Hurricane Monica - Recap

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The scene opens with Fiona waking up to noise in the kitchen. She looks for the cause of the noise and finds out that it is Monica, her mother, making breakfast. Frank is with her too. She is shocked to see them both and so are the others when they come down. Monica says that she is there for them forever. She asks where Lip is and Fiona is speechless. Ian and Mandy get to school and Ian asks how Mickey is in Juvenile Hall. She says that he is doing alright and Ian says that his mother is back in his life and that Mandy should be grateful that her mother is dead. Meanwhile, Sheila is looking online to turn her home into a hospice for the elderly and Chody says that would be a great idea. Karen and Lip come in and Chody runs out the back. Shelia says that Karen should consider keeping the baby and Chody. Karen says that she wants to be able to put her things back in the medicine cabinet now that Frank bailed. Shelia says that Frank needs time alone to heal from the death of Peggy. Shelia asks Karen if Lip is going to stay the night again and says that she wants Karen to see what a catch Chody is and go with him instead. Karen laughs and walks off.

Back at the Gallagher house, Fiona realizes that the kitchen is a mess from Monica’s attempt at being a good mother and making breakfast. She starts cleaning when Steve comes in with Doughnuts and Coffee. She asks him if he is seriously going to keeps doing this and Steve lies and says that he is there for Lip. Debs and Carl come downstairs and Debs asks if there is going to be a funeral. Fiona says that Frank has yet picked up the body from the morgue. Fiona tells Steve to stop coming around. Monica comes downstairs and starts helping clean up. Monica asks where Lip is and Fiona is jealous that is what she has to ask about. Frank comes in and says that it is nice to see his two girls in the kitchen. Fiona says that she has to get to work and grabs Liam. Monica says that she can take her son and watch him while Fiona goes to work. Fiona is unsure, but agrees to let him stay home with Frank and Monica. Karen goes upstairs and tells Lip that Sheila wants him to pay $100/week in rent if he is going to be staying at the house. He gets upset and starts to leave. She tells him that she can find a different person to go to the adoption classes with her then. Lip decides to stay after she tells him this.

At work, Fiona tells Veronica that Monica dumped Bob and now she is with Frank again. She says that it is not going to last and that she is going to play them just like last time. Veronica finds a used condom on the floor with Cheetos attached to it. Fiona says that she is going to go and quickly check on Liam to make sure that he is still alive. Lip calls Karen and apologizes to her and says that he would still like to be part of the adoption process with her. She says that it is cool and says that she is going to school now. However, instead, she is going up to a Ron’s house and tells him that she is pregnant and the baby is his. He gives her a wad of cash and tells her to get out before his wife comes up. Back at Sheila’s, she is looking at the hospice option and says that she sometimes pronounces “Hospice” as “Hoe Spice”. Chody says that he pronouses “Buttermilk” as “Butt-er-milk”. She says that there is no such word as Butt-er-milk. Chody laughs and says that she just said that there is no such word as buttermilk. They laugh and then hear noises upstairs. Sheila thinks that it is Eddy, her dead husband. Back at the Gallagher house, Frank and Monica are getting “busy” in the kitchen. He tells her about the $75,000 that his mother hid at Sheila’s. She tells him to give it to her. Fiona walks in on them and covers her eyes. She checks on Liam and he is fine in his crib.

At Kev and Veronica’s place, Kevin is watching “Hooked on Phonics” when Lip comes in and asks them if he can stay. Veronica says that he can’t because they are not going to get in the middle of this. Kev says that he can’t stay here. Lip storms out. Fiona goes up to Bob and asks her what happened between her and Monica. She says that Monica is a bad person and that she drained her bank account and started home renovations without finishing them. She says that Monica is Fiona’s problem now. Monica and Frank walk into the Alibi together and everyone at the bar is shocked to see them together. Kev says that he gives it 2-3 weeks. They ask Monica if she is on her medication and she says that she doesn’t need it because she isn’t Bi-Polar. However, everyone doesn’t agree. She gets up and dances with Frank. He cries on her shoulder and she tells him that Peggy is in a better place now.

