The Sins Of My Caretaker - Recap

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The scene opens a work crew marking an area to work. Frank is passed out on the lawn. Inside the house, Jimmy is attempting to pleasure Fiona, but has the fact that his dad is gay on his mind. She tells him that it is just sex and Jimmy says that he still can’t shake it. Fiona gets up and the work crew tells Fiona that they are going to be working on the sewer main. At Shelia’s, Chody puts up a sex swing and tells Shelia that they are going to be able to have fun. However, Sheila doesn’t like to be the submissive one. Molly gets up and Carl and he/she fight over the bathroom. Fiona tells him to use the bathroom downstairs. She asks Mandy when Molly is going to leave and Mandy tells her that as soon as they find someone to take her in. Fiona tells Mