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Series 1

1 :01x01 - Meet the Gallaghers

When Fiona Gallagher's bag is snatched during a night out, a handsome stranger called Steve comes to her rescue. she takes him back to her home in Chatsworth, a rough council estate in Manchester. There, he meets her large family, the Gallaghers. As the pair begin to grow close, things take a turn for the worst when the police come calling regarding Fiona's alcoholic father, Frank. Meanwhile, Lip makes a shocking discovery about his brother Ian that tears their brotherly relationship apart, whilst Karen Jackson's father finally leaves home after catching her in a compromising position.
Guest Stars: Steve Pemberton as Eddie | Danny Martelli as Bouncer |
Uncredited: Trevor MacFarlane as Gary
Director: Mark Mylod
Writer: Paul Abbott

2 :01x02 - We're Going to the Moon

When Karen's father attacks Frank in the pub, he goes home and attacks his son Ian and Fiona's boyfriend Steve. Siick of Frank's mistreatment of his kids, Steve gets him drunk and dumps him in France without telling anyone. Whilst Frank runs into trouble with the French authorities, a body is found in the canal and the Gallaghers fear the worst. Will Frank make it back to Chatsworth? and what will this mean for Fiona and Steve? Meanwhile, Karen's mother Sheila finds a new man.
Guest Stars: Steve Pemberton as Eddie | Steven Hillman (1) as Conrad | Josh Moran as Vagrant | Timothy Mitchell as Gendarme | Kieran Cunningham as George | Laura Brown as Becky | James Foster as News Vendor | Alison Burrows as TV Woman | Pamela Cheshire as Vox Pop Woman
Director: Jonny Campbell
Writer: Paul Abbott

3 :01x03 - We're Getting Married

Kev tells a gang of women he is getting married to fend of their advances. Unfortunately, Frank overhears and drunkenly announces it to the entire pub - and Veronica's mother Carol. Kev proposes to Veronica and they and the Gallaghers plan a wedding on the cheap. But Kev is hiding a big secret: he is already married, and to make matters worse, Veronica's arsonist brother Marty has escaped from prison. Meanwhile, Ian rejects the sexual advances of Mandy Maguire and she tells her family, the toughest family on the estate, that he forced himself on her. With her brothers after his blood, Ian decides to run from his troubles.
Guest Stars: Marjorie Yates as Carol Fisher | Jack Deam as Marty Fisher | Warren Brown as Donny Maguire | Nathaniel Robinson as Maguire #2 | Sam Hazeldine as Quentin | Stacey Hamlin as Tina | Rebecca Gallagher as Marie | James Foster as News Vendor | Jonathan Ward (2) as Lad
Director: Jonny Campbell

4 :01x04 - Abduction

When Debbie takes a young boy from his birthday party, his parents think he has been abducted and Chatsworth goes into meltdown. With Frank's help, the residents turn into a lynch mob. Fiona, Steve and the Gallagher boys must return the child and cover up Debbie's involvement. But with police around every corner, it's not going to be easy. Meanwhile, Karen tries to seduce her mother's boyfriend.
Guest Stars: Lewis Robinson as Jody | Neil Bell as Hippy Pete | Margaret Henshaw as Angie | Tony Hirst as Police Controller | Emma Dears as Reporter
Director: Mark Mylod
Writer: Paul Abbott

5 :01x05 - Affairs

Frank and Karen have embarked on an affair, even though Frank is dating Karen's mother and she is dating Lip. Things spiral out of control when Steve rumbles the affair and Karen dumps Lip. All becomes clear and a deadly confrontation between father and son ensures. Meanwhile, Yvonne, Kash's wife, discovers her husband is having an affair with Ian. But the two men are shocked by her reaction, whilst Fiona fears the Gallagher kids will be taken into care when a home visit is requested by the school.
Guest Stars: Corin Redgrave as Mr Hammersley | Shireen Shah as Umi | Louise Pout as Megan

6 :01x06 - Monica Comes Home (1)

Frank's past catches up with him when he is hounded by two Baliffs. As usual, his family is forced to pay the price, and if that wasn't enough, a housing officer with a score to settle is threatening to take the family home. However, Frank is more concerned with tracking down his ex-wife Monica, sparking off a chain of events that tears the Gallagher family apart. Meanwhile, Tony, the local copper, has fallen in love with Fiona and tries to lure her away from Steve.
Guest Stars: Annabelle Apsion as Monica Gallagher | Dystin Johnson as Norma Starkey | Clive Russell as Billy Wilson | Paul Oldham as Bailiff #1 | Steven O'Donnell as Bailiff #2

7 :01x07 - Dead (2)

Monica is ruling the roost at the Gallagher household after Fiona moves in with Steve. But none of the Gallagher kids are welcoming towards their mother. Frank is desperate to see his ex-wife. But first, he must deal with his growing debts, Monica's lesbian lover Norma and the threat of homelessness for his entire family. Meanwhile, A vengeful Tony enlists PC Stan Waterman's help to bring down Steve after uncovering his long list of car thefts. Elsewhere, Shelia tries to overcome her agrophobia whilst harbouring a life-changing secret.
Guest Stars: Annabelle Apsion as Monica Gallagher | Dystin Johnson as Norma Starkey | Clive Russell as Billy Wilson | Paul Oldham as Bailiff #1 | Steven O'Donnell as Bailiff #2

Series 2

Christmas in Chatsworth

Kev spreads more than a little festive cheer by selling knocked-off meat at the Jockey, stretching goodwill to the limit as an outbreak of food poisoning strikes the Chatsworth estate, and it's not long before all thoughts of peace on Earth have gone down the pan.

As the Army moves in, Veronica's arsonist brother turns up unexpectedly homeless at Fiona's door and a strung-out Sheila goes into labour, prompting Frank to rally the troops the best way he knows how - by inciting a riot. Christmas special of the dysfunctional family drama, featuring theme music written and performed by ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, and starring David Threlfall, Maggie O'Neill, Anne-Marie Duff and James McAvoy
Guest Stars: Shireen Shah as Umi | Neil Bell as Hippy Pete | Paul Brennan (1) as Commander | Neil Maskell as Corporal | June Broughton as Wheelchair Woman | Pam Shaw as Aunty Pat |
Uncredited: Ryan Kruger as Infected Guy | Lee Turnbull as Randy Soldier

9 :02x01 - Grandad

Frank's estranged fathwe Neville visits Chatsworth to meet his new grandchildren. Whilst the rest of the family welcome him with open arms, Frank finds his life turned upside down, as he is forced to relive painful memories from his childhood. Meanwhile, Karen Jackson returns to Chatsworth and gets a job at the Jockey by convincing Jez that she is a lesbian. Veronica is riled when Karen becomes flirtatious towards Kev, and a feud between the two women begins.
Guest Stars: John Woodvine as Neville | Steven Hillman (1) as Conrad | Miriam Ali as Counsellor | Ted Holden as Waiter

10 :02x02 - Eric

Kev and Veronica foster a child called Eric for the week in order to get a taste of parenthood. After a rocky start, Kev strikes a bond with Eric over boxing. But he soon discovers "his son" is being bullied by a gang of girls. With Frank's help, Kev intervenes and nearly gets himself and Veronica in big trouble with social services. Desperate to be a good dad, Kev and the Gallagher boys begin toughening Eric up with a series of boxing lessons, a move they will come to regret. Meanwhile, Steve and Fiona's cosy life is threatened when Steve accidentally steals a car belonging to a Chief Inspector, forcing him to ask Tony for help, whilst Carol's romance with a spanish youngster sends Marty on the warpath.
Guest Stars: Joseph Gilgun as Rico | Karen Henthorn as Marissa Platting | Oliver Hudson (1) as Eric Tatchell

11 :02x03 - The Garden Competition

When the council launch a garden competition for the prize of a years free rent, Veronica and Carol go head-to-head for the prize. Veronica's bitterness towards her mum sees her alienating wveryone, even Fiona and Kev, and things turn nasty at Carol's birthday party. Meanwhile, Frank turns Sheila's house into a drinking den when the Jockey is closed down. Things are going well - until baby Nigel is snatched by an alcoholic tranvestite called "Psycho Sally". Elsewhere, Fiona uncovers a big secret from Steve's past that threatens their relationship.
Guest Stars: Ian Reddington as Tommy | Seamus O'Neill as Police Chief | Mary Wray as Margie | Tony Nyland as Mr Fitch |
Uncredited: Stuart Kelsall as Tranny Tramp

12 :02x04 - The Big Day

Wedding fever hits Chatsworth as Fiona and Steve's big day approaches. Whilst the Gallagher family make preparations for the big day, Steve teams up with a gangster on a big drugs deal, convinced the job will set him and the family up for life. But when a vengeful Tony begins plotting against him, it sets in motion a chain of events that changes life for the Gallagher family forever. Meanwhile, Frank nearly discovers Ian's secret, so Ian asks Mandy Maguire to be his "fake girlfriend" in order to cover his sexuality, whilst Carol's dog causes trouble for Marty.
Guest Stars: Brendan Coyle as Father Polish | Adam Zane as Vet | Gary Cargill as Ollie | Peter Washington as Mack

13 :02x05 - Crooks and Robbers

After agreeing to look after Sheila's friends house whilst she is away, Lip is framed by a corrupt cop called Neary when the house is burgaled, and unfortunatley for him, Frank is called to represent him and makes matters a lot worse. With Lip facing a prison stretch, Fiona and the family call upon Tony and Stan to help them deal with Neary, whilst Ian unmasks the real culprits and finds himself taking part in a burgalery with Marty and Carl. Meanwhile, Debbie begins a video rental business. She comes across a video of the local lollypop lady having a dalliance with an Elvis Presley impressionist and the video soon spreads around Chatsworth, leaving the residents wondering who the mystery man is.
Guest Stars: Brana Bajic as Lena | Maureen Lunt as Sergeant | Maisie Jo Stahl as Lucy Connor | Bill Rodgers as PC Neary

14 :02x06 - Welcome to the Family

When Mandy Maguire falls pregnant with Lip's baby, everyone thinks Ian's the father and the Maguire family welcome him into the family and scare him into proposing. As the Gallagher family unite with Chatsworth's most feared family, Lip, Ian and Mandy find their lives unravelling. Meanwhile, Frank is debt-ridden by Cassie Weston, the no-nonsense new landlady of the Jockey. Unluckily for him, she comes up with a plan to clear his large bar tab. Elsewhere, a late-night encounter with a tearaway bringa a new man into Fiona's life.
Guest Stars: Moya Brady as Cassie Western | Brana Bajic as Lena | Chris Coghill as Craig | Daniel Scadden as Dylan | Sean Gilder as Paddy Maguire | Tina Malone as Mimi Maguire | William Willoughby as Joey Maguire | Warren Brown as Donny Maguire
Songs: The Dandy Warhols -- We Used To Be Friends

15 :02x07 - Joey Dawson

After ladies night at the Jockey, Fiona wakes up with soon-to-be married Joey Dawson. But she has no time to ponder her mistake when Liam is rushed to hospital after swallowing pills. It's not long before social services get involed, and to Fiona's horror, the social worker assessing the family turns out to be her school nemisis Katerina Webb, who is also the future Mrs Dawson. Meanwhile, Ian discovers Frank is not his biological father and sets off in search of a family he never knew existed. What will he find?
Guest Stars: Brana Bajic as Lena | Tara Moran as Katrina Webb | Ryan Pope as Joey Dawson | Daryl Fishwick as Maureen Hale | John Donnelly (1) as Ryan | Amanda Fairclough as Health Visitor | Rachael Hayden as Junior Doctor

16 :02x08 - Against The Odds

After getting hit in the face by Kash's shop door, Frank decides to sue the Karibs with the help of two shifty accident claim reps. Yvonne is unable to pay Frank's claim and is forced to close the shop, which results in the whole community turning against Frank and Sheila. Meanwhile, Fiona discovers she is pregnant. But with money troubles at an all-time low at the Gallagher household, she is unsure whether she wants to keep it. Torn, she tries to track down the father, Craig.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Arnold as Himself |
Guest Stars: Brana Bajic as Lena | Chris Coghill as Craig | Gillian Kearney as Sue | Neil Bell as Hippy Pete | James Quinn (1) as Corporate #1 | Iain McKee as Corporate #2 | Steve Evets as Paddy

17 :02x09 - Sister, Sister

Fiona's new romance with Craig comes under threat when Craig's scheming wife Sue begins dating Marty, and when she dumps him, a heartbroken Marty goes on a downward spiral that threatens to land him back in prison, whilst Craig discovers his father has died. Meanwhile, Kev's sister Kelly arrives in Chatsworth and enlists the help of her brother and Frank to deal with her drug-addicted ex-boyfriend. But Veronica soon discovers everything is not what it seems.
Guest Stars: Chris Coghill as Craig | Gillian Kearney as Sue | Daniel Scadden as Dylan | Rodney Litchfield as Magistrate | Sally Carman as Kelly-Marie Ball | Maxton G. Beesley as Funeral Director

18 :02x10 - True Love

Fiona's life is turned upside down when Steve returns to Chatsworth to persuade her to flee to Amsterdam with him. She is in turmoil about leaving her family, not to mention the father of her unborn baby. Who will she choose? Meanwhile, Frank sees a way to make easy money when Lillian's husband is killed. But he is forced to look after a clingy dog called Sadie, whilst the Gallaghers discover one of their own is responsible for the crime and, alongside Veronica and Carol, try to cover it up.
Guest Stars: Brana Bajic as Lena | Chris Coghill as Craig | Gillian Kearney as Sue | Justin Moorhouse as DJ | Liz Hume Dawson as Female Teacher | Robert Pugh as Bernie Creme | Jordan Murphy (1) as Kid #1 |
Uncredited: Liam Boyle as Mick

Series 3

19 :03x01 - Liamday

Liam denounces religion at school, forcing Debbie to think of an explanation for his behaviour to stave off a visit from social services. However, pretending her brother has cancer backfires when the entire community suddenly gets involved with the cause - while an unwitting Frank and Sheila decide to reunite the family in their hour of need by moving back in.
Guest Stars: Rory McCann as Father Critchon | Natalie Gavin as Attractive Young Woman | Dean Andrews as Geoff Mulligan | John Peat as Dicko | Danny Cunningham as PC Danny Lowe | Fiona Allen as Miss Murdoch | Vicky Hall as Serena | James Foster as News Vendor | Pam Shaw as Old Woman | Emma Kearney as Reporter | Kirsty Doyle as Caring Woman | Annabelle Apsion as Monica Gallagher | Meriel Schofield as Doctor | Dystin Johnson as Norma Starkey

20 :03x02 - Dark Friends

Lip gets a job at a hotel, and is soon collaborating on a towel-stealing scam with one of his colleagues. However, his new friend has a secret agenda - which has dire consequences for Kash. Kev's sister moves in with Frank and Sheila, who are surprised by their guest's voracious sexual appetite.
Guest Stars: Bryan Dick as Jack Wyatt | Christine Bottomley as Zoe Wyatt | Amy Searles as Claire | Sally Carman as Kelly-Marie Ball | Rory McCann as Father Critchon | Matthew McNulty as Trev | Yasmin Bamford as Wendy Wagstaff | Mike Woodhead as Client |
Uncredited: Baxter Williams as Station Master

21 :03x03 - Baby

Following a robbery at the shop, Mandy gives birth to Lip's daughter, but her family do everything they can to prevent the father from seeing his baby - until he claims to know the identity of the thieves.

Meanwhile, Kev's luck appears to be on the up when he receives a horse-racing tip, but when the rest of the estate get wind of his scam, it all goes horribly wrong.
Guest Stars: Samantha Robinson as Anna | Katie Wimpenny as Janie Rattigan | Martin Reeve as Janie's Dad | Sean Gilder as Paddy Maguire | Tina Malone as Mimi Maguire | Steve Bell (3) as Donny Maguire | Kevin Sutton as Husband | Archie Kelly as Waggie | Bernard Wrigley as Russell | Harley Bartles as Robber | Liam Boyle as Mick

22 :03x04 - Benefit Fraud

Carol is enraged to learn Lillian had an affair with her husband in the 1970s, so decides to exact revenge by reporting her to the DSS for benefit fraud. This sparks panic all over the estate - especially for Frank, who has been posing as the late Brendan for financial gain. Carl agonises over being in love with Lip's girlfriend Emily, but as he tries to win her affections he succeeds only in creating more problems for himself.
Guest Stars: Emily Fleeshman as Emily Lawson | Katy Cavanagh as Shirley Lawson | Graeme Hawley as Troy Lawson | Toby Hadoke as Manager | Denise Kennedy as Gaynor Pierce | Andrew Sheridan as Nick Anastasiou | Sarah Parks as Welfare Officer

23 :03x05 - Old Flame

Kev wakes up on his birthday in high spirits, only to learn his mother has thrown herself from her balcony. He is further perturbed by the presence of ex-wife Roxy at the funeral, who then pursues him in a bid to win him back. Veronica finds the pair in a compromising situation at Kev's mother's apartment and refuses to listen to his pleas of innocence.
Guest Stars: Paul Copley as Norman Owens | Jill Halfpenny as Roxy Benson | Maxton G. Beesley as Funeral Director | Rob James Collier as Stud

24 :03x06 - In With the Maguire's

Carl gets a job growing cannabis for the Maguire brothers, but ends up getting arrested. His problems aren't over when he's released, as his employers suspect him of being a grass. As a family feud gets under way, Mandy forbids Lip from seeing their son, so he decides to restore the peace by tracking down the real informant.
Guest Stars: Tina Malone as Mimi Maguire | Clive Bonelle as Donny Maguire | John Peat as Dicko | Marcus Hercules as Jimmy | Linzey Cocker as Zadie | James Wells as Russell | Nichola Burley as Chloe | Nicky Evans as Shane Maguire | Paula Wolfenden as Female Copper

25 :03x07 - Act Your Age

Debbie grows envious of her new best friend, and is made to realise how much she is missing out on a 'normal' teenage life. A power cut at the Gallaghers' illuminates Sue's increasing debts, and she shamefully absconds, leaving Marty in all sorts of problems. Frank's latest money-spinning scheme backfires, while Lip, Ian and Carl are forced to deal with a food shortage.
Guest Stars: Justina Skillen as Nicola | Ian Reddington as Tommy | Sarah Kirkman as Doctor | Tony Mooney as Jason | Chris Coghill as Craig | Steve Hester as Passenger | Matthew Gerrod as Rick |
Uncredited: Michael Hilton (1) as Boy Racer

26 :03x08 - The Wedding

Sheila orders a conservatory for her backyard, but doesn't bargain on the builders excavating for the foundations - forcing her to tell Frank her first husband is buried under the patio. Meanwhile, Veronica comes up with a money-making scheme when her final attempt at IVF on the NHS fails, and it looks increasingly likely that Debbie will be the only Gallagher at the wedding.
Guest Stars: Jake MacDonald as Brian | Margaret Henshaw as Mary | Maggie Fox as Registrar | Trevor Williams as Builder |
Uncredited: Richard Wallis as Builder

Series 4

27 :04x01 - New Beginnings

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Guest Stars: James Lauren as Plumber | Darren Southworth as Foreign Office Official | Helen Moon as Nurse | Michael Atkinson as Fireman | Phil Gwilliam as News Reporter |
Uncredited: William Atkinson as Local Reporter | David Lemberg as Romanian | Dean McGonagle as Will

28 :04x02 - New Romances

Frank is desperate to keep the fact that he is still married to Monica from his "new wife" Sheila. But Monica continies to sexually pursue him. Knowing she has competition for Frank, Sheila teams up with Debbie to reunite Monica and her lesbian lover, Norma. Meanwhile, Jamie Maguire is released from prison after serving ten years for murder. To his family's shock, he intends to go straight and wants no part in the family business. Instead, he gets a job at the Jockey. But he immediatly clashes with Karen Jackson, whilst Carol launches a "Free Kev and Veronica" campaign.
Guest Stars: Carl Cieka as Advice Centre Man

29 :04x03 - You Decide

Monica is determined to win Frank away from Sheila. A new policewoman starts work on the estate. Frank decides to stay with Sheila but is it too late.
Guest Stars: Jamie Doyle as Jimmy | Geoffrey Wilkinson as Priest |
Uncredited: Johnathan Brenner as Jesus | Derek Lawson as Maguire Cousin | Darren Whitfield as Desk Sargeant

30 :04x04 - The Runaway

Ian gets involved with somebody on the run. Everybody is worried when Mimi Maguire suddenly stops talking. Karen and Jamie try to get one up on each other.
Guest Stars: Natalie Gavin as Anna | Christopher Simpson as Murad | Daniel Lestuzzi as Pizza Boss | Rey Shane as Shopkeeper | Joe Standerline as Australian Priest | Scott Wright as Bradford |
Uncredited: Paul J. Dove as Jockey Pub's Client

31 :04x05 - Boys, Boys, Boys

Monica is jealous of the time Debbie is spending with Frank. Monica encourages Debbie to find a boyfriend but Frank isn't happy with her choice.
Guest Stars: Stephen Hoyle as Marlon | Vincent Davies as Mr. Newman | Noma Dumezweni as Mrs. Newman | Reece Noi as Luke Newman | Michael Taylor (6) as Spider | Craig Fitzpatrick as Spider's Mate | Dean McGonagle as Suitor #1 | Sam Glen as Suitor #2 | Jason Manford as Security Guard |
Uncredited: Thomas Harrison as Ryan

32 :04x06 - Dangerous Situation

It's Monica's birthday, and Carl is desperate to have his family together. But that means getting rid of Monica's ex-girlfriend Norma - for good. Meanwhile, Frank gets a job working on the Maguire's ice cream van that they use to deal drugs from. It's going well until the van is stolen by an angry mob with a score to settle. Frank and Shane must get the van back before Paddy finds out, whatever the cost. Elsewhere, Mimi kidnaps Karen after her meddling results in Karen calling off the wedding and tries to bully her into changing her mind, whilst Lip is left with an unusual side-effect after being tasered by Carrie, and Kelly Ball returns to Chatsworth and moves in with Lillian.
Guest Stars: Sally Carman as Kelly-Marie Ball | William Travis as Son | Greg Tench as Father | Joseph Marsden as Lad at Fruit Machine | Margaret Jackman as Old Lady

33 :04x07 - Terrorist Target

A series of explosions spark fear that there is a terrorist at large in Chatsworth. But with all the deaths in his family lately, Paddy fears the Maguire's are under attack. However, he has bigger problems to deal with when Shane and Mickey lose a box of semtex meant for some dangerous associates. Meanwhile, Frank and Monica's marriage becomes strained after a secret from the past resurfaces. Monica begins sleeping with Norma. Seeing Norma is splashing the cash, Frank attempts to steal it. But when this fails, he finds himself in court accused of sexual assault - and his only way to clear his name could cost him everything, whilst Yvonne sets up a call centre and recruits Lip and Lillian to help.
Guest Stars: Sarah Patel as Mena | Sally Carman as Kelly-Marie Ball | Ronny Jhutti as Nadia | Miriam Ali as Ginditra | Dominic Kay as Gay Barman | Eric McNichol as Swat Team Leader |
Uncredited: Paul J. Dove as Jockey Pub's Client | Derek Lawson as SWAT Officer

34 :04x08 - Revelations

When three of his former prison cell mates die in strange circumstances, Paddy believes that he will be next. Karen wonders if marrying Jamie is a good idea.
Guest Stars: Ann Rye as Elelyn | Henry Miller as GP | Eleanor Garside as Wedding Quartet #1 | Paris Graham Jones as Wedding Quartet #2 | Olivia Devlin as Wedding Quartet #3 | Lucy Baines as Wedding Quartet #4 | Ken Bradshaw as Colin | Kiran Shah as Mr. Cosy | Shobu Kapoor as Umi | Darren Jones (2) as Gregory Gaskell | Sarah Patel as Mena | Qasim Akhtar as Chesney Karib |
Uncredited: Paul J. Dove as Jockey Pub's Client

Series 5

35 :05x01 - The Countdown

After another drunken night, Frank urinates on an electrical generator and ends up in hospital, where he is told he only has a few days left to live. Haunted by his 12-year old self, he desperately tries to find what legacy he will leave behind and attempts to seek forgiveness from the people he has done wrong by. Meanwhile, A changed Lip is welcome back with open arms on his return from university. But when a face from his past turns up, his life is turned upside down. Elsewhere, newlyweds Karen and Jamie take over at the Jockey, whilst Lillian opens up a brothel. But it attracts the attention of Stan, Tom and Carrie.
Guest Stars: Lola Yoxall as Baby Katie | Macy Yoxall as Baby Katie | Karen Bryson as Doctor | Craig Shepherd as Young Frank | Darren Connelly as Bloke | Emily Bowker as Alex | Mary Sobers as Prostitute | Pj Devlin as Piano Player | Alex Moxam as Lad | Alice Grice as Girl | Roger Kennedy as Big Dennis | Shannon Flynn as Grace

36 :05x02 - Other Paddy

Mimi is upset when an ex boyfriend makes comments about the weight she has gained since her last saw her and she is forced to face her insecurities about it. Matters are made worse when Paddy doesn't defend her.
Guest Stars: Lola Yoxall as Baby Katie | Macy Yoxall as Baby Katie | Jodie Hamblet as Sarah Berry | Brian McCardie as Other Paddy | Simon Lawson as Mr. Scott | Shannon Flynn as Grace |
Uncredited: Paul J. Dove as Jockey Pub's Client

37 :05x03 - Happy Birthday, Ma Maguire

After finding out that she isn't pregnant Monica wants to spend more time with her children. Paddy isn't happy when The Jockey is robbed before the surprise birthday party he has organised for his wife.
Guest Stars: Lola Yoxall as Baby Katie | Macy Yoxall as Baby Katie | Olga Grahame as Nana Murphy | Frog Stone as Irana | Rebecca White as Girl | Ken Kitson as Tom Tyldesley

38 :05x04 - Frank's Big Win

Yvonne announces on the local news that Frank has won the lottery even though he hasn't. Liam is kidnapped and the kidnappers what Frank's winning in return for him.
Guest Stars: Lola Yoxall as Baby Katie | Macy Yoxall as Baby Katie | Gerry McLaughlin as Reporter | Julian Walsh as Chalky | Reece Hampton as Cute Guy | Ralph Casson as Council Man | Helena Fox as Little Girl | Wendy Patterson as Bitter Woman | Declan Wilson as Do-Gooder Man | Amir Farzaneh as Plumber | Ian Braddock as New Plumber

39 :05x05 - Beach Party

Debbie comes up with an enterprising idea. Shane is surprised when the woman of his dreams takes him home. Carrie says she was driving when Stan hits an elderly lady. Problems happen though when she decides to sue.

40 :05x06 - Nowhere To Go

Frank ends up being homeless after baby Katie takes some of his drugs and the family throw him out. Liam runs away when he learns that he is expected to help Monica with the new baby. When he finds Frank the two of them bond.

41 :05x07 - Brothers and Boyfriends

When there is a gas leak at the Gallagher house Ian and Mandy vie for the attention of a good looking fireman who shows up. Ian discovers a secret about him. Carl goes on a date with a plain looking girl so he can get closer to her mother but when she decides to leave her husband for him he realises that he has taken things a step too far.

42 :05x08 - I Love Frank

Frank becomes smitten after seeing a beautiful woman a bus he is on. Debbie tries to raise funds so that the family can go on hospital.

43 :05x09 - Absent Parents

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44 :05x10 - Old Friends, New Enemies

Karen isn't pleased wehn Jamie's former prison cell mate shows up. Norma goes on a date. Yvonne is surprised when her daughter arranges her wedding.

45 :05x11 - Twin

Paddy is seen on CCTV committing armed robbery and faces a long jail sentence. The Gallagher's find themselves in debt with Mimi. Tom thinks Carrie is exploiting her new position after she is promoted.

46 :05x12 - Family At War

Stan and Yvonne's relationship is put in danger follwoing an arguement. Yvonne is held up at the shop and when Stan tries to rescue her a shot is fired.

47 :05x13 - Date A Death

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48 :05x14 - The Ties That Blind Us

After Mandy is arrested she becomes friends with Tom and tries to help him find the mother who gave birth to him. Mandy then finds herself falling for him.

49 :05x15 - Assault

Debbie and Tom enjoy another secret date but when a woman is attacked and Tom tries to help her he ends up being arrested. Debbie knows that is she says that she was with him the truth about their secret meetings will come out. Mimi finds herself in a difficult situation.

50 :05x16 - The Ninth Time Around

Monica goes into labour when the city is hit with a minor earthquake. Frank ends up in a coma when he falls off his bar stall and enters an alternative world.

Series 6

51 :06x01 - Remember Me

After Ian is attacked he ends up in hospital suffering with memory loss.

52 :06x02 - Trouble in Paradise

Jamie and Karen find their relationship becoming strained. Micky decides to enrol onto a film course following Ian‘s departure.

53 :06x03 - All Rise

Frank is not happy when he finds out that he has been a victim of identity fraud. He finds that he is eligible for jury service after his criminal record is wiped clean. Shane and Micky scam some local tourists but Carrie is soon on their case.

54 :06x04 - Loving Wife

When Frank turns down her advances, Monica feels neglected. When Fergal's grave is desecrated the Maguire family are furious.

55 :06x05 - Miscarriage of Marriage

When Karen has a miscarriage her relationship with Jamie becomes strained. Liam wins a modeling competition that Debbie enters him in. Mandy finds her love life improving.

56 :06x06 - Breaking Point

Paddy wakes up to find himself chained to a bed in a strange room and he can not remember how he got there. Maureen then enters the room and he remembers he has been seeing her since he met her in a cemetery. Maureen refuses to release Paddy and he starts to become scared.

57 :06x07 - Always Leave Them Wanting More

Ian drives a car back to the United Kingdom following his travels overseas unaware there is something hidden in it. With her wedding anniversary just around the corner and a party planned, Mimi becomes even more worried about Paddy's absence.

