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Date A Death - Reviews

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season 5 episode 13
!!!!!! This review contains spoilers !!!!!!

After months spent alone Mandy finally gets herself a date,thanks to Karen,Jamie and Ian.But she soon discovers that the trio have lied to her about him being a mate of Jamie's and he turns out to be an internet date they arranged for her.However things go well and they soon end up back at the Jockey for a night of Passion,but the passion soon turns cold when after taking a bad ecstasy tablet she finds her date dead on the living room rug ,she panics and with the help of Karen disposes of the body in the nearest ditch.Plagued by her conscience Mandy decides to hand herself in to the Police until her date emerges at the pub cut and bruised but alive and well and tells her he suffers an apparent reaction to ecstasy but he's not too pleased when he discovers her actions and poor Mandy finds herself alone once again.Meanwhile chesney brings about an unlikely union between Yvonne and Stan and Mimi and Paddy.
Review posted on Friday, March 21st 2008 7:53 pm
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