The Helpful Gallaghers - Recap

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The scene opens with Frank holding Debs underwater. She comes up and asks if that was long enough. Frank says that it is not long enough for the city pool and that there are black kids who are going to try to drown her and she needs to be able o hold it for 90 seconds. Carl sees this and asks if he can try. Frank tells him that he can’t because he has Cancer. At Mandy’s house, Mandy and Lip are getting busy when the phone rings. The machine gets it and it is a little girl on the phone named Molly. She asks for her dad to come and get her because her mom died. Mandy says that Molly is her half-sister. She seems not to care about it and they continue to have sex. Elsewhere, Kev and Veronica are getting busy as well. He talks dirty to her and finishes. Veronica goes to the floor to help the process of making a baby go faster. Kev says that he needs a heads up when it is baby making sex so that he doesn’t dirty talk to her. She says that it is fine. Kev tells her not to be upside down for too long because his spermies get dizzy.

At the house, Carl says that he is almost packed. He says that he is definitely going to kill something while camping. Frank tells him to be quiet about the Cancer thing with everyone else. He asks Frank how he caught Cancer and Frank tells him that it is the question that everyone has. Fiona gets downstairs to go to work and tells Frank that he can’t leave Jamie there for Debs to take care of. Frank says that Jamie is not a bother. Fiona asks Carl what he is doing with Lip’s sheets and Ian tells Carl that he will allow Carl to borrow his ROTC sleeping bag. Carl gives Fiona a hug and thanks her for all she has done. Confused, she asks if he is alright. Ian gives Carl some bug repellent and a Swiss Army Knife. Lip talks to Mandy about her half-sister and how they should do something for her. Mandy is not at all enthusiastic in helping her. However, Lip says that Molly is her sister no matter what and that they should drive up to Milwaukee to get her or at least locate the rest of her family.

At the store, Fiona rings up a customer and tells her that there is a coupon inside the crackers box and that she can go get a coupon from the store. Princess, another worker, gets paged by Bobby, the manager. Fiona says that she can take her break, but Princess says that it is not a break, but a “Bobby” break. Carl and Frank arrive at the drop off for camp. The counselor, Wendy, asks if Frank will be up for Family Day. He says that he has work. She says that they will take good care of Carl. Frank gives Carl some Antacid tablets and passes them off as Cancer Meds to Carl. He hugs Frank and tells him that he loves him. He sees him off. At the house, Debs is holding her head underwater and the little kids count. She asks how long it was, but they could only count to 13. At Sheila’s house, Chody and Sheila are finishing having sex and Sheila doesn’t seem like she was into it at all. She asks if they can mix it up and pulls out the dildo. Chody tells her that it is never going to happen. She promises to go slow, but he tells her no. He jumps out of bed to make breakfast.

On the bus to camp, Wendy sings “I’ve Been Working On the Railroad”. Carl asks a kid which Cancer he has and the kid says that it is the one that kills kids. He tells him that he has the same. At the store, an employee asks Fiona if she can cover her break because she has sores in her mouth and needs a break from giving Bobby a blowjob. Fiona tells her that she was at the dentist and her gums are chewed up. She tells her that it is no problem. Fiona is grossed out. At Sheila’s, Chody offers her breakfast and she sits down with Frank. She asks if he misses the things that they used to do. She tells him that she needs events and wants to be in charge when it comes to sex. She tells Frank to talk to Chody. She cries and Frank says that he will talk to Chody if she will stop crying and enjoy his pancakes. Lip tells Ian of his plans to rescue Molly. Ian says that it sounds like he is going to kidnap Molly.

Carl arrives at Camp and asks where the Rifle range is. Wendy says that they don’t have that anymore. He asks why it is on the pamphlet. She tells her that they can go check and see. Lucy, another employee, storms out of the back room and tells Fiona that she is tired of women saying that they can’t give Bobby a blowjob. Fiona realizes that there is a pattern with the employees. At camp, Carl is playing by himself while others sing and Wendy asks Carl to sing with them. He says that he wants to shoot something and she tells him that there is no rifle range anymore. He tells her that he should call the news and tells them how the camp is lying to dying kids. She tells him that they can find something else to do that is fun. She suggests tie-dying a t-shirt. Frank talks to Chody and tells him that he needs to kick it up a notch with Sheila. Chody says that he is a recovering sex addict and that he was having sex with different women 10-12 times a day to the point where he could only get an erection to a woman pretending to cry. Frank says that Chody is the most depraved thing. Chody says that he was, not anymore.