58 :06x08 - Damaged

Paddy lies to Mimi about where he has been and he has vengeance on his mind. Paddy finds it impossible not to give in to his enforced heroin addiction.

59 :06x09 - The Darkest Hour

Shane is left partially paralysed following the accident. Mimi and Kelly clash when they both try to help him with his recovery and Shane finds himself caught in the middle of their arguements.

60 :06x10 - To The Future

Liam's parents are summoned to his school to see the head teacher. Norma pretends to be Monica so that family will appear normal. Liam is offered a special scholarship. Mimi tries to help Patrick with his addiction.

61 :06x11 - Powerless

Jamie beats Joe up after he discovers that he has been hitting Mandy. Mimi decides to take the blame for the attack to save her son from being sent back to prison.

62 :06x12 - Cold Turkey

Ian is not happy when he finds out that his brother has been skiving off from school. When he thinks that Danny is responsible he is not pleased. Patrick goes cold turkey in an attempt to beat his addiction. Mandy is pressurised to finish with Joe. Meena's modeling ideas meet with Yvonne's disapproval.

63 :06x13 - What About Me?

The Gallagher family find their lives falling apart after an unexpected visit from social services. Chesney falls in love with a married woman.

64 :06x14 - Haunted by the Past

Yvonne's past catches up with her and she tries to stop Chesney and Meena from learning the truth.

65 :06x15 - Confession

After Debbie throws him out for the night, Frank ends up in a confessional booth where he hears a neighbour's shocking confession. Frank finds himself drawn into what is going on.

66 :06x16 - It's Over

Patrick continues to loose his grip on his marriage and his family.

Series 7

67 :07x01 - Perfectly Frank

Frank has his 50th birthday and tries to romances Libby, who works at the local library. Liam isn't happy when Frank refuses to allow Nin his great grandmother to move in help with the family. Karen is worried who the father of her unborn child is.

68 :07x02 - Gunshot

The Maguire prepare for the christening of Connor with Mimi in charge. Kelly is devastated and Shane finds himself caught in the middle of the two women.

69 :07x03 - Out of Control

Jamie is worried by Karen's obsession to prove herself as a good mother. Yvonne finds herself out her depth after getting herself into debt.

70 :07x04 - Toyboy

Mimi gets herself a toy boy called Billy who is the Jockey football team's star striker. Not everything is as it seems though. Patrick is encouraged by Shane and Kelly to get back into the dating game.

71 :07x05 - The Things You Do For Love

Maxine gets Ian to pretend to be her boyfriend at her parent's party so that she can impress them. Carl decides to try and win Maxine back after realising it was a mistake to break up with her. Mimi tries to keep Karen's illness a secret. Jamie is seduced by a mysterious woman when he has a night out. Kelly takes control of the brothel whist Lillian is away.

72 :07x06 - From Chatsworth to Cuba

When Mini forces Patrick into doing one last job, his future plans with D'reen are endangered.

73 :07x07 - Reunited

Libby is released and comes looking for Frank. Her mother Patty though tries to ruin her chances with Frank and then he tries to win her back. Jamie tries t clear all of Karen's debts by giving into Michelle's demands. Karen and Paddy become suspicious and Michelle wants more than Jamie can give her.

74 :07x08 - Marry Me (1)

The Maguire family exploit a new money-making scheme. Shane asks Kelly to marry him but she turns him down. Shane discovers a betrayal from within his own family. Chesney decides to hold a house party so that he can try and get closer to Sammy.

75 :07x09 - The Wild Wales (2)

Carl and Chesney are offered sanctuary by a mysterious woman on a Welsh farm. They soon learn though that they are the prime suspects for Bonehead's murder. Ian decides to confront Jimmy to get the truth out of him about the murder. Micky and Liam are chosen by the local council to make a film to inspire the residents of Chatsworth now that their estate has been identified as the most run down in the country. Liam decides to try and film evidence that could stop Carl and Chesney from being sent to prison.

76 :07x10 - Great Dangers (3)

Shane learns that he has been firing blanks and Kelly resigns herself to a future with no children. The Maguire men try and help Shane with his problem. Liam offers Kelly his support. After Carl and Chesney return to the estate and they hide out in Joe's storeroom. Maxine puts her relationship with Ian on the line to help them after discovering they are back in town. Jimmy and his gang are taught a lesson by Shane they will never forget.

77 :07x11 - Fallen Heroes

Liam becomes friends was a second world war veteran called Reggie after he needs help with a school project. There a tragic confrontation between the Gallaghers and Reggie after Libby jumps to the wrong conclusion after seeing Liam with Reggie. Maxine finds her family loyalties being tested. Karen isn't happy when she sees Joe moving on with his life.

78 :07x12 - Boxer

Ian becomes friends with the owner of a local boxing club after he joins the club. Ian recruits Maxine, Carl and Chesney to help raise funds when the club is threatened with closure. Mickey tries to get a job with the fire brigade.

79 :07x13 - Keep It In The Family

Kelly takes her teenage half-sister Tonya in who has become homeless and needs to get her baby boy out of care. Tonya has to look after a simulation baby so she can prove she is a good mother before being allowed her own child back. A pilgrimage for Patty is organised by Libby.

80 :07x14 - Secret Relations

Patrick and Mimi decide to get a quickie divorce but end up being shocked when they find out their marriage was never legal. Mimi comes up with a plan for them to marry and then divorce so their kids wont be bastards. Their true feelings about one another resurface as the wedding approaches. Ian and Maxie attempt to cheer Mickey up with a night out.

81 :07x15 - The End of the Affair

Joe learns that his father has died as he celebrates his birthday. Joe becomes determined to start a new life with Karen away from the area. After Joe shows her what their future could be like, Karen agrees to start a new life with him. When Karen finds herself unable to tell Jamie what she is planning, Joe finds himself taking action with far-reaching consequences for everyone. Bruce gets the chance to be in charge of the pub football team.

82 :07x16 - Gang Wars

When Maxine and Ian end up taking the person who tries to mug them captive they soon realize that their relationship is falling apart when they argue about what to do him. Karen and Joe are locked up in the shop with Joe planning their future. Jamie has Connor and Karen refuses to go anywhere without her son. Joe is able to get his hands on Connor and leaves with Karen unaware he's carrying unwelcome baggage. Psychopath Roscoe returns leaving a dark cloud hanging above the Maguire family. Karen begins to doubt she has made the right decision about leaving which has dramatic implications.

Series 8

83 :08x01 - The Night Before

Libby and Frank's upcoming wedding is the talk of the neighbourhood but the plans are thrown into chaos at Frank's stag do. Everyone wants to know who the father of Mimi's new baby is.Avril, Jackson and daughter Letitia Powell have settle themselves into the community and Avril volunteers to host Libby's hen night. Things don't go to plan though when there is a disaster for one of the Maguire clan. Karen returns to town but Jamie is unsure of her motives.
Director: Dominic Leclerc
Writer: Tom Higgins

84 :08x02 - Missing

Frank is still missing and Libby is upset when Monica demands custody of Stella and Liam. Frank has regenerated into Chatsworth's very own Time Lord as he remains in a drug fueled state and he battles to return home. Mimi realises she has made a mistake in promoting Shane to head the family business. Karen hopes that her and Jamie can move forward together.

85 :08x03 - Where's Frank?

Libby is shocked back into reality after she sees footage from Frank's stag party. Frank remains completely lost in his own sci-fi world. Shane decides to go into the school security busoness. Mickey is worried when his gay pen pal Timmy is released from prison.

86 :08x04 - Back Home

After Karen pays a routine visit to her psychiatric hospital she is shocked to find Frank there who seems vulnerable and confused. Frank is finally able to battle his way back to reality. Sita is upset after she fails her exams. Her lecturer Cromer offers her help but with conditions attached.

