Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father - Recap

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Frank is experiencing life with his head in a toilet. Next he'll
experience life with his head in a trash compactor, if he doesn't come
up with the thug's money.

Fee arrives home with all manner of healthy bread. V wonders what the
point of Fee working in a bakery is, if all she brings home is bread.
Steve has good news. He got them a room. V has bad news. The toilet is
backed up. Fee can't find any knives, and growls for Carl.

Ian, Lip and Mandy are happy to be experiencing a half-day. Good thing
public education is broke. They come across a truck driver whose truck
no longer runs. He offers them $5 to use Lip's phone, but Lip claims Dad
says no phone until they're 18. He sends the driver 10 blocks to a bar.
The skinflint tells them the $5 is theirs when he gets back, but nobody
better get near his truck. You get what you pay for. Mandy hands over
her phone and Lip makes a call, giving their location and telling him to
bring a crowbar.

Frank goes to get cash for his watch. Well, the watch Eddie got for 20+
years with the ITC. He proceeds to trash-talk the Palestinians in the
hopes of getting a higher rate of return. He goes way over the line by
insulting the man repeatedly in the name of "none of that's true". He's
offered $35, take it or leave it. He walks out yelling "Mel Gibson was
right!" His next stop is an attempt to rip off a blind man's cup holdings.

The truck is full of food, and the family is happy to see it. They clear
it out in no time. They have too much food to store. The driver comes
back and finds his empty truck.

Ian brings a leg of something to Kash's store and finds him injured.
Mickey, again. Kash thinks his retina is detached this time. Linda's
going to be angry. Mickey has their gun. He pulled it on him and even
released the safety, but he couldn't shoot him over a cup o' soup. Kash
doesn't even want the store, never did. He wanted to be a landscaper. A
bunch of guys show up and start cleaning the place out.

The Gallaghers don't have enough storage space, so Fee starts prepping
the meat for resale. Steve tells him that she needs this break and looks
exhausted. Fee cheerfully drops the F-bomb on him.

Deb comes in, looking grossed out. What used to be in the toilet is now
in the tub. Steve reiterates check-in time. Fee's in. They can pencil in
2023. Kev has words with Steve. Fee is a hood girl, not a debutante.
It's painful to watch. All day, she makes decisions. Stop asking her
what she needs. Tell her.

Ian shows up at Mandy's, asking where Mickey is. He's picking up
somebody from prison, so Ian tosses his room, looking for the gun. She
throws him out, saying she'll clean it up herself. Ian warns her to tell
Mickey he better not touch Kash again, and he wants the gun back, tonight.

Frank tries to rob an elderly woman at an ATM. She recognizes his voice.
He doesn't have a gun, either.

Liam is with Sheila. She's ecstatic. Fee is angry at Steve. Liam isn't
dry cleaning. You can't just drop him off somewhere. Sheila wants to
keep him until Karen goes to college, but Steve says it's just for one
night. She's worried about germs, so she won't take him until she's
wearing oven mitts. She promptly gives him a bath.

Steve and Fee take a vote. Can the family survive one night without Fee?
Yes. Cool. Fee tries to send Deb to get Liam but Steve stops her. She's
going to be 37 by the time Liam is out of the house, Steve says. It
doesn't have to be like this. Fee says it is what it is. Steve says the
world will not stop spinning on it's axis if she takes a night off. He
yells at her. You know when a plane starts going down, and they tell you
to start putting your mask on before helping anyone else? Put your mask
on, Fiona!

Frank's friend arrives with a bag of mail. It's Frank's. He can't keep
taking it for him anymore. Kermit has a girlfriend now, and she's been
making lots of changes. Fee starts going through the mail, and discovers
that Frank has been spending like a drunken sailor. $680 at the liquor
store, $1200 at a strip joint, and apparently drug dealers take credit
cards. Best news though? He used the kids' names to get the credit cards.

Frank continues his mad brainstorm to get enough money to pay off the
thugs. Maybe he could sell part of a liver. The doctor down the bar has
a feeling it's not usable. There's some guy that gives homeless people
money, but the bartender doesn't feel that Frank could pass. Fee
confronts him, and Frank goes into ugly defensive mode. His kids are in
debt, thanks to him.

