The American Dream - Recap

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The scene opens with Fiona and Jimmy sleeping. She awakes and comes to terms that she gave up the $1000 to promote a night when she had to pay the Property Tax. Jimmy tells her that she used it to help her progress and that is not bad. Jimmy starts to use the bathroom while Fiona is in the shower and she is grossed out. She makes her way into the hallway, but the kids are all running to their rooms. Frank is drunk and looking for a place to sleep. Debs tells Frank that he can sleep in her bed and Debs uses Carl’s tent as a sheet. They make their way downstairs and Fiona takes money from Frank’s back pocket. She comes downstairs and tells Mandy to put on some pants. Lip asks for the money for the Property Tax bill and she tells him that she doesn’t have it because she put it down as a deposit to promote. He is upset with that and says that they should spend all the money. Fiona tells him that she is doing something good.

The kids get their lunch and Debs runs Frank’s breakfast up to him. However, he shows that he is not grateful when he pushes Debs and tells her to give him some quiet. Jimmy escorts Carl outside and sees the Escalade outside. He goes up to it and it is Nando’s man. He says that he is going to be watching him and going everywhere he goes. Lip serves some of his Community Service and a group of City Youth come with flowers. One of the kids recognizes Lip. Fiona and Veronica go up to Meg at the club and tells her that they will split it 85/15 and they will supply the beer. Meg agrees, but says that it will be an 80/20 split. At Ian’s school, Ian is under the bleachers having sex with one of the other students and the guy is making a show out of it. They hear a voice and quickly get dressed. It is Mickey. He goes up to the kid who was enjoying it too much and kicks him. He leaves and Mickey asks Ian if he has anything left in him. They undress and get “busy”.

Shelia is exhausted and takes Jamie out with her and the trash. She dumps the trash and leaves Jamie on the trash can. She gets inside and when Chody comes downstairs asking about him, Shelia realizes her mistake. They run outside and get him before he is taken with the trash. She tells Chody that she is a horrible mother and Chody tells her that she isn’t, just exhausted. Lip and another Community Service crook are smoking weed when Casper, the guy from the City Youth, comes up and buys 5 blunts from Lip. He says that he is helping out because it looks good on his college CV. Lip tells him that he might have a run down neighborhood that they can clean up. Ian and Mickey finish and Mickey tells him that he missed that. Ian asks Mickey if he is going back to school and he tells him that he isn’t. Fiona and Veronica go into Kev’s bar and tell him that they are going to need booze. He shows his supply and it isn’t much. He tells them that Fiona can go to the Mafia and that they will start a credit and want some collateral. She tells him that she will pay the $3,000 upfront to the mob for the booze. Veronica asks Fiona where she is going to get the money from.

Jimmy is at the house looking through the classifieds and he keeps an eye on the Escalade. Fiona and Veronica get in and asks Jimmy for $5,000. He tells her that he doesn’t have it. Fiona now feels bad. Frank comes downstairs with Fiona’s pants and cuts them. He says that his clothes were tossed out. Jimmy is confused and says that he can’t believe that Fiona is mad at him for not having money. He sees Frank eating the chicken that is for dinner and Frank tells him that it is his house and so therefore, his chicken. He realizes that he cut the shorts too short. Lip gets into school and grabs Mandy’s butt. He tells her that he met an Northside kid and that he can make some money off of him since Fiona blew the money for the Property Tax. Mandy tells Lip that he should be in charge of the family’s finances and not Fiona. The science teacher comes up and tells Lip that the guidance counselor wanted him to ask her for a recommendation, but Lip doesn’t seem so thrilled of that and ignores her.

Fiona and Veronica go to see the mob and the total is $4,853. She says that she will pay by check. She tells Veronica that it will be there by the time the check clears. Veronica doesn’t like it. Mandy sees the Guidance Counselor and tells him that she is there to talk about Lip. Mandy asks what Lip should be doing and she tells him that she may be able to help him. Jimmy pulls up to the house and gets Liam out of the car. The Escalade pulls up right behind him and Jimmy asks him if he is really going to be following him. He says that it is his job. Jimmy calls Estafania and tells him about Nando’s man outside. She tells him not to worry and that her father will call him off soon. Frank wakes up from his drunken stupor and Jimmy gives him another beer. Lip goes up to a construction site and asks the man in charge how much he is paying the cleanup crew and says that he may have a cheaper way for him.

The kids are back from school and Carl calls Jimmy their maid. The Escalade takes off and Jimmy sees this as his chance to get out on his own. He leaves Carl in charge and takes off. Frank comes in with Carl’s toothbrush and Carl is grossed out. Debs tells Frank that she is going to be alright walking home by herself late at night because she has a pillowcase full of soap. He ignores her. She sees that he left his blunt on the couch and she dowses it with water. Ian puts a lock on his door and asks Mandy how he should know when a guy likes him. She tells him that he will have the look in his eye. Debs goes to Shelia’s and watches Jamie. However, all she is doing is letting him cry while she makes her log cabin from popsicle sticks. Sheila tells her to go for a walk with Jamie. Jimmy is breaking into a car when Fiona calls. She tells him that she is going to the club to talk to a promoter. Nando’s man grabs Jimmy and tells him he betrayed him. He breaks Jimmy’s finger and says that they will go to the hospital now.

At the club, Fiona and Veronica go up to Meg and ask where Wendel is. She points him out. At the Alibi, Frank gloats of his time in Mexico. He says that it was a “business opportunity” and says that he was a drug mule. The bartender tells Frank that a chick with a baby is there. He bolts outside to find out that Debs is the chick with a baby. She asks him for some help with Shelia’s baby. He gives Jamie volume and he falls asleep. At the club, Fiona asks Wendel for his email list and he tells her that it is not going to happen unless for 50% of the bar. Veronica tells Fiona that she nicked Wendel’s phone from his jacket. Debs gets back to Shelia’s and she is shocked to hear that Frank was the one who put Jamie to sleep. Jimmy gets back to the house and Fiona catches him. She sees his finger and tells him that he has been a bad boy. They go to the bedroom and have sex. Lip realizes that he is going to have to make up the money that Fiona lost and tells Mandy that it is hard to concentrate with Fiona and Jimmy. They start to have sex too.

The next day, Lip asks Fiona about the preparations for the club and tells her that she can’t live the “American Dream” and tells her that she has to steal it or con it. Frank gets in and Ian sees that Frank broke his bike. Fiona tells Frank and his friends that this is their food. Frank tells her that he will pay their way and he gives them drugs. He tries to go upstairs and Lip and Ian block him. Frank pushes through them and Frank’s friends start to urinate in Deb’s room. Fiona tells Frank to get up and Frank falls into the log cabin that Debs worked on. He calls it a piece of shit and Debs loses it. She hits Frank with her bag of soap repeatedly. She cries while the Fiona looks down in shock. Lip and Ian get Frank outside and throw him in the dumpster. Later, the Northside kids from City Youth go to the construction site and Casper tells Lip that the Wilco concert is hard to get tickets to. Lip sees another opportunity. The man in charge pays Lip $400 and the illegal immigrants complain that Lip is taking his job. Lip tells him that he is “living the American Dream”.

The Mob Beer arrives at the club and the liquor inspector comes and tells Fiona that for $1,000, he will wave the applications. Jimmy gives Nando’s man some coffee and tells him that he wants to go to the club tonight. However, he says that he will stay at home. Mickey gets into the school and shakes down one of the kids for money. Ian tells the kid to get out of there and Mickey tells him that he can’t be doing that. Ian is too busy trying to see if Mickey has the look in his eye, but it only creeps Mickey out. Fiona gets ready and Jimmy is making himself throw-up. Fiona thinks that he is sick. Veronica goes to the door to find a woman there. She tells Veronica that she is Kev’s wife. Frank is at the alibi trying to find a place to crash when Kev gets the call from Veronica. He tells the bartender to watch the bar and tells her that he has to get home. Frank calls up child protective services on Fiona and the bartender tells him that was low even for him to do that.

The club is doing good business and Lip is outside telling the Northside kids that there is a secret Wilco concert in the club and makes money parking cars. Frank tries to sleep in the bar and is kicked out. He goes to Shelia’s and tells them that he will be their baby nurse. He gives Jamie some more volume and puts him to sleep. Chody and Shelia agree to let Frank stay there. Fiona counts the money at the end of the night and has over $10,000. However, after all the cuts, she has $900. Meg says that is good and that she lost money the first 8 gigs. Fiona gets back at the house to find Veronica on the steps. She asks to stay there tonight and Fiona agrees. Lip asks Fiona what she made and tells her that he has the Property Tax covered and that the only reason that she made anything was because of his scam. She realizes that she was a failure tonight. Shelia and Chody realize that Frank is good with babies, but in reality, Jamie is high from the volume. The episode ends.