87 :08x05 - Wedding of Disaster

Frank plans his escape from the psychiatric hospital. Libby learns that Frank's divorce is about to be nullified and they could lose the family home in less then a day. The only solution is for Frank and Libby to get married but time is running out.

88 :08x06 - Gangster Gallagher

Carl sets up his own valet service as his 21st birthday approaches. Jamie offers him a job with the Maguires. Carl likes the new attention he gets. Kelly is not happy when she finds out that Shane has been taking money from their joint account and putiing it into the family business and she is determined to get it back. Chesney ends up going along with Mickey's idea to set up a gay hotline so that he can make some money.

89 :08x07 - Kidnap and Ransom

Kelly and Shane find themselves in trouble after their new fantasy-kidnap business ends up causing a police investigation. Sita ends up taking action after learning Chesney's Muslim driving school venture is just a ruse for wild parties.

90 :08x08 - Together In Heaven

Micky and Aidan thieve from the bad guys and gives to those much more deserving, themselves. The family faces ruin though after the police are alerted to what is going on. Patty meets Trevor through her job on the local suicide helpline. Libby is concerned that Frank no longer wants to get married to her.

91 :08x09 - Maguire Meltdown

After Cilla ends up in the hospital, Mimi accuses Shane and Kelly of attempting to kill her. A face from the past ends up helping Mimi to reconnect with her daughter. Bonnie, a new girl working at the brothel ends up being a hit when her ideas to improve the business are a success.

92 :08x10 - Sickness and Health

Micky finds his paternal urges discovering an outlet after he adopts a cat. Sita ends up reaching a new level of understanding and respect with Bradford. Later though she finds herself in trouble with the police after she helps Carl with a job for the Maguires.

93 :08x11 - Takeover

Kelly is not happy when she finds out that Lillian has formally adopted Bonnie and given her the business but it is not too long beforeBonnie ends up showing her true colours. Libby employs a carer to look after Patty. Sita ends her relationship with Carl after she reveals that she is leaving for an arranged marriage.

94 :08x12 - Sibling Rivalry

Mimi is shocked after her brother Bobbi shows and announces that he is soon to become her sister. Micky attempts to help Mimi and Bobbi come to terms with their differences. Jackson finds himsrlf becoming involved with a local political party with some extreme right wing policies. Shane's new clamping business causes trouble on the estate.

95 :08x13 - Beginnings and Ends

A Charity night at the pub ends up in disaster after Shane steals Tilly's wheelchair. Libby's new friendship with Martin helps her rediscover her passion for books. Patty tries to convince Frank to win Libby back.

96 :08x14 - The Not-So Deceased

Paddy returns to the Chatsworth Estate in a coffin. Aiden is dared by Leticia to break in and take a picture of Paddy in return for a kiss but they end up being in for a surprise. Karen starts a children's entertainment business but she isn't impressed when Mickey, Avril and Lillian join the team. Karen ends up finding a new way to make some extra money behind Jamie's back which puts herself in real danger.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Garratt as Policeman

97 :08x15 - My Name Is Avril

Avril has been keeping secrets from her family and it is only matter of time before someone finds out the truth. Mimi has her eyes set on fit jogger Neil. After 12 year-old Bean attempts to shop lift, Chesney calls her her dad, Gorky who is his home delivery driver. After becoming concerned for Bean's welfare though, Chesney decides to try and rescue her.

98 :08x16 - Frank Gallagher: Sent by God

Jackson sees Letitia kissing Dee Davies in her bedroom as he is cleaning the windows. Jackson ends up attacking Dee in front of a social worker who has showed up to assess him and Avril as foster parents. Carl is left by his father to nurse a pox-ridden Stella. After getting drunk, Frank accidentally gets on a mini-bus and wakes up in a synagogue. Isaac finds him and promises not to report him because Frank's been sent from God. Frank ends up stealing a candelabra and runs off.

99 :08x17 - Comebacks

A new gang has showed up in Chatsworth wanting to save the souls of the community. Jesus O'Toole heads the group and seems to know a lot about certain residents. Aidan finds himself being drawn to the possibilities that religion might bring, but love soon turns to hate when local businesses are picketed. Kelly ends up being attacked by a stranger in a balaclava. Patty returns to the area spiritually born again . Missing Libby she turns to the Frank for help in finding her.

100 :08x18 - Frank In The Frame

Mickey ends up giving his mother an ultimatum, either the new boiler goes or he does. Mickey soon finds himself homeless. Kelly warns Marty to keep his distance.After Frank steals Cynthia's scratch card, there is fury in the pub. After Cynthia is assaulted, Frank becomes the number one suspect. Kelly shows Carl some CCTV footage which shows Frank near the crime scene. Frank can not remember how how he got scratch marks on his chest. An upset Carl is determined to prove his dad's innocence and phones Kev Ball who returns to the Chatsworth to help. Some new video footage manages to jog Frank's memory, but ends up putting him in a worse situation.

101 :08x19 - Moving Back

Aidan's bad behaviour ends up seeing him in court. Patty ends up having to decide the outcome. Cilla's abduction sees Mimi being forced to face her past, as she reasserts herself has head of the Maguire family. Marty and Mickey start to get intimate as they help each other decorate their new flat.

102 :08x20 - Career Criminal

Marty attempts to find a job and ends up turning to crime to tide him over. Kelly discovers that there's a price on Marty's head. Billy is determined to stand up for his rights as a father. Mimi ends up giving him an ultimatum. Mickey's flat is raided by the local police. Marty is confronted by Shane about a secret he left behind in Spain. Kelly is heartbroken agter she is told the truth and doesn't know who to believe.

103 :08x21 - The Maguire Motto

Billy needs to start pulling his weight and Mimi decides to challenge to test his manhood. Ray's skill with numbers ends up being noticed by Micky who plans a trip to the casino. Kelly ends up receiving some shocking news during rehearsal for the local play.

104 :08x22 - PC Gallagher

Billy and Mimi find the game is up after Micky finds them in a compromising position. Billy is scared as the Maguire brothers want his blood for daring to marry their mother. Kelly's not sure about keeping the baby and Jamie ends up finding out more than he bargained for after he confronts her at work. Kelly realises she has to be honest with him but will he still want her and the baby. Carl sees a crime being committed but walks past, unaware of the consequences. Billy's stag ends up being a night to remember.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Garratt as Policeman

Series 9

105 :09x01 - The End of an Era (1)

The Gallagher family and half of the estates other residents find themselves being are evicted as part of Operation New Start led by Carmen Kenaway and Feeney. Jamie and Karen find themselves becoming guardians of the estate after the evictees turn to them for help. Things are looking good for Jackson, who is now a fully qualified teacher. Carl is close to becoming qualified as a policeman, but Frank's disapproval threatens his graduation.

106 :09x02 - Save Chatsworth (2)

Not everyone is pleased to see Carl affter he shows up on the estate as a qualified policeman. Jackson finds himself being accused of falsely claiming benefits, resulting in the lost of his job which throws his marriage is thrown into chaos. Frank is given the job of becoming a double agent, so that he can get information from Carmen about the future plans for the estate. The residents end up agreeing to a deal with Carmen to save the estate. Kelly loses her baby.

107 :09x03 - Open To All

Mimi and Billy decide to have an open marriage. Patty and Lillian's funeral mourning brings them some unwanted attention. Kelly can't grieve and and ends up loosing control.

108 :09x04 - Vendetta

Micky ends up becoming the victim of a gay bashing, leaving him mentally and physically scarred whilst enjoying a night out with the boys. Carl falls for Clem on the night out. Aidan has a new group of older friends, headed by gang leader Frasier Kane. Events end up spiraling out of control one evening on the estate and Aidan is faced with a life-changing decision. Ruby Hepburn shows up on the estate and is revealed as being Mimi's niece.