Fiona gets the signs together for Carl’s football game tomorrow when she hears Frank and Monica come home. However, they brought some friends and start to party. She tells them that it is a school night and that the kids are sleeping. Ian comes downstairs and turns off the radio and Frank pushes him. Monica slaps Frank and tells him to apologize to Ian. He does and everyone is shocked that Monica stood up to Frank. Debs comes downstairs and Frank tells Fiona to allow Debs to spend time with her mother. She agrees to 20 minutes. On the subway, Lip gets kicked out of a seat by a homeless man and rests. Meanwhile, Frank and Monica go to Sheila’s late at night. Sheila is upstairs with a flashlight under the blankets. She says that she is not scared when she hears them downstairs. However, she gets out of bed and grabs the duster and turns it on. This scares Frank and Monica into a closet. Sheila scares herself and runs back upstairs and Monica and Frank run out the door.

The next day, Lip goes up to a college professor that he knows and asks if he can be a Teacher’s Assistant. However, he says that he needs a High School Diploma. Lip gets angry and leaves. Fiona comes into the kitchen and finds Monica feeding Liam. Fiona gives her birth control pills and tells her to make sure not to get pregnant again. She tells Monica about her issue with Steve and how he is married to Estefania, the Brazilian beauty. Monica smiles and asks how they are going to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Lip goes to Steve’s and tells him that he can get Fiona and him together if he allows him to stay. He says that he can use Lip’s voicemail hacking skills and agrees to the proposal. Estefania comes out in a towel and shows off her naked body. Lip says that he has to go and Steve says that he will tell the doorman to give him a key. Sheila and Chody meet with a priest and they tell him that the house is haunted. The Priest says that it could be from sins that have gone un-repented. He asks Sheila if she has anything to repent of. She remembers her time when she was with Frank and how she killed Peggy. She lies and says that there is nothing to be repented.

Frank goes up to Chody and asks him about the money that Peggy hid and he says that she sent the money in envelopes and addressed them to his brothers. Frank is upset and walks away. Debs brings in Little Hank and introduces him to Monica. He is shocked on how cute Monica is. Ian comes in and Monica says that she made cookies. Ian is condescending and Monica says that she knows about him and Mickey. She offers to take him out after the football game to cheer him up. Lip is at work with hacking the voice-mails and Steve tells him to focus on the task and not Estefania. He says that he has to go coach and Lip volunteers to take Estefania later. She lies on the bed and calls someone. Lip hears the conversation and puts on voice converter. She is talking to someone and starts getting hot and heavy in the conversation. At the Football game, Lip comes up to find Monica there. He is disgusted and tells Fiona that he is staying at Steve’s. Fiona asks Steve why Lip is there and he says that he needed a place to stay. Meanwhile, Shelia and Chody are “smudging” the house and then look at each other. Sheila kisses him and they start to get “busy”.

Karen and Lip go to meet with some adoption candidates and she asks what Lip will get for telling Steve about Estefania and her lover. She says that nothing should be done for free. Fiona goes to Steve’s and asks him to kick Lip out. He doesn’t say either way what he is going to do. Instead, he tells Estefania that Fiona is going to take her out dancing. Lip comes up as they are about to leave and it is an awkward stand off. They ignore it and leave. Monica and Ian are at a bi-sexual club and she says that Ian can be himself there. He lets loose and has fun. Meanwhile, Lip and Steve go out for a drink and Lip tells him about Estefania and her lover. He says that he can’t believe it.

Frank calls up the morgue and realizes that it is expensive to bury his mother. He sees Estefania there and says that his mom died. She hugs him and Monica comes in and asks who she is. Frank says that it is Steve’s wife and she welcomes her and a few friends to dance around and party. Fiona comes in and turns off the music. However, she turns on different music and they dance. Debs says that Peggy was a good woman and they dance to her memory. Sheila and Chody are getting “busy” and Karen comes up to the door. Sheila tells her that she is busy. The next day, Monica says that she got Peggy’s ashes. Mandy’s dad comes in and punches Ian. He says that he got Mandy pregnant. The episode ends with him punching Ian in the face over and over again.