May I Trim Your Hedges? - Recap

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The scene opens with everyone asleep besides Fiona. She gets up and goes downstairs to find Veronica awake. She tells Veronica to go talk to talk to Kev. She tells Fiona that the house is quiet. Fiona screams out that Breakfast is ready. She tells Veronica that the house is not quiet, Kev is married to Veronica and that she needs to talk to him. At Shelia’s, Jamie is crying and Chody tells Sheila that he has to go to work. Sheila tells him that they have the first baby appointment for the vaccinations. Frank comes in and tells them that he will do the grocery shopping and doctor visit for them. Chody reluctantly agrees and Sheila thanks Frank for his time with a hug. She gives him money and address to the doctor. Veronica comes in the house and asks where Kev’s wife, Cheryl is and he says that she is asleep. Veronica says that she doesn’t believe her when she said that her car broke down. Veronica doesn’t like the situation. Cheryl comes downstairs in a skimpy outfit with her son following behind. She tells him that she loves Kevie-Caff coffee. Half de-caff and half regular. Veronica is not a fan. Cheryl and Kev reminisce of old times and Veronica seems left out of the conversation.

At the supermarket, Debs and Fiona are being rung up and the cashier tells Debs that it is only one item per coupon. She argues with the cashier and she explodes at the manager when he tells her to allow another cashier to take over the lane. She tells the manager to keep the last paycheck. Fiona sees this as her chance to get a job and talks to the manager. He asks her how she handles meat, but what he really means that he wants her to give him a blowjob for the job. At the Alibi, Frank has Jamie and asks for a shot, a bandaid and a thumb tack. He dips the thumb tack in the alcohol and pokes Jamie with it as a vaccination for mumps. The bartender tells him that she is reporting him and he says that it is nothing. Frank sees a report of a kid with Cancer getting a ball signed by an entire basketball team and says that Jamie has a permanent condition. On the bus, Debs says that Fiona could work at the grocery store because they can get discounts on food. She tells her that it is not going to happen. Debs sees a man on the bus jacking off and is in shock. Fiona sees him and hits him in the head with canned milk. She hugs Debs. At the house, Debs starts to describe the man’s penis, but the cop asks what the man looked like. Fiona tells him the description and the cop tells her that she can call him anytime. Jimmy asks if he should be worried and Fiona tells him about how the manager at the grocery store told her to blow him for a job. She tells Jimmy that she is not going to allow him to get away with that. Jimmy tells Fiona that he has a doctor’s appointment.

At Veronica’s and Kev’s, Veronica tells Kev that he needs to have her sign the divorce papers and get her out. Kev says that she is crazy and is worried what she will do. Veronica tells him that he has until 2pm to do it. Fiona comes in and asks Veronica to come with her to the grocery store. She agrees and reminds Kev of the deadline he has to get Cheryl out. At the house, the kids are looking up the sex offenders in their neighborhood. Lip says that they are going to beat them down. Mandy tells Debs that she is going to teach her some self defense. Lip tells Jimmy that he is being cagey and gets the impression that he doesn’t want to know what Jimmy is into. At a charity, Frank comes up and thanks the director for her work. He tells her that his son, Jamie, wants to see a basketball game. She tells him that they deal with children who are dying. Frank pretends to cry and says that it is his other child who is dying. Jimmy goes outside and dives into the Escalade. Lip goes to the Alibi and gathers more guys to help him in his crusade. They get to the pedophile’s house and it is a woman. She was the woman who has sex with her 8th grade student. She tells them that she served her time and to go beat up other criminals.

They go back to their homes and Lip is upset that they can’t beat up anyone. Mickey pretends to be interested in girls and asks an ugly one to have sex. Ian tells Lip that the woman is not that bad of a pedophile and Lip says that there is not a difference. He is determined to show that she is still a pedophile. Jimmy and Nando’s man pick up an angry Estafania for their INS meeting. Veronica and Fiona leave to the store and Kev compliments her dress. She tells him that he has until 2pm. Cheryl says that Veronica has a right to hate her and that she could think that she was winning Kev back. She tells Kev that she doesn’t think that her kid, Tyler, is his kid. Kev is shocked to hear the news. Frank tells Carl that he has cancer and that they have to shave his head. He is shocked. Lip comes in and Frank tells him that Carl has lice and that they have to shave his head. Lip is confused by the sudden interest of Frank having on parenting. Frank tells Carl not to tell Fiona about this. Lip goes to see the pedophile and asks to trim her hedges for $5/ hour and the look in her eyes shows that she is interested in him. Jimmy and Estafania are at the bridal shop to take fake wedding pictures. Nando’s man tells him that she is Jimmy’s wife and Jimmy says that he was forced to marry her.