109 :09x05 - Cop Killer

Somebody from Jamie's past arrives up on the estate, looking for a favour to be returned. D.S. Brooks, is currently suspended pending some serious charges and Jamie doesn't know if he can go through with what he wants and the safety of his family ends up being in the balance. Aidan skips school after he is haunted with nightmares about doing nothing to stop Frasier attacking his school teacher. After Frasier turns his attention to Letitia, Aidan ends up feelong like he has no choice but to act. Micky has to deal with a life-changing decision after a debt collection goes badly wrong.

110 :09x06 - Last Man Standing

Jackson ends up being coerced by Shane into participating in the robbery of a cigarette van at a supermarket after he is desperate for money. Things don’t end up going well and they barely manage to escape from the guards. They end up coming up with the business idea of selling out-of-date food during the bungled robbery though. Gloria's brother called Dominic who is a whisky priest who's recently left the church ends up causing chaos on the estate after the husbands of two conquests he can't remember having sex with end up threatening him.

111 :09x07 - All Fall Down

Everyone is really worried about Kelly. Marty is still grieving about the loss of the baby, Kelly is punishing herself physically and mentally and is spiralling out of control. Karen ends up making a bet with Dom. Avril becomes worried after she sees her colleague Calum dispensing incorrect medication at the chemist.

112 :09x08 - Blackout

Times are difficult and Marty and Aidan attempt to redirect a power line to the Gallagher House so that they can use free electricity. Things don't go to plan though and there's a power cut that sees the whole estate ends up in darkness. The girls end up gathering at the Maguire house and as the drink starts to flow, hidden truths are revealed. Jamie agrees to a lock in for the guys at the pub where Frank accepts the challenge to re-enact The Hare and the Tortoise but he ends up losing something valuable in the process. Chesney attempts to protect the shop but pushes himself too far in the process.

113 :09x09 - Decision Time

When Chesney arrives home from hospital, he finds his cousin Toof waiting there for him. After he reveals his plan to close the shop and take Chesney back to Bradford, Chesney refuses to agree to it. Chesney decides that it is time for him to strike out on his own and live life to the full.

114 :09x10 - Million Dollar Maguire (1)

Jamie and Shane come up with a plan to break into Manchester's former War Rooms that are now owned by the Lottery with the aim of stealing a stash of scratch cards following a conversation with Frank. Frank ends up being recruited along with Aidan and Ruby but things don't go to plan. Letitia and her friends form a girl group. After Jamie fails to arrive home, Karen is determined to prove to Mimi that she can handle the Maguire business in his absence.

115 :09x11 - Rescue Me (2)

The situation underground is not looking good for the five trapped together and the pressure starts to increase as truths, lies and confessions are revealed. Jamie is scared that Karen may uncover the truth about what happened with Gloria. Ruby wants to be accepted as part of the Maguire family while Aidan is fed up with being treated like the idiot child. Frank discovers the brick he carved into all those years ago with his 35-year-old time capsule. Karen looks for clues, while Gloria wrestles with her guilt over Jamie. A search party is formed after it it is discovered what Shane wasplanning but time isn't on their side and decisions have to be made whether to involve the police.

Series 10

116 :10x01 - The Working Man (1)

The Department of Work and Pensions has managed to catch up with Frank. A nightmare fantasy emerges of Frank on death row with the Chatsworth characters appearing as his prison mates, prison governor, guards and last supper servers. Shane and Jackson start a new enterprise of bootleg booze. Avril supplies pills to Patty but after she refuses to get her more, Patty plots to steal a pack with Aidan's help.

117 :10x02 - The World of Burger (2)

Frank is enjoying his new job at World of Burgers. Wesley is jealous of his influence though and comes up with a scheme to oust him in order to achieve his longed-for promotion. Karen uses some alternative parenting methods to deal with Connor's destructive hobby. Mimi adopts this new approach with Cilla after hearing a few home truths. Shane's search for a missing cat leads to a new experiment.
Guest Stars: Kaya Brady as Candy

118 :10x03 - The Brazilian Effect

Marty becomes friends with a Brazilian housemaid and decides to try and rescue her from her life of servitude. Kelly thinsk that it's none of their business, but that doesn't stop Marty, who attempts to liberate her with some money he was supposed to be banking for Lillian. Fed up witth being walked all over, Billy confides in Karen, who believes that the answer to his problems is a self-help tape.

119 :10x04 - Who's The Mummy?

Billy finds a used pregnancy test after Mimi, Karen and Gloria spend the night drinking. He ends up turning to Jamie for some advice, and both of them attempt to find out who's the daddy, with Jamie scared by the thought that the baby could be Gloria's. Jackson is feeling suspicious because Avril and Calum are always together. Aiden and Chesney collect meat for a raffle and manage to get stuck with a live cow. Gloria turns to Dom after she gets into trouble with a loan company.
Guest Stars: Kaya Brady as Candy

120 :10x05 - The Truth Will Out

Feeling bad following the hit and run, Shane attempts to makes amends by befriending Ruth, the widow of the man he killed. Ruth welcomes him into her life, but her troubled son Shaun takes an instant dislike to him. Kelly urges Shane to stop before the truth comes out. Chesney manages to find the girl of his dreams after Beccy enters Chesco but he fails to impress her. Patty attempts to help Chesney win her over by attempting a Cyrano-style technique.

121 :10x06 - Secrets and Wives

Marty ends up making a life-changing decision and asks Kelly to marry him. Kelly later finds a letter to Marty from his children in Spain and she ends up calling the wedding off. Jamie's evasive behaviour begins to make Karen feel suspicious. After seeing a flirty text, Karen worries that Jamie is cheating on her and she turns to Gloria for help unaware that she is the other woman. Lillian has a vision, but can't decipher its meaning.
Guest Stars: Emma Pilson as Working Girl
Director: Gordon Anderson
Writer: Jack Lothian

122 :10x07 - Business as Usual

Business is going well for Jackson and Shane and their future is looking rosy. After Jackson sees Shane giving leftover food to the homeless, all hell breaks loose though. Billy's having some trouble in the bedroom and is worried witless. Mimi's heartbroken thinking that he doesn't love her any more.
Guest Stars: Beatrice Kelley as Cynthia | Connor Ryan as Lad | John Sessions as Father McGinn | Matt Chapman (1) as Security Guard
Director: Luke Watson
Writer: Ed McCardie

123 :10x08 - What Are Friends For?

