A Great Cause - Recap

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The scene opens with Frank going up to Carl and tells him to get up. He says that it is 1 AM. Frank gets Liam too. Monica gets Debs too and they take them downstairs and watch Paranormal Activity 3. The next day, the kids are tired and Monica tells Fiona that she kicked Mandy’s father’s butt last night when he came in punching Ian. She is not impressed. Carl is asleep on the table. Steve calls Fiona and tells her that he is outside. She goes out to meet him and he says that his wife is in love with another guy. He says that his name is Marco and that he is importing him from Brazil. Debs escorts Frank, who has been sleeping in the alley, to the house. She asks Steve if he has any coffee and he says that she doesn’t. Fiona is confused at the children’s tiredness. Fiona tells Steve that he is still harboring Lip and Marco isn’t there yet. Steve takes this as a yes and runs off to go get Marco.

Ian tries to call Mandy and walks into the store. It is broken into. Chody goes up to Sheila and has the body pillow that Sheila ordered. She ignores the help to get the bed downstairs for a Hospice that the priest is bringing over to Sheila. Lip goes into the store to find Ian cleaning up. He says that it is Mandy’s dad who did it because he thinks that Ian knocked her up. Lip is quiet about his little “moment” with Mandy and says that he is staying with Steve. Ian says that he needs to talk to Mandy and Lip says that he should try the school. However, Ian can’t leave the store. Lip leaves after paying for some cigarettes. Fiona and Veronica get in their house and Fiona says that Monica has the daycare covered and that she is going to possibly take Meg up on her offer at the Club. At the house, Monica wants to make Pancakes and gets the Crisco tin down. She finds the Squirrel Fund and goes up to Frank and says that they need to go visit Raul and buy drugs. He kisses her and says that he loves her.

At the docks, Steve and Lip looks for the container in which Steve smuggled Marco in. They are unable to find it. Lip questions the form and then realizes that the container may have been lost. Steve tries to call him, but it is no use. Lip and Steve start shouting Marco’s name to see if they can find him that way. Monica comes out with cocaine and other drugs and they see a car. They take the car and Frank asks where the Special K is. She says that she didn’t get that and Frank is upset. Liam is in the back seat on the floor. She tells him to get out. They get out and start yelling at each other. Monica gets back in the car and drives away. Frank is stoned and upset. Later, Lip goes up to Mandy’s house and her mother doesn’t want him to go in. Lip tells Mandy needs to call off her dad. She doesn’t listen. Fiona goes up to Meg and she says that she doesn’t have anything for her. Monica picks up Debs from school and she takes her shopping. Meanwhile, Frank tries to get a ride back to the house, but has no luck.

Estafania and Steve are shopping for more clothes when Marco calls. He tells Steve to get him out of the box and Steve says that he is trying. Estafania catches on and talks to Marco. She is happy. The Priest brings in Ruben, the man who was living in the church basement to Sheila’s. The Priest says that Ruben was shot by his pimp and is deaf. Sheila says that she did a terrible thing and says that she is lost. The Priest says that this is her purpose now. They sit down with Ruben and find out that he can’t talk. Ian goes in the house and he says that Mandy’s dad tried to get him at school, but he managed to get out. He sees a bunch of dolls and Debs says that Monica bought all the American Girl dolls and Ian is confused with all the money that she spent. He says that he got a C- on his Trigonometry test and says that West Point is no longer an option. Monica says that if Ian wants to be in the Army, he should sign up. Meanwhile, Steve is trying to see where Marco is, but Lip is distracted by Estafania’s naked body getting a spray tan. They track the ship and find that it is in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ian and Monica get to the recruitment center and they tell him to graduate first. Monica blows up and tells them that he doesn’t need to know Trigonometry to blow up towel heads. One recruiter lifts his head up when she says that they are going to go to the Navy. Kev gets home to find Veronica and she says that they have time to make a baby. However, Veronica says that she is PID. Kev says that they talked about it and start to yell. Kev punches a hole in the wall. Meanwhile, Fiona gets done with school and Fiona asks what she could do to advance and the teacher tells her that she can take college courses.

Sheila takes care of Ruben and asks if he wants her to end his suffering. He tries to say something and manages to say that he is hungry. She brings over the Crème Brule and asks if she feed him, will it come out of the hole in his throat. Frank gets back to the house and Monica is replacing the shelf paper. He asks for an apology and she says that she is sorry and says that she will run him a bath and says that they need to have a kid on GCH. Steve gets to the docks to find that the boat is already unloaded. He has to find Marco in amid a bunch of containers. Lip goes to the shop and Ian tells him that everyone denied him to join up with the military. Lip suggests that the plant the gun in Mandy’s house and Mandy’s dad will go back to prison. However, Ian is not enthusiastic. Lip says that he will take care of it. Meanwhile, Fiona and Veronica are drinking and Fiona says that she can’t give up. Chody tries to serenade Sheila.

The next day, Monica gets Carl up and Debs. Frank is passed out. Veronica thanks them for letting her sleep it off. Fiona is doing her morning run again. Ian and Lip get to Mandy’s house and says that they are going to plant it after all. They plant the gun, but Mandy’s dad comes back in the house to find them. They try to leave and Ian is left behind. Mandy comes in and points a shotgun at her father. She says that her father knows who the baby’s dad is. Lip realizes that Mandy’s dad is the father of Mandy’s baby. Veronica gets home to find Kev on the couch. He says that he couldn’t sleep and they apologize to one another. Kev says that they can adopt. Meanwhile, Steve talks to Marco and says that he was rerouted to a Costco and that he is trying to find him. Marco’s phone dies and Estafania says that Steve is a dead man. Fiona gets home and sees Monica about to steam clean the rug. She is also confused and says that she ran 4 miles. Ian talks to Mandy and says that she will help her raise the money for the abortion. At Sheila’s, Ruben is watching TV and Sheila is trying to make him comfortable. She asks what she can do for him and he gestures for sex. Chody comes in and tells him that he signs. Ruben says that his dying wish is to have cake and get high.

Fiona goes back to Meg and says that she can handle the job and she says that she is hired. At the house, everyone is getting together a fundraiser to help raise money for Mandy’s abortion. Monica says that she will take Carl with her to make copies. He asks if he can drive and she laughs and says that he doesn’t have a license. Lip gets to Steve’s and Steve asks where he has been. Lip understands what Estafania is saying and says that she is going to tell her father what he did and he will kill him. Lip calls a friend and locates the container for Steve. Meanwhile, Monica and Carl had a car accident because Monica allowed Carl to drive. Fiona is over a Veronica’s borrowing her laptop. She says that she is thinking of enrolling into college once she gets her GED in a month. The cops go up to Lip and tell him that Monica is in jail and that he needs to bring bail money. Shelia and Chody give in to Ruben’s wishes and give him the drugs. Shelia feels bad that they gave in and Chody says that they have to do that sometimes. He kisses Shelia’s neck and they go in the next room.

Lip gets to the house to go to the Squirrel Fund. However, he finds it empty. He asks Frank where it is and he is too high to care. Lip realizes once he gets to the jail that Monica stole it and that is why they have had such good fortune. At the alibi, the fund raiser is underway and Debs says that she told the people different reasons for it. Fiona gets to the house and Steve tells her that Marco is in Florida and that he is on his way to get him. She goes inside and Lip gives her the update and the fact that Fiona was in the clouds that she didn’t realize that Monica stole the money, crashed a car with Carl inside and tried to enlist Ian in the Army. Fiona can’t believe it and goes upstairs. She tells Monica to get out of bed. She goes downstairs and realizes that her dream of advancing herself is going to have to be put on hold again. The episode ends with Fiona kicking the washing machine and Marco screaming from his container.