At camp, Carl asks for sprinkles on his ice-cream and Wendy tells him that they don’t have those. The kid who was talking to Carl on the bus comes up and tells him that he is good to stand up. Carl suggests they go to the lake and not to ask for permission. Jimmy tells Fiona that he will put money into the squirrel fund tomorrow. She tells him about her day and how everyone who works there is blowing the manager. She says that they need to do something before they realize that she is getting a free ride. Carl and the kid from the bus ride are skipping rocks and the kid says that he has never seen real woman’s boobs. Carl says that he will make sure that happens for him. Meanwhile, Chody and Sheila are having sex and Sheila is just not into it. Lip and Mandy drive to Milwaukee to get Molly. She asks if they are here to take her and they do. At the house, Debs is still trying to hold her breath. At work, Fiona puts up a sign that invites the ladies to her house. Patty, an employee, says that it is a good idea. Jimmy goes to a pawn shop and sells his $5,000 watch for $2,000. He gets a call from his dad and he ignores it.

At the camp, Wendy serves the kids kale and Carl says that this is not good and that they want chicken nuggets. The kid gets winded after chanting for chicken nuggets and Carl vows that he will help him see boobs. At Sheila’s, Chody goes to work and Sheila says that she need back the control of sex and that he needs to talk to Chody. Mandy and Lip go to Mandy’s friend and she tells her that she can’t take Molly in. Frank talks to Chody again and tells him that he needs to look at this as not breaking his vow, but to do it for love. Lip and Mandy get to the house and Fiona asks who the little girl is. Lip introduces Molly to everyone. Jimmy asks why he is not taking her to her dad’s house and Lip says that he molests kids. Fiona tells Lip not to play house with Mandy because it sends the wrong signals. Jimmy answers a call from his dad, Lloyd, and it turns out, he is getting kicked out. At Sheila’s, Chody is ready to allow Sheila to use the sex toys on him and changes his mind last minute. Carl and some camp members go to the medicine cabinet and Carl breaks the glass. Wendy catches them and they say that they want to sell the drugs to get money. Wendy tells them that she can’t help them. Carl says that there is something that she can do.

Frank gets called upstairs to talk to Chody. At the house, Fiona’s party is in full swing and she tells them all that they need to talk about Bobby. The women start to agree with her except for Patty. She tells them that it isn’t bad and that he allows them to do what they want. All they have to do is give a blowjob once a week. She calls for a secret ballot vote. Frank talks to Chody and tells him that this is for love and that he has to do it. He still is not ready for that. At the house, Debs manages to hold her breath for 90 seconds! This means that she will survive the drowning at the city pool she may or may not get. At camp, Wendy shows her boobs to the boys and the other counselor catches her. At the house, Fiona draws the votes and the ladies would rather be giving blowjobs then risk Bobby getting fired. Fiona admits that she isn’t giving him any blowjobs. Jimmy gets to the alibi and meets his dad. He tells Jimmy that his mother and him are getting divorced. At the house, Lip says goodnight to Molly and Debs gives Molly come clothes. Mandy thanks Lip with a kiss and Fiona watches. She gives him a glare. In Debs room, Molly is getting changed and Debs sees that she has a penis. Molly calls it her girl penis and says that she is still a girl.

Back at the alibi, Lloyd is getting even drunker as he talks about how Jimmy’s mother is going downhill. He says that he is not going to let it get him down. Chody is still having reservations about the whole deal and Frank tells him that this is love. He gives in. Jimmy and Lloyd go to Fiona’s and Lloyd asks if he is picking up crack first. He says that this is where he lives. Lloyd gets in and leans toward Ian, but he pretends not to know him. Kev and Veronica get busy and Kev yells into Veronica’s vagina for his sperm to move it. Jimmy talks about how his dad showed up and Fiona tells Jimmy that she wants to end the day right. They start to have sex. Molly is going to the bathroom standing up and Lloyd goes into Ian’s bedroom. He takes his underwear off and gropes who he thinks is Ian, but it is Lip. He says that he went in with an erection. Ian admits that he has been screwing Lloyd. Lip is grossed out. Jimmy goes outside and asks if Lloyd was trying to have sex with Lip and Lloyd says that he wanted Ian. Fiona comes out when Lloyd leaves and tells him not to worry about apologizing. Back at camp, Carl and Wendy are on their way home. He tells her that they were really nice. The episode ends.