After Dom gets a cryptic text from an ex girlfriend in desperation it prompts a crisis of faith and he turns to Frank for help. Lillian says goodbye to another happy old man at the brothel, but he turns out to be the local magistrate who's been claiming the visits on his expenses. Lillian has to convince a judge that she's actually a life coach.
Guest Stars: Robert Pugh as Malcolm | Darcy Isa as Shona | Holly Kenny as Alice | Stephen Chapman as Alice's Dad

124 :10x09 - Great Rivalry

Jamie needs to more quicly to lay down the law and protect his family from some gang threats. Somebody has been passing the gang inside information and Jamie neds to find out who it is. Avril continues to act as a rogue pharmacist despite Jackson's warnings. Frank and Dom are in competiton about the number of conquests they've made on the estate.
Guest Stars: Ian Munzberger as Benny | Stephen Aintree as Barney | Jamie Davis as Calum | Kevin Sutton as Man with Covered Face
Writer: Ed McCardie

125 :10x10 - One Year On

Its Mimi's first wedding anniversary to Billy and they're decided to renew their vows. Mimi attempts to throw away memories of her past life with Paddy, but she manages to alienate a furious Ruby with comments about her dad. An emergency meeting is held about Patty's deteriorating health. Avril and Jackson's relationship is on the rocks. Gloria starts another scandalous affair.
Guest Stars: Jamie Davis as Calum
Director: Luke Watson
Writer: Ed McCardie

Series 11

126 :11x01 - The Golden Empire

It's a grand occasion on the Chatsworth Estate as the inhabitants celebrate having been awarded an Olympic ring from London 2012. The Maguire family toasting the expansion of their empire following Mimi's hijacked control of the local school via the PTA and Shane's starting a new business venture. Jamie makes a shocking discovery though and withdraws from the firm. Frank climbs the employment ladder as janitor of 'St Mimi's School'.
Guest Stars: Brooklyn Baker as Jazz Club Customer | Graham Cheadle as Mayor's Aide | Charlie Cook as Nonce
Director: Paul Walker (2)

127 :11x02 - An Inspector Calls

Mimi attempts to stop the school from being failed by an inspector, with help from her friends and family. Frank finds an unexpected perk of his job as caretaker. Jamie attempts to contact his half-brother Kassi. Dom and Gloria continue their affair.
Guest Stars: Roma Christensen as Little Girl | James Dreyfus as Edward Clayhill | Clive Mantle as Mr. Banbury | Andrew Sykes as Teacher | Ryan Wilkinson as Adam
Director: Dominic Leclerc
Writer: Jack Lothian

128 :11x03 - Money In Mind

After Lillian asks Kelly to help save her savings from police surveillance, she agrees for a cut of the money.Kelly is later shocked to find out the extent of Lillian's savings. Kelly ends up being forced to decide what she values most, money or friendship. Banbury wants Mimi's help at the school and she's pleased.
Guest Stars: Glenn Cunningham as Clive Tattersall | Naomi Radcliffe as Mrs. Tattersall
Director: Paul Walker (2)

129 :11x04 - No-One's Perfect

Jamie's illusion of his brother's great life are ruined after the police raid Kassi's home and take him to the police station. Kassi refuses to tell Jamie what's going on, but asks Jamie to find him and his family a place on the Chatsworth to stay during the investigation. Kelly and Marty decide to buy a house following their recent windfall but suspicions are aroused about their dirty money.
Guest Stars: Tim Beasley as DCI Morgan | Ged Forrest as Giro Jack
Director: Dominic Leclerc
Writer: Sean Conway

130 :11x05 - Risky Business

Chesney is having a bad day at work as his chillers have broken down and whileon the hunt for replacements he meets Remona, a Muslim pharmacist. He decides to give Chesco a refit and add a chemist and give Remona the job of running it. After Avril loses her job, Patreesha insists that she goes to work at the car wash. Patreesha is in for a shock though. Kassi, Shane and Jamie are ready for a big night out on the town, but not everything ends up going according to plan.
Guest Stars: Tim Beasley as DCI Morgan | Andrew Buckley as Tom | Sal Fawzi as Ste
Director: Daikin Marsh

131 :11x06 - Death and Erasures

Aiden feels the pressure after OAP Stanton suddenly dies while he is looking after him as part of his community service. Dom thinks that he could be guilty of murder. Esther is finding it hard to raise the kids without Kassi, but following a chance encounter with Frank, he is able to make her see that life's not that bad as a single parent.
Guest Stars: Tracey Booth as Police Officer | Fiona Clarke (1) as Angela | James Foster as Dole Man | Gemma Paige North as Nadine | Alan Rothwell as Stanton | David Williams (3) as Neighbour
Director: Gordon Anderson
Writer: Jack Lothian

132 :11x07 - Crime and Punishment

Shane's plans for DJ Scouse Mouse at Shane-a-delica are going well. Tickets for the festival are selling out and the site looks impressive. After Mimi and Jamie learn about Shane's affair with cRandall they decide they can't supply any drugs at the festival, resulting in a chain of events which puts Shane's relationship with Randall and the festival itself in jeopardy.
Guest Stars: Tracey Booth as Police Officer | Marshall Griffin as Ken the Dog |
Uncredited: Jason Orange as DJ Scouse Mouse
Director: Paul Walker (2)

133 :11x08 - Grandaddy Gallagher

Frank sees his son Lip and granddaughter Katie a bus not far from the Chatsworth Estate. After arranges a meet, Frank finds out that Lip has gone to greath lengths to distance his daughter from the world of Frank and the estate, but it soon becomes apparent that Mimi has been involved in her life. Saul decides to join Remona's Scout group.
Guest Stars: Darren Connelly as Tattooed Man
Director: David Threlfall

134 :11x09 - Domesticated Specialist

Chesney's shop is burgled, and to make matters worse for Remona, her estranged father Barry shopws up to see her. Remona is not interested in rekindling her relationship with him, but Chesney sees the good in him and attempts to convince her to bury the hatchet. Frank believes that he's hit the jackpot after he discovers a substantial amount of pills at Esther's house belonging to Tam. Randall starts to get under Shane's skin with some clingy behaviour.
Guest Stars: Sue Devaney as Mindy | Philip Jackson as Barry
Director: Daikin Marsh

135 :11x10 - Crossing the Line

Billy is feeling fed up with being seen as the village idiot and decides it's time to earn the respect of Mimi by applying for a security salesman job. Things begin to unravel though after Billy pretends he's secured the job and sinks to new levels in his quest for respect.
Guest Stars: Oliver Heald as Stev | Connie Hyde as Lucia | Paul McGreevy as Suited Man | Neil McKinven as Maurice O'Neill | Andy Pope as Mr. Vernon | David Schofield as Louis | Melissa Jane Sinden as Spokeswoman
Director: Gordon Anderson

136 :11x11 - The P Factor

Patreesha believes that she is going to be the latest music export to make it big in America after her new jazz musician boyfriend, Louis promises her a lucrative singing career there. She finds out though that Louis is a conman who has played her. Frank has been barred from the Jockey and deemed to be a pervert by his neighbours and ends up being invited to join some extreme social outcasts.
Guest Stars: Oliver Heald as Stev | Neil McKinven as Maurice O'Neill | David Schofield as Louis
Director: Luke Watson
Writer: Jack Lothian

137 :11x12 - Early Retirement

Mimi is feeling menopausal and she decides that its time to retire. She decides to move to Wilmslow, and wants to dedicate her life to charity work. Billy finds his efforts to please her not going to plan.
Guest Stars: James Nelson-Joyce as Benny | Dominic Vulliamy as Student | Sue Wallace as Edith | Charlotte West-Oram as Pru
Director: Paul Walker (2)

138 :11x13 - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

There is a gunman on the loose on the estate and he is after Frank. His frolicks with the Gastric Bandits have landed him in serious trouble with Derilee's husband, Biddy. It's business as usual at the pub and Lillian has a new man in tow called Cajun Dave.
Guest Stars: Ron Donachie as Biddy | Bronagh Gallagher as Ronnie | Celyn Jones as Joss | Harriet Webb as Receptionist | Caroline Woodruff as School Teacher
Director: Tim Whitby

139 :11x14 - End of the Line

Having spent a few months behind bars for having falsely claiming benefits, Frank is looking forward to an amazing welcome home party, but that's not what others have in store for him. Monica ends up dropping a huge bombshell at the Jockey, while some old faces return one last time.
Guest Stars: Catherine Breeze as First Mother | Derek Hicks as Cell-mate | Susan McArdle as Second Mother | Bill Rodgers as Prison Officer
Director: David Threlfall
Writer: Jack Lothian
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Ended
Network: Channel 4 ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 26, 2004
Ended: May 28, 2013
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