But at Last Came a Knock - Recap

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Deb has V drive her to Candace's. V doesn't even know why she's there
until Deb tells her. They sit outside the mansion. V says Fiona is a big
girl. Deb knows that. Fiona takes care of everyone, but nobody takes
care of Fiona.

Steve and Fiona are out on a date at a club. She says she's not seeing
enough of him. Usually by now, guys are reduced to either booty calls,
or trying to introduce her to their mother. Steve says no worries. His
mom lives in Michigan. Fee says this is the first time he's ever
mentioned his family. Steve claims they're poor, and he tries to send
back what he can to help.

Ian and Lip are getting high. Lip wants to borrow some money so he can
take Karen out for her birthday. Ian obliges.

Ethel prays for her baby and husband. Kev and V gave her permission to
have her son come visit tomorrow. Kevin can't wait.

Frank wakes up in a "morning after the big party" scenario. A woman
cries because she thinks she was with him. As he tries to comfort her,
she vomits on him.

Eddie tries to connect with Karen, through the bathroom door. His
friends at Promise Keepers told him that he was at least partially
responsible for how badly she's turning out. He found a picture of them
together when she was little, in a picture album in the basement. He'd
like to try to capture more moments like that. She looks tearfully at
the door, but all he knows is she turns on the blow dryer.

Steve leaves for the day as Deb arrives. She carries Liam downstairs.
Fee has to take him in for his shots. She asks Steve about tonight, and
he says he can't make it. Deb grabs a banana and follows him out, asking
for a ride to school. He says no, he has a motorcycle. That's news to
her. He's always had one. He teases her that he's in the CIA, and this
is all just a cover.

Frank makes a phone call. His settlement is in.

Deb arrives to see Ethel, who is hard at work scrubbing the floor. Deb
asks her if having a baby hurts.

Karen fills Lip in on Eddie, while they are having sex.

The kid at the library helps Deb reverse look up Candace's address. He
wants to hang out some time, so she says yes so he'll look up the
address. When he's done, he asks again, if they can hang out some time.
Deb tells him they just did.

Lip is still trying to find enough money to buy the concert tickets. Fee
asks what he thinks of Steve, and he says his ass is too small, and he's
not really Lip's type. Fee says she's not sure she should trust him. Lip
says that's like asking if you should believe in God.

Ethel's baby boy arrives. The social worker sounds like a black woman,
and V takes offense. She's going to see how Ethel does with her son. If
she does well, he can stay for the overnight. Kev asks what the chances
are of them getting baby Jonah, too. Andrea says it's going to mean a
ton of paperwork, but they do encourage keeping family members together.

Sheila entertains the Promise Keepers. Frank arrives, he's very ripe due
to being vomited on. Eddie joins the group.

Deb takes a bus back to the vicinity of the mansion.

Frank goes to his legal aide meeting to find out which settlement came
through. Legal aide just needs his signature. He and Monica have to go
down to the courthouse and sign some papers, then he'll get his share
after her 30% plus expenses. Frank has to track Monica down or he won't
get any money.

Lip calls Steve, who promptly returns the call. Lip wants some money.
Steve says he can pay him for a job. Lip should meet him at the el at 11:00.

Deb goes to the mansion and asks the woman who answers if she's screwing
her sister's boyfriend. The woman responds that if she's selling
cookies, that's one hell of an opening line. Deb marches in and starts
looking around. The older woman asks her if she wants anything. She's
lights up a joint while she chats with Deb. Steve walks in, and tells
his mom where he's headed. She introduces him to Deb as Jimmy, her
youngest. She continues talking, telling Deb that Jimmy is going to be a
cardiothoracic surgeon, just like his big brother and daddy. She
continues rambling on, and after Deb and Steve try to talk without
words, Deb gets up and walks out. She invites Deb to stay for dinner
just as the door slams. She's bummed. She liked Deb.

Frank calls Monica and hangs up when she answers. Sheila wants to know
why he's in the closet. He says he was going to surprise her. Surprise!
Now he needs her to do him a favor. Call this number, and tell Monica
she's won a teddy bear and a $100. But she has to pick it up. Sheila is
hurt. She thinks Frank is having an affair. He follows her upstairs and
tries to make Sheila feel better. If she will do this for him, he will
dress up anyway she wants. No safety word.

Sheila makes the call. She goes way over the top. Monica cries, she's so
happy. She never won anything before. She'll be at the store to get her

Steve catches up with Deb. He wants to give her a ride home. She says
she can't. He's a stranger. She can't take rides from strangers. He
wants to know if she's going to tell Fee. He says it's complicated, and
she can't understand until she's older. He was raised by wolves, just
like her; only his wolves went to Harvard. Deb walks away, and Steve
follows, pouring his heart out. He doesn't want to be a doctor. He wants
to be with Fiona. He loves her. Deb asks him his intentions. Love is
fleeting. She needs Fiona in the game for at least a couple more years.
If he's not serious about sticking around, he needs to back off now. He
says he bought her a house, is that serious enough? Deb can't believe
her ears. Steve will take her to it.