Linda is yelling at the security dude about Kash having no balls. He
can't look at her anymore than Kash can. She continues ranting as Ian
arrives. She asks about his new jacket. Did he get the money from the
register? Four cameras. From now on, she's the eye in the sky. They'll
never have another moment alone (although that's not what she was
shooting for).

Liam and Shelia get acquainted. She shows him all Karen's old toys,
including her EZ Bake Oven. There's a picture inside. It's the two of
them at the park, back when Sheila still did outdoors.

V and Kev are getting a foster kid. $384 a month. Fee knows how much
work kids are. Is V sure she's ready? Kev is ready. She convinced him to
rent before they own. Fee wonders if they can take Frank off her hands
while they're at it. V finally gets Fee to hear reason. Don't be stupid.
She has a choice. She's just making the wrong one. She needs to go with

Sheila and Liam have more fun. He's adorable. They cuddle.

Frank talks to a homeless man about smoothies. If he hadn't been out on
a smoothie run, he'd have been in the buildling when it was hit by a
Cessna. He never went back. He's a free man, because he was presumed
dead in the plane crash. He suggests Frank take matters into his own hands.

Sheila is folding laundry when she discovers that Liam has gone missing.
The front door is open, and he is headed for the gate. Sheila is
agoraphobic, and cannot follow. Frank walks right past the gate, with
Liam on the other side.

Fee and Steve arrive at the hotel. A bellboy is giving them the
honeymoon suite for a nominal fee.

Sheila heads out the door for Liam, wearing her oven mitts. She is
overcome by anxiety, but realizes how much danger Liam is in. That's
still not enough to get her out the door.

Steve asks if Fee is looking out the window to see if she can check on
the house from there. She says no, she assumes Carl has burned to the
ground by now. He ordered her favorite sandwich, and Fee assures him
she won't look like a lady as she digs in.

Sheila ties a series of sheets together. One and is around her waist,
the other around a banister. She has, in effect, created a lifeline
between herself and the house. She goes out to get Liam, and is successful.

Frank arrives home during dinner and takes a vote. Who here, at one
time or other, has wanted to see him dead? All hands go up. Good.
He's ready for his funeral. The kids go to work setting it up. V talks
to somebody about getting a horse tranquilizer, enough to knock out a
Clydesdale. Frank needs to actually look dead.

Ian and Kash redirect the cameras to create a Bermuda triangle. Now
there is at least one place in the store where they can be alone
together without Linda knowing about it. Kash locks up, and they go to
town. While they do, the camera redirects and aims right at them.

Steve watches TV while Fee sleeps on him. She slept til the next day.
Steve informs her that she was talking in her sleep. She thanked him
for taking her away. She also said he's the perfect guy for her and she
doesn't know what she would do without him. No, really.

There's a knock that the door. Their friendly bellboy wants to remind
them that checkout is at 10:00 AM. Steve asks if there is a pool. He
says yes, but it is closed. Steve offers him 50 bucks, and now it is
open. They don't have suits, so they go skinny dipping. They make love
in the pool.

Ian wakes Mickey up with a crowbar nudge to the spine. He wants the gun
back. He tells Ian alright, but comes up fighting. They wind up having sex.

Steve and Fee arrive to pick up Liam. Sheila had a wonderful time. She
knitted him a sweater overnight. She can't wait to see him again.

Mandy comes home from the store, which wakes up her dad. He heads for
the bathroom, walking right past Ian and Mickey. The boys are frozen in
place. He says Mandy is making eggs, then does a double take. "Put some
clothes on. You two look like a couple of fags!"

The thugs come in looking for Frank. Kev tells them he offed himself
last night. OD. What did he take? What DIDN'T he take. Everything,
followed by Drano.

Mickey gives Ian back the gun.

Fee and Steve get home and find a hearse out front. They're getting set
up for the funeral. Deb fills them in. The killers are almost there to
see the body.

Mandy sees Ian, he shows her the gun and splits.

Frank is fighting his horse tranquilizer. Lip knocks him out, and they
put him in the coffin. They have to keep adding ice, because he is too warm.

Carl cries at the end of the coffin as the thugs arrive. One thug
doesn't believe it and starts beating on the corpse. As one thug calls
in the body, Fee eyeballs Carl to head for the kitchen. He offers to
take Deb in trade, but she's not that cute. Frank gets to keep his
extremities, but they're not leaving until Frank is in the ground.

Carl throws a bowling ball through the truck window and the thugs run