El Gran Cañon - Recap

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The scene opens with Fiona in bed. She wakes up to find the bed empty. Jimmy is in the kitchen and has breakfast for everyone. Fiona finds Debs outside putting another piece of paper on the fence it has been over 100 days since Frank has disappeared. At the same moment in Mexico, Frank wakes up. He goes up to a man and asks if he missed Christmas. The man laughs and says that he almost missed Easter. Back at the house, Fiona chastises Jimmy for giving the kids popsicles for breakfast. He apologizes and offers to have sex with Fiona. However, she tells him that she can’t be late to work. She tells Steve that they spent $2,000 on braces for Carl and that he shouldn’t be giving him sugar in the morning. Jimmy tells her that he did and not her. Fiona asks about Lipp and Ian. Jimmy tells her that they had to get something from school. Ian and Lip run out of West Point with a briefcase. Lip allows Ian to escape with the case while he is apprehended by the guards.

At Sheila’s, the baby cries and Sheila tries to wake Chody. However Chody pretends to be asleep. Sheila yells at him and he gets up. He goes into the baby’s room and starts to bang on the bongo drums. Sheila screams. In Mexico, Frank goes to the border patrol and tries to convince the guard to allow him entry. However, he tells him that he can’t without some ID. Fiona continues to get ready for work and Jimmy urinates in the same bathroom she is using to wash her face. After he is done he dips his hand in her face wash water. She goes to Veronica and Kev’s house and complains. Veronica tells her that she needs to expect that is going to happen. Fiona doesn’t like that Jimmy is acting like the kids’ new dad. Kev and Veronica tell Fiona that they are doing a new web sex show that involves Veronica pretending to be a slave. Fiona says that is racist and Kev says that the country is racist. Jimmy continues to play Mr. Mom as he cleans up and cooks. He sees the Escalade outside still. Back at Veronica and Kev’s, Veronica tells Fiona that Jimmy will be bored again and things will be great.

Back at the house, Jimmy gets paranoid about the cars and sees that another car is there. He goes outside. The cars drive off and then turn back around. They block him in and men put him on the ground. It is Nando, Estefania’s father. He asks where Estefania is. At Fiona’s work, Fiona realizes that it is not going to be a fun day at work when the owner says that there is a sewage system that backed up in a house. Lip is escorted to West Point court and the judge tells him that if he shows up in his court as an adult, then he will put him in the same cell as the man before him who is a violent criminal. Frank tries to make collect call in Mexico. Back at Fiona’s work, Fiona walks in a house that had the sewage system backup and there is poop everywhere. She gets a call from Frank, but doesn’t answer because she thinks that it is not know it is him. Debs and Carl get home from school to find Liam on the sofa and the house empty. Carl is disappointed that Jimmy didn’t make cookies.

Jimmy is escorted to Estefania’s place and she answers the door. She pretends to be happy to see him and Jimmy tells her that Nando knows. Marco comes out naked and Nando shoots him in the head. At Sheila’s house, Chody is making the baby food when she gets a collect call from Frank thinking it is Karen. Frank asks her for help and she hangs up on him. A Mexican national asks if there is trouble and asks if he can help. Later, Mandy and Ian wait for Lip to get out of jail and Ian asks about Mikey. She tells him that she sent him some girl on girl porn and says that is all he wants. Ian smiles for the fact that Mickey is gay and Mandy doesn’t know it. Lip comes out and says that he can get out on Community Service as long as they bring the laser back. Mandy punches him in the arm and walks away.

Back at Estefania’s apartment, Nando’s men get ready to cut up Marco’s body and Nando tells Jimmy to hold his leg while he cuts. Fiona takes a break and the owner tells her that she is going to have to lay her off because she has someone to fill her spot. She is given her last paycheck. Nando tells Jimmy to take Estefania out to dinner. Jimmy says that he has only one shoe and is clearly shaken. Lip and Mandy are under the overpass and Lip tests out the laser. He wants to teach some college kids a lesson. Meanwhile in Mexico, Frank and the Mexican nationals are making a break for the border. Fiona gets home and Lip gives Fiona the final notice on the property tax. Fiona asks where Jimmy is and Debs says that his car is still out front. On the border, Frank complains and they tell him to be quiet. Immigration comes up to them and they scatter. Frank and the rest get caught. At the house, Debs asks Fiona if she checked the hospitals and she tells Debs that Frank hasn’t shown up. Debs prays at a shrine she made for Frank. Fiona tells her that Frank is like scabbies and that you can’t get rid of him.