It's in their neighborhood. Deb knows the house, it belonged to Mr.
Harris. She loves it. She wants to know if he's going to tell Fee. If
not, and he needs Deb to keep her mouth shut, it's going to cost him.

Karen's phone rings, but she flips it to ignore. Eddie comes up and asks
her if she's going out with that Gallagher degenerate tonight. He thinks
she should rededicate herself as a virgin. Start over. She ignores him
as he rambles on. He'll give her a car if she does it. That gets her

Steve meets Lip. They're going to steal a car together. Lip will drive
the follow car. Or he would, if Steve could remember where he parked it.

Frank waits at the store for Monica. She arrives, getting out of a
freight truck. Looks like she's in a lesbian relationship. He follows
them into the store.

Steve swings in to drop off what Deb calls a "shut up gift" and Steve
calls a peace offering.

Monica's woman is threatening someone when they find out she didn't win
anything. She's very abusive. Monica catches sight of Frank hurrying
away, and jumps out of the truck after him. Frank jumps into Kev's
truck, and Monica gets back in hers and gives chase. Kev manages to
evade them.

Deb goes to Sheila for advice about Fee and Steve. They're baking when
Frank comes flying in the house. Shots are fired, and Sheila freaks,
throwing batter everywhere. Kev and Frank crawl around on the floor. He
wants to go out the back door. He doesn't know where the key is. Sheila
can't think. Deb looks out the window and sees her mom. Monica is so
happy to see her, but Deb shoves her away and runs. It becomes a home
invasion when Monica's girlfriend bursts in, bearing a gun.

Frank and Monica have it out. She had her heart set on that teddy bear.
What about her six kids that she left behind? He drove her away. When
she showed up at Roberta's house that night, she was almost (she and
Roberta say it in unison) an emotional cripple. Sheila asks everybody to
bag their feet, please. Monica and Frank almost kiss. Deb goes home.
Steve arrives. Lip got his tickets. Deb isn't herself, and everybody
notices. She tells them Monica is here. When Fee goes to try to comfort
her, Deb lashes out. "What do you care, you'll be moving out to that
house Steve bought next door." She looks quizzically at Steve, who says
"Surprise." Ian leaves for work. Fee slides down the wall.

Ian runs straight to Mickey, he wants to talk to him. He doesn't know
where to go. Mickey agrees to meet him at the store in 20.

Frank and Monica continue fighting. She accuses him of physical abuse.
She hit him in the face with a pan of apple pastry. Monica yells that he
hit her back! They continue fighting, and Sheila suggests that Roberta
leave, so Monica can make her apologies. Monica is still operating under
a full head of steam. She's not going to apologize for walking out on
Frank. No, Sheila thinks she needs to apologize for walking out on them.
Monica turns around, and Carl, Fee, Lip and Deb are standing near the door.

Mickey and Ian are doing it in the back room when Kash walks in. He's
all excited, because Linda is pregnant, so now they can be together.
Mickey runs out.

Monica comments on how the kids are so big, and she missed them so much.
So why didn't she take them with her? She says she knew they'd be fine
with Fiona.

Kash and Ian work together in silence. Mickey comes back in and tells
Kash he better keep his mouth shut. He takes a candy bar. Kash lets him,
or so it seems. He gets out the gun, and opens fire, shooting Mickey in
the leg.

Ian goes home and tells Lip that Kash shot Mickey. He asks how things
turned out with mom. Well, you know how dad's a total effing ass? Turns
out he's the good one. Frank still won't tell Monica the truth about
needing her to sign off on the settlement. Roberta says as long as
they're all in the same place, it's time to let them know that she and
Monica are going to take Liam to live with them. Frank agrees, but Fee
says no way. Monica says she and Roberta want to start a family of their
own. Fee asks how bout she finish the one she already started, first?
Deb bursts into tears, because they're taking Liam.

Fee tells Monica she can't just abandon her kids and come back to take
her pick of the litter. Frank actually defends Monica. Fee tells Monica
what an excellent mother she (Fee) is. She tells Fiona she appreciates
it, but Liam belongs with her. She's his mother. Fee yells that Monica
is her mother, too. They both cry. Monica says she may never be able to
make things right with Fee, but she still has time with Liam. What about
Debbie and Carl? She apologizes to them, and asks if she can be their
mom again. They hug her. Fee says hey. Great. Well then - I'm done. I'm
done with the schools, and the bills, and the clinics. I'm done. They're
all yours now, mom. Good luck. Deb and Carl pull away from her Monica.

Steve stops on the street and picks up Fee. He holds her, and she asks
to go see the house. He takes her.