driver. After becoming concerned for Bean's welfare though, Chesney decides to try and rescue her.

98 :08x16 - Frank Gallagher: Sent by God

Jackson sees Letitia kissing Dee Davies in her bedroom as he is cleaning the windows. Jackson ends up attacking Dee in front of a social worker who has showed up to assess him and Avril as foster parents. Carl is left by his father to nurse a pox-ridden Stella. After getting drunk, Frank accidentally gets on a mini-bus and wakes up in a synagogue. Isaac finds him and promises not to report him because Frank's been sent from God. Frank ends up stealing a candelabra and runs off.

99 :08x17 - Comebacks

A new gang has showed up in Chatsworth wanting to save the souls of the community. Jesus O'Toole heads the group and seems to know a lot about certain residents. Aidan finds himself being drawn to the possibilities that religion might bring, but love soon turns to hate when local businesses are picketed. Kelly ends up being attacked by a stranger in a balaclava. Patty returns to the area spiritually born again . Missing Libby she turns to the Frank for help in finding her.

100 :08x18 - Frank In The Frame

Mickey ends up giving his mother an ultimatum, either the new boiler goes or he does. Mickey soon finds himself homeless. Kelly warns Marty to keep his distance.After Frank steals Cynthia's scratch card, there is fury in the pub. After Cynthia is assaulted, Frank becomes the number one suspect. Kelly shows Carl some CCTV footage which shows Frank near the crime scene. Frank can not remember how how he got scratch marks on his chest. An upset Carl is determined to prove his dad's innocence and phones Kev Ball who returns to the Chatsworth to help. Some new video footage manages to jog Frank's memory, but ends up putting him in a worse situation.

101 :08x19 - Moving Back

Aidan's bad behaviour ends up seeing him in court. Patty ends up having to decide the outcome. Cilla's abduction sees Mimi being forced to face her past, as she reasserts herself has head of the Maguire family. Marty and Mickey start to get intimate as they help each other decorate their new flat.

102 :08x20 - Career Criminal

Marty attempts to find a job and ends up turning to crime to tide him over. Kelly discovers that there's a price on Marty's head. Billy is determined to stand up for his rights as a father. Mimi ends up giving him an ultimatum. Mickey's flat is raided by the local police. Marty is confronted by Shane about a secret he left behind in Spain. Kelly is heartbroken agter she is told the truth and doesn't know who to believe.

103 :08x21 - The Maguire Motto

Billy needs to start pulling his weight and Mimi decides to challenge to test his manhood. Ray's skill with numbers ends up being noticed by Micky who plans a trip to the casino. Kelly ends up receiving some shocking news during rehearsal for the local play.

104 :08x22 - PC Gallagher

Billy and Mimi find the game is up after Micky finds them in a compromising position. Billy is scared as the Maguire brothers want his blood for daring to marry their mother. Kelly's not sure about keeping the baby and Jamie ends up finding out more than he bargained for after he confronts her at work. Kelly realises she has to be honest with him but will he still want her and the baby. Carl sees a crime being committed but walks past, unaware of the consequences. Billy's stag ends up being a night to remember.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Garratt as Policeman
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Ended
Network: Channel 4 ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 26, 2004
Ended: May 28, 2013
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