Fiona gets the other kids to bed and asks Lip if he is being smart and he shows her the condoms he has. She tells him that she lost her job and Lip asks if they are going to have enough for the property tax and she says that they will. Fiona goes outside to find Jimmy in his underwear. He is burning his clothes and tells Fiona that he was out with a friend. He takes his underwear off and says that he needs to shower. He asks her to scrub his back and she jumps on him. Ian is over at Jimmy’s dad’s motel room and he gives Ian a GPS for his West Point exam. Ian tells him that they need to learn to do it on their own. He says that he has a boyfriend and Jimmy’s dad says that they can have a threesome. They laugh. The next day, Jimmy is back making breakfast and Fiona tells him that she got laid off. Jimmy says that he has a meeting with the old friend from last night. He gets the kids in the car and the Escalade follows him. Fiona is clearly suspicious. Frank and the Mexican Nationals get off the bus and Frank calls one of them a quitter. He tells Frank that if he wants to get back so bad, they have a way.

Lip is working on his robot when the guidance counselor comes in. He tells Lip that he is going to pen his resume for his college applications. He says that he can get a full ride and Lip says that he isn’t going to college. He says that he is smart and that he would be stupid not to. Mandy asks how smart Lip is and he goes back to his project. Fiona is over at Veronica’s and Kev’s to look up what she could do for a job. Kev tells her to get on the ITC and drive a bus. Kev sees that there are a lot of people cueing up for their show. Fiona says that she might get her job with Meg at the Club. Kev and Veronica get going on their show and get “busy”. Jimmy is escorted to Nando’s boat and gets on it. Fiona goes to see Meg at the Club and she ignores her for a moment. She tells Fiona that she hasn’t got anything. She shows Fiona that she is pregnant. Fiona asks about the management thing and she tells her that she is not interested. Meg says that for $1,000 she can promote a night. She says that she doesn’t have that and Meg says that she can dance around mid-May and tells her to keep the weight off.

Jimmy walks up to Nando and is told that he loves a man who keeps his commitments. They get to the middle of nowhere and dump the body parts of Marco. Nando asks Jimmy if he is a man of his word. Frank gets lead to a guy who can get him across the border. He inspects Frank’s mouth and butt. He says that they can help. Fiona tells Veronica that Meg thinks that she can’t come up with the money. Veronica tells Fiona that she can do anything that she puts her mind to and Fiona says that she has the last paycheck to promote a night. Lip, Mandy, Carl and Ian go to a robot battle and Lip tells the college kid he wants to beat that he wants to sign up. He tries to block Lip, but they have everything to enter. Meanwhile, Frank gets cleaned up and given a fake passport. He is shown the bags of cocaine he is going to have to smuggle. On the boat, Nando tells Jimmy that he is a married man and that he can still have sex with Fiona, the ghetto whore.

At the robot battle, Lip’s robot is slow compared to the college kid’s. However, he gets him where he wants and sets off the laser and wins. Frank manages to get over the border where a woman in a fancy sports car is there waiting. She says that she is impressed that he was able to manage to squeeze 18 balloons up his butt. She calls him "El Gran Canon". Fiona goes up to Meg at the club and gives her the $1,000. She is clearly shocked and reluctantly agrees to have Fiona promote. She gets back to the house and Carl is watching Veronica and Kev’s web show. Lip, Mandy and Ian come in with a trophy and Lip gives $400 to Fiona. They won the battle. Frank gets to the house and sees Debs’ numbers on the fence. He walks into the house and everyone slowly realizes that he is there. Debs sees him finally and runs up to him. She hugs him and everyone gets back to talking about their day. Later, Frank goes to the bathroom and takes out bad number 19 of cocaine. The episode ends.