Mickey watches a guy in the store and puts a cup in the trash. He tells the guy to pick it up and the guy realizes that there are drugs inside. Ian tells him to get out and tells Mickey to do his business elsewhere because he is not going down for this. Mickey asks Ian what he is going to go down for then. Ian asks Mickey if he really has sex with the girl and he says that everyone does. Debs practices in the yard with her baton and Kyle comes up to her. She hits him with the baton and asks who he is. He tells her that he may or may not be related to Kev. He asks where he can smoke. Lip trims the hedges of the pedophile’s home and sees her peeking through the curtains. He goes up and asks her for something to drink. She gets it and he goes inside. He asks her for a sandwich too and she agrees. Fiona and Veronica arrive at the store and Veronica goes in the back to convince the manager to ask for a blowjob for a job. Cheryl and Kev go to the Alibi for a drink and she tells Kev that she doesn’t know if Kyle is his and Kev tells her that she should have told him about Kyle. Veronica manages to get everything on tape and Fiona goes inside and tells him that she wants Days and free Veal. He agrees. Estafania and Jimmy sneak into a wedding picture and use the bride’s bridesmaids as their own. They run away after Estafania insults the dresses.

Lip continues to lure the pedophile in when he has peanut butter on his lips. She kisses him even though he says that he is 15 years old. He manages to take a picture of them kissing. He says that he should go, but she grabs his penis and tells him to come upstairs with the Peanut Butter. He obliges. Ian works when Lloyd comes in and buys a bag of chips. Mickey asks if he has a receipt and he does. Mickey asks Ian if he is going out with Lloyd and Ian says that he is just having sex with him like Mickey does with the girl. Debs and Kyle are smoking and Kyle tells her that she doesn’t have to smoke. She asks Kyle if he ever saw a grown-up penis and he says that he watches porn. He asks Debs if Kev is cool and Debs says that he is nice like Kyle. She says that she could be a nun and Kyle tells her that she is too pretty. They kiss and Debs smiles. Fiona and Veronica get to the house where Teresa is waiting for her money. Veronica asks Kyle where Kev is and he says that Cheryl and Kev went for a drink because he might be Kev’s kid. Veronica starts walking away.

Frank and Carl get to the charity and Frank keeps lying to him about him having Cancer. Meanwhile, Lip is getting a blowjob from the pedophile and she tells him to hold it. She shaves off Lip’s pubic hair. Lip is at first against it, but loves the way it feels. At the charity, the director tells them that they don’t have any more packages. Frank says that he only has a year to live and the woman gives Carl a free pass for a camp. Carl likes the idea, but Frank is upset that he is not going to get money. In the car, Estafania tells Jimmy to come to the back of the car and tells him that she is horny. She put his hand inside of her and the other one on her boob. Jimmy is against this and Nando’s man shakes his head. Mickey watches Ian and Lloyd laugh at a café across the street and is not at all happy for the happiness. Veronica tells Fiona that she isn’t going to fight for Kev. Fiona gets fed up and goes outside to find Kev playing catch with Kyle. Cheryl comes outside and tells Fiona that she is interrupting Kev from getting to know his son. Fiona tells Kev that he is stupid if he can’t see what is going on. Nando’s man tells Jimmy that he is a cheater just like his father was and Jimmy tries to explain that Estafania put his hand there. Ian and Lloyd finish at the café and Mickey comes up to them. Lloyd tells Ian to invite his boyfriend along and Mickey head butts Lloyd in the face. Ian apologizes and runs off with Mickey. They laugh about it.

At the house, Lip is trying the trick he got from the pedophile on Mandy with the Peanut Butter and she is not happy. She sees that he doesn’t have an erection and that he is shaven. She runs out of the house. Kev comes into the house and tells Veronica that she is always for him and that Cheryl is no one. They laugh and cry when Cheryl comes in and thinks that they are laughing at her. She tells Kyle to pack their things. She tells Kev that Kyle is not his son and that he is her sister’s. Veronica loses it and Cheryl and her fight. Veronica forces Cheryl to sign the papers by pinning her on the couch. She leaves and Veronica dances with the divorce papers in her hand. Debs sees that Kyle didn’t go with Cheryl and he asks for a phone to call his mom. She tells him to stay for dinner first. He agrees. Mandy goes to Blake’s house and tells her to move now or die. Jimmy gets home and Fiona cries. She tells him that the world is messed up. She tells him that she trusts Jimmy. Blake leaves and some gang members throw a body in the grave that they dug. The episode ends.