Frank the Plank - Recap

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Frank wakes up and his laces break on his boots. He goes through the kid's shoes until he finds something that works and leaves with two different shoes on.

The bar gets ready for a boxing fight on television. Frank goes in and just grabs a beer. The rest of the family gets ready to have a delicious meal and watch television together. Lip brings Karen, too.

Frank is standing behind Bob, Karen's father, and he ends up punching Frank in the face. He goes home and everyone asks if he's okay. Ian asks if he's wearing his shirt and Frank headbutts Ian in the face. Steve defends Ian and ends up getting asked to leave. Fi goes in and just stares at him and he says "okay, okay" and walks away.

Lip rolls a joint and tells Ian he should've hit him back. Frank gets changed by switched the shirt around and leaves. He gets followed by Steve.

The next morning, Ian and Veronica scam their staples by talking to the delivery guy. They coupon and get ready for the shopping week.

Fiona gets the mail and that is when she realizes that Frank hasn't been around. It is Friday, which is when he gets his unemployment check.

Steve shows up with coffee and pastries for everyone. She apologizes to him about the night before. She asks if anyone's seen Frank and it turns out he really is missing.

Fiona asks Kevin if he was at the bar the night before and asks if he saw him at last call. He didn't. Fiona is very much worried. They call everyone that they can think of. Kevin pulls the phone from the Gallagher's home, because it's his. He stresses because they're running up their bill as well as the fact that he cannot find his cell phone. She gets to work after they argue about money for a bit and he leaves.

The kids split up and look for him everywhere, while Steve just kind of watches. Fiona goes to the police to report him missing. Lip goes to the bar and drops off the phone, angry. He tells Kevin that it's last Friday and that's when he realizes that this could be serious. He tells him that he saw him with Steve. They leave and there is breaking news that a body missing.

Ian tells Fiona that Debby needs her, because she heard the news about the body. Lip comes in and asks how he was looking when he left the bar. The kids go running to the body and when they realize it isn't Frank they cheer out off relief.

Frank wakes up in Canada on a bench. He ends up in a jail cell screaming about how he doesn't know how he ended up in Canada and gives a speech on US Patriotism. He ends up singing patriotic songs, as well as the officer.

The kids find out that he is in Canada. Through the proper channels, it would take a couple of months and a week for an emergency one. Fiona figures out that Steve was in Canada through cigarettes he bought. She asks how he got him to Toronto. He tells her he had him in the trunk of the car. She asks why and he says because he doesn't care about his family. She hits him in the face and tells him that what her father and family is has nothing to do with him. She tells him to get him back.

Steve gets a bus to go get Frank back. Tony, the cop friend, shows up and wants to talk to her about going to some award ceremony. Kevin, Veronica, and Steve get Frank and bring him back to America. He finds pills and ends up taking them in this small hiding place of the tour bus. THe town has a warm welcome and he is completely miserable.

Frank is a mess and Fi gives him the check. She tells him never to hit her kids ever again. He wants Steve not welcome in the house, but she says he got him back. He is frustrated he couldn't take a shower. He does talk to his youngest daughter for a while and tries to turn it into a positive thing. He packs a bag and tells her that he has to go cash the check.

Lip follows Frank to where ever he's going, he follows him to multiple houses that won't let him crash there. He tells Lip that he's tired of how he's being talked to. He talks about all the money he puts in, but everything he says Lip and them pay all of the bills on their own. He tells him that he spends over $700 at the bar a month. Frank spends the rest of his time ranting alone, because Lip does leave.

Frank walks into the bar and everyone flies Canadian flags and sings Oh, Canada. Karen's father comes to Frank and gives him a beer. He says that they're both the victims in the situation. He tells him about his wife and how much money she makes off of the state. He tells him that he left the family, too.

Frank books it and runs to his house, telling Sheila that he is sorry for what happened with the kids. They talk about all of the problems and invites him to take a shower there. He puts on a good show about how he likes time to himself, but he misses his kids. She tells him that he hasn't been out of the house in 5 years. She tells him that his feet are nasty, basically.

Steve shows up to Fiona's and Lip answers. He asks if Fiona is there and he says no. He asks Lip if she's said anything and he says no. He says that he may have messed up bigger than the human mind can comprehend. He asks for advice and he has no advice to get into her good graces.

Sheila brings clothes to Frank and he has a "lean" body according to her. They end up getting quite cozy and she looks at his penis. She's fond of it. They hook up and she is sexually aggressive and dominant. She brings out a toy. When he goes comes downstairs there's beer and food ready for him.

The kids are at home watching television. Fiona is checking Carl for lice and they get a phone call. It is Steve. He tells her he's out back. He has a van full of roses for her. It is a peace offering, a gift. It turns out that he's giving her a van to drive the kids around. He apologizing for kidnapping Frank. She goes inside and gets money to pay for the washer. She tells him they don't need his charity. He says he thought he was doing her a favor with her dad. She tells him to go away and she goes back in like nothing just happened.

Frank has breakfast with Karen and Sheila. Karen is certainly confused by this.