Fiona Interrupted - Recap

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The scene opens with Frank calling out Monica’s name at the Psychriatic Ward. A security guard comes out and tells him to get out of there. He says that they took his wife and then leaves. Meanwhile, Shelia and Chody are taking care of the baby. They try to come up with a name for him. Sheila suggests Hiram and Chody suggests something Chinese. The Gallaghers get home and their Thanksgiving is ruined. Fiona is still in shock as she goes into the kitchen and sees the blood. Jimmy (Steve) runs some water so that they can clean it up. Fiona cries as she cleans and then composes herself. She feels bad for the kids and Jimmy makes the joke that they were already messed up.

Lip goes back to the hospital and walks in to find Karen sleeping. He sits down beside her. Back at the house, Veronica asks Fiona if she is going to be alright, she says that she will be. Jimmy comes up and she kisses him. She offers her hand and they go into the bedroom and get “busy”. However, they are interrupted by Debs. She cries in Fiona’s arms. Carl comes in as well and is sad. The next day, Frank wakes up from sleeping on the ground. Lip is still at the hospital when Karen wakes up. She says that someone took her baby and is sure that it was her mother. Lip says that she should let her mother take care of him, but Karen says that she doesn’t want anything to do with the baby. Steve wakes up with the kids in the bed. He goes downstairs and Fiona says that she wants to meet his family. He says that is not a good idea, but says that he will set it up. Frank visits Monica in the Psychiatric Ward. He says that she looks beautiful. She feels bad of screwing up Thanksgiving. Frank lies and says that the kids are fine and that he tucked them in. She tells him that she signed herself in for another 60 days in the place. He says that he can take care of her, but she says that she is going to stay.

Veronica comes in and asks how things are going. She says that she doesn’t know. Veronica says that there needs to be counseling for kids who see things like they saw. Fiona says that there are in prisons after the kid has killed most of their classmates. Fiona sees that she passed her GED. Frank comes in and tells Fiona that he is going to bust Monica out of the hospital so that she doesn’t give up on them. Fiona says that the hospital is going to help Monica. Frank doesn’t care and enlists Debs to help him bust her out. At Sheila’s, Chody has a device that allows men to breastfeed. He puts it on and the baby starts to drink the milk. Karen comes in and Sheila hides the baby in the dryer. Karen asks where the baby is and says that she knows that she took it. Sheila gives up the baby’s location and Karen says that she doesn’t want to touch it. She suggests that they leave it in a basket, but Sheila isn’t excepting that. She says that she is keeping it and Karen says that she is going to the cops. Lip tries to put in his two cents and Karen tells him that he doesn’t have any business with it. He leaves and Karen tries to give Sheila another chance before going to the cops. She refuses.

Fiona goes up to Mandy’s and asks for Lip. He asks what she is doing there. She says that she passed the GED and says that a deal is a deal. He says that it is over with and that it is too late. She says that she wants him home and so does everyone else. At the Alibi, Frank says that they are going to do bad things to Monica in the hospital. He asks Tommy if his boy still works as a Janitor at the hospital and he says that he is. Frank has a plan. Fiona gets home and Jimmy tells her that they are on for dinner with his family. He tells Debs and Carl that they can order anything they want. Debs says that she is sleeping over at Holly’s tonight and Fiona tells her not to do anything she does. Later at the hospital, Patty sneaks Frank in and Frank has Debs with him as well. The police arrive at Shelia’s and Sheila is friendly with them. They ask about the baby and she pulls him out of the laundry basket. Karen tells the officers to take it from her. However, one of the cops says that instead of sending the baby into the system and to have tax payers pay for it, Sheila is the perfect fit. Karen is shocked that the police are not going to do anything. She says that it is either her or the baby.

At the hospital, Frank and Debs go from room to room to look for Monica. They eventually find her, but she is with another woman in bed. Monica introduces Jill to Frank. Debs pokes her head out. At the restaurant, Carl is playing with a lobster. Chip is being rude to Jimmy and Chip tries to show Jimmy in a negative light. Jimmy’s dad, Lloyd, comes up and Ian and Lloyd recognize each other. Ian excuses himself and Lloyd does also. Carl orders a meal for 3 people for himself. In the bathroom, Ian asks if his family knows that he is gay. However, Lloyd says that he is not gay. Back at the hospital, Frank can’t believe that Monica would sleep with a woman. They find out that she is in the Psych Ward for killing her husband. Debs moves away from her and is shocked. They try to break out of there and realize that Frank’s rope is too short. Jill says that there is another way.

At the house, Ian tries to tell Fiona about Lloyd, but Jimmy comes in. Fiona cleans up and Jimmy tells her that he loves her and that he is never going to leave her. He offers his hand and takes her to the bedroom. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. It is Estafania. She was beaten up by Marco and wants to stay there with her husband. Mandy wakes up to find Lip gone. She finds him outside and she tells him that he should go back home. However, she says that they could have sex again. He agrees. Frank, Jill, Monica and Debs come out of the Psych Ward and the same security guard asks him for a light. He asks Frank where his ID is and Frank lies and says that he left it. The security guard ignores it. Frank tells Debs to get in the car, but Jill and Monica are taking off in it. Debs says that Monica told her that they were better off without her. The next day, Lip goes back to school.

Lip goes to Karen’s and says that he passed the test at school. She doesn't care. He asks her where she is going. She says that she is going anywhere, but at home. She goes downstairs and asks Sheila one last time who she is going to choose. She says that she is going to choose the baby. Karen leaves. Lip tells her that she is going to regret this, but Karen doesn’t care.

Fiona takes out the Turkey and says that they are going to have to get used to it. She says that Carl’s leftovers are going to tie them over for the next two weeks. Frank comes in and demands some money. He takes the beer and Ian tries to stop him. Frank starts to choke Ian and Estafania hits Frank in the head with a frying pan. She says that men who hit children get the frying pan. They take Frank’s unconscious body outside in the yard and leave him there. Lip comes home and is welcomed by the family. Later, Fiona and Jimmy finally get a moment and he starts to pleasure her. She gives in. Lip goes to bed and Estafania offers him to sleep with her and he accepts. The episode ends with Frank waking up in a foot of snow and walking away.