Just Like The Pilgrims Intended - Recap

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The scene opens with Carl and “Little Hank” shooting ducks. “Little Hank” picks them up and says that he is going to eat duck for Thanksgiving. Debs goes into Monica’s room and tells her that she made her breakfast. She tries to make an effort, but she is not into being happy. Fiona collects the things that Monica bought and says that she needs to sell everything. Fiona says that Monica will snap out of her funk that she is in. Ian attempts to get Monica up. He goes in and says that he wants to go back to the bar she took him to. He makes the attempt to get her up, but she doesn’t get up too. Debs looks up Depression and sees that it is hereditary and Fiona tells her to sell the things that Monica bought them. Debs is upset about this, but Fiona tells her that they need to eat.

Frank comes in and tells Fiona that he is going to get Monica out of bed. He drags her out and takes her to the shower. Fiona says that it is not a good idea to do that, but Frank says that he is her husband and knows what is best. Meanwhile, Lip is making a video for his baby with the help of Mandy. She says that they need to either stop doing what they are doing with one another or figure things out. She commences on pleasuring him orally as he thinks about this. Fiona goes over to Steve’s and tells him that he needs to stop allowing Lip to stay with him. He says that he is busy because he has to go get Marco now. He says that he wants to be with Fiona, but he isn’t one of her kids. Frank manages to get Monica dressed and out of the house. However, the plan to seduce his brother Clayton so that he can get the money is not going to happen. He gives her some “courage” in the form of drugs and she is a different person. At the house, Debs and Carl take down the pool and Carl drains it by puncturing it. The homeless men get out of it and Debs apologizes to Conrad for ruining their bath. She says that she has Depression and Conrad says that he wants to talk to her about that.

Steve, Lip and Estefania wait for Marco to show up. He does and they get in the car and drive away. Frank and Monica get to Clayton’s and he says that he doesn’t want anything to do with them. Frank says that he took care of their mother until she died and would like payback. Clayton says that the money is spent already. Monica starts to use her feminine charm, but Clayton resists. She goes back into her Depression and Frank carries her out of the house. In Steve’s car, Estafania and Marco are getting “busy”. Lip tells Steve to let him out because he can’t take it anymore. At Sheila’s house, Sheila tells Karen that she slept with Chody, but Karen already knew it. Karen yells for Chody to come inside and he asks if the baby is coming. She says that she knows about him and Sheila and says that he needs to help her with Thanksgiving Dinner. Lip comes in and tells Karen that he doesn’t want the couple she chose to take the baby. She agrees with him and calls them up. She lies and says that she wants to keep the baby.

At the Gallagher house, Fiona carves a load of SPAM to resemble a turkey. She sees Pumpkin Pie and Fiona says that she is selling them for $20 per pie. Debs says that she is not worried about her Depression anymore because Conrad talks to her and told her that it skips a generation. She says that Lip probably has it. Fiona calls Lip and leaves a message about allowing him to come home for Thanksgiving. He hears the message and deletes it. He gets to Steve’s and sees that Marco and Estafania are still getting “busy”. Steve says that he doesn’t know if it is fighting or love-making. Lip goes to his room and finishes up the video for his baby. He hears a commotion outside and finds Marco naked with a cork screw in his butt, standing over Steve. He asks Estafania why she had sex with Steve. She says that Steve is her husband. Steve tells Lip to give Marco his passport and ID. He says that Marco is now Steve. Lip and Steve leave and are forced to leave forever. Meanwhile, Carl is playing when suddenly a gun flies from a car and Carl gets it. He is happy to have a gun now. At a club, Ian is spotted by a group of guys and one of them invites him in.

Frank takes Monica back to the house and she apologizes for not being able to get the money from Clayton. Frank tells her that he doesn’t care and that he just wants to help her. She crawls under the stairs and says that she doesn’t want to be her anymore. Frank starts to sing “First Time I Saw Your Face”. At a suite, the man who invited Ian in the club is there with him and he asks if he can sleep over. The man is alright with this and says that they can go Round Three. Steve shows up at the house and tells Fiona that he kicked Lip out. She kisses him and then says thank you. He asks to sleep on the couch and she says that he can. He says that he wants to be here for Thanksgiving because he kicked out Lip. Meanwhile, Lip goes up to Mandy’s and she smiles. She says that she knew that he couldn’t stay away.

The next day, Carl is out with his gun and he shoots what he thinks is a duck. However, it is a Bald Eagle. Steve wakes up to Thanksgiving and tells the Gallagher family to call him Jimmy now. He asks what they are having and Kev says that they are going to eat the Bald Eagle. Debs says that they are no longer extinct and that it is legal. However, they have to dispose of the tracker. Frank tries to get a morning “quickie” with Monica, but she is not having it. Frank realizes that she is going to have to go back on her medication. Meanwhile, Mandy asks Lip when they are going to tell Ian. He says that he doesn’t know. Mandy’s brothers come in and tell her that they need to do a Beer run. Lip volunteers to drive. Frank breaks into Shelia’s, but Sheila and Chody come downstairs. Karen asks what Frank is doing there and tells Frank that Sheila and Chody slept with one another. Frank lies and says that he is going to have Depression because of this and asks for medication. Sheila says that she has some. Suddenly, Karen’s water breaks and it is a frantic race to get things together and take her to the hospital. Frank takes a drawer full of medications.

Meanwhile, Lip is in the car waiting for Mandy’s brothers and sees them robbing the place when Mandy starts to give him a blowjob. The clerk’s wife comes out with a shotgun and starts shooting at them. Lip gets out of the car and bails on them. Mandy tells him that is what he is good at. He gets a call telling him that Karen is having the baby now. At the house, Jimmy (Steve) tells them that they are not having the Bald Eagle and puts a Turkey on the table. Kev says that they will save the Bald Eagle in the freezer. Meanwhile, Karen is going through the pain of childbirth and Sheila is excited. They prepare the table at the house when Ian comes in. Fiona welcomes him home and tells him that he has a nice hickie. Frank gets in and gives Monica medication. Fiona drags her out and says that she is going to have Thanksgiving with them. Lip gets to the hospital and sees that the family wanting to adopt Karen’s baby is there. Lip gives them the video that he made and is excited. Back at the house, Frank says Grace and they dig into the Thanksgiving feast. Debs invites Conrad in and Monica tells Ian that she is going to go wash her hands. Right before they are going to carve into the turkey, Fiona hears a thud. They find Monica in the kitchen with her wrists slit. Jimmy (Steve) rushes to her side and puts towels around them. Fiona calls 911 and tells what happened. Frank disappears.

At the hospital, Fiona is told that Monica is stable and that they will get her back on her medication again. However, they are going to have to keep her for observation. Jimmy (Steve) says that he called Lip and says that Karen is having her baby upstairs. The Gallagher family rushes into the delivery room in time to see the miraculous birth. However, when the baby comes out, it has Down syndrome and is Asian! Karen admits that she slept with Timmy Wong a lot more then Lip and that she never told him that the baby was his; he just wanted it to be. Lip storms out of the room and tells the family waiting. The wife tells him that she can’t and they leave. Jimmy (Steve) tells Fiona to let Lip go when she tries to go to him. The episode ends with Frank lying down in on the sidewalk after taking some drugs and Sheila breaking into the maternity ward to steal Karen’s baby. She rides off with Chody on his motorcycle.