Killer Carl - Recap

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Morning begins with Fee brushing her teeth. Carl claims he's
electrocuting dolls because they need to pay for their sins. Steve and
Fee are doing it, and he's taking forever. The power goes off and Carl
seems to be the guilty party, but he's not. They didn't pay the electric
bill. Hector can only help them out of this jam if they have the
necessary funds. Hector gives Fee his cell number. If she pays it, she
can call him and he'll swing through and turn them back on.

Over at Sheila's, Eddie has breakfast with Frank, Sheila and Karen.
Breakfast is a huge hit, so she plans a Hungarian dinner. Karen tells
her it's parents' night at school tonight. She swears she'll be there.
Karen asks Frank to join them, and Eddie thinks she's inviting him, of
course. Frank says he doesn't do those things. We all have our phobias,
and school is his. He suggests dinner be moved up to 5:00, so as not to
be canceled by the school meeting.

Sheila promises she'll be there. She has a session, she's going to have
a breakthrough; she can see it. Eddie laughs, and Karen informs him that
if he continues, she will slit his throat while he sleeps.

Warren arrives to see Lip. Fee is mad at herself for being distracted,
and Steve is to blame. Ian is packing the fridge contents into coolers.
Warren is angry, and starts speaking fake Korean to try to mess with
Lip. He wrote a paper for Warren, and Warren is trying very hard not to
pay the $50 he owes Lip. Lip calls Koreans "Asian Jews." Warren says
this is racist, and Lip pronounces that facts cannot be racist. Facts
are facts. If Warren wants his paper, then he needs to pay $50.

Kash's wife is angry. The inventory is off. Shoplifting is out of hand.
He tries to send the boys away so they won't hear them fighting, but she
insists they stay. Does she need to get the security camera fixed?
Because that's a $2500 bill that they cannot afford. He should do her a
favor while she takes the kids to school. Grow a pair.

Two men in a blue pick-up pull up in front of the Gallaghers. They ask a
man who has his mouth duct-taped shut in the bed of the truck if they're
at the right place, and he says yes. Can he go now? No, not until the
kids leave. Steve tries to give Fee the electric money again, and she
refuses as always. She asks if he doesn't have someplace to be, and he
heads out to drive the kids to school.

The door opens, and Fee says "Who forgot what" without looking up. One
of the men say "Frank forgot to pay". Fee grabs the bat and tells them
to get out. He tells her she should get a deadbolt, this is a dangerous
neighborhood. They give her a warning. She knows where Frank lives. She
needs to call him and tell them to get the $6k he owes them, or give
them back the car, or they'll come back and use the bat on her.

Karen, Ian and Lip explain to an incredibly slow young man about how Lip
takes tests for people so they can pass with flying colors.

Sheila's therapist arrives.

Fee finds Frank and confronts him about the jerks who threatened her. He
apparently screwed up an insurance scam, and now has nothing to show for
it. So he can't pay them back. He thinks he should leave the state, lay
low but Fee puts her foot down. He's going to stay here, and he's going
to take care of the situation. Besides, he needs to stay here for Carl.
Go to his teacher's conference, he has behavioral problems. Carl is a
huge bully, but in Frank's eyes, Carl is exhibiting solutions, not
problems. Carl is a boy, this is what boys do. He tries to send Fee, but
she says they want a real parent. Kev figures that leaves Frank off the
hook. Frank goes to town on a school rage, and Fee just listens. He's
refusing to go, because no one scares Frank Gallagher.

Except the two thugs who want their $6k. They come in the front door,
and he takes off running with the men in hot pursuit. Fee asks Kev to
stand in for Frank. What about Kenny, can he do it? Fee says she's
trying to keep Carl out of foster care, not put him in. Kev reassures
her that Frank will be there.

Frank takes a kid off his skateboard, and catches a ride off a garbage
truck, flipping off the men as he makes his escape.

Sheila uses her virtual reality headset to pretend grocery shop while
her therapist pours herself a stiff drink. Sheila says it's nice to be
out and about. She even sees a virtual fellow shopper and waves. She
wants to stay and shop some more, but her therapist forces her to leave,
and Sheila becomes quite anxious and throws off her headset. Her
therapist seems to be doing much more harm than good.

Steve calls Fee, and she apologizes for that morning. He invites her for
lunch, while he works on stealing a car. She tells him she'll have to go
be there for Carl.

Karen asks Ian and Flip if they're going to the parent/teacher
conference for Carl, and they laugh. Lip explains how he always gets
good grades for the people he writes for. He says you take any novel, no
matter when it was written, and argue that the main character was a
latent homosexual. Most English teachers are either gay, and agree, or
straight, and afraid to get labeled as intolerant. One of Lip's students
comes in over the moon, but the other doesn't have his results yet. Lip
better not have made him look stupid. Ian tells him there's one last
testing session open this year, so tell his friends. McEntire tells Ian
not to tell him what to do.

When he leaves, Karen wonders why they help people they hate. Lip
figures they are simply taking their cue from American foreign policy.

Frank arrives back at Sheila's, coming in the back door. She's a
complete wreck.

Fee shows up at the school, and admits that she's not Carl's "formal"
legal guardian. Carl's teacher says that Carl's class made a papier
mache project of what they like most about themselves. Carl made a
statue of a pile of poop. Fee is amused. The teacher and the principal
think that Carl is mentally ill. Who is raising Carl? If he doesn't see
a parent tonight, Carl will be sent to foster care.

The thugs show up at Sheila's door, and she lets them in when they lie
about a darts tournament for needy children. While they're taking their
shoes off, Frank runs out the back door.

Fee leaves Kash's place, and one of Mandy's brother goes in and steals a
few things. Kash lets him. Ian asks why he's not standing up to him.
Kash tried that with their father. He beat Kash up. So, he's just going
to let him keep coming in there and taking what he wants? Kash says it's
the cost of doing business. Micky makes a repeat appearance, because he
forgot something. Ian follows him back out and asks him why he doesn't
steal from a neighborhood he doesn't live in. Have some civic pride.
Kash gives him some cash, and tells him to go to the store and replace
what was stolen.

Kip finishes taking a test for someone.

Steve checks in with Fee. The school is going to sic social services on
them if Frank doesn't show for Carl's meeting. Steve volunteers to stand
in for Frank. "I travel a lot, and Carl is probably just acting out
because he misses me." Fee points out that he's way too young. She's
going to try to recruit someone else.

Lip gets busted for taking tests for other students. The investigator
figures Lip is cheating. If he's really not, there's a brand-new test he
just finished creating. Why don't we see how Lip does.

Karen comes home and Frank waves her over. He wants her to get the guys
in the truck to look away so he can get in the house. She
counter-offers. She needs him to come to parent/teacher conferences on
her behalf. She won't do it unless he promises, so he does.

Kash's wife comes home and finds Ian restocking the store. She puts 2+2
together and comes up with Micky. She closes the store and tells Kash to
follow her.

Sheila is very grateful to Frank for going to Karen's conference for her.

Lip took the test, and he allegedly missed one. He doesn't believe it.
He takes another look, and says the wording is ambiguous. They're going
to get mail on it. The investigator says he'll take it up with the
board. Does Lip realize how brilliant he is? 1.5 million kids take the
test every year, and only 300 get a perfect score.

Lip wants to know how he got caught. He's told that as smart as he is,
they have people who are even smarter. So what happens to him now?
Punishment or redemption. He doesn't know what the punishment would be.
He didn't do any research to see what would happen if he got caught. The
tests he took will be invalidated.

The investigator is at the University of Chicago, and wants Lip to come
by. And never take a test for someone else again, or he will find Lip
and beat him senseless.

Kash and his wife are practicing with a gun. She shows them how good she
is, then trains Kash. He sucks, so Ian shows him. He is really good,
thanks to the ROTC.

The Gallaghers show up for Carl's meeting. Fee and Lip try to take the
meeting, but the principal and Carl's teacher are not budging. They're
both rude.

Frank takes the meeting, and the teacher can't say enough good things
about Karen. Meanwhile, the principal lets Fee know he'll be contacting
social services. Steve arrives. Now that he and Fee are engaged, he's
filed the paperwork so they can be the children's legal guardians.
Carl's teacher says his report card has 7 U's, for 'unsatisfactory.' The
principal continues to yell at them about Carl going to jail. Steve
changes the subject, and asks everybody to leave so he can have a moment
with the principal.

The thugs find Frank at school. The beating begins. He's got til
Saturday to come up with $6k.

Steve and the principal share a joint while he talks about the Grateful
Dead. Steve offers him a teacher discount for more weed if he lays off

All the blood drains out of Fee's face when she realizes that Frank went
to Karen's meeting, not Carl's. Her eyes fill with tears. Lip gives
Karen a look. Everybody sits down with Carl to tell him how important it
is that he stop acting out at school.

Sheila asks Frank to tell her just one more time what they said about
Karen. "She's developing into quite a poised young woman." She wants to
get better for Karen. Frank tells her she'll get out the doors any day
now, and never look back. She thanks him for being her friend, and her

Lip calls the students he tested for to leave the bad news.

Steve explains to Fee why she doesn't want to need him, and she turns up
the music to drown him out so they can fool around.

Somebody knocks on the Gallagher's door. Debbie opens it without asking
who it is. It's McEntire, he wants to beat Lip down for screwing up his
test. He's hanging Lip out the window when the rest of the Gallaghers
arrive to help. He says he was just joking, but Carl takes his shot. All
the Gallaghers hug him, despite the fact that McEntire's leg is probably

The principal and teacher are smoking pot. He asks her if she's ever
been with a black guy. She asks if rape counts, and when he looks
stunned, she waits a second and then says "I was acquitted." They're
both convulsed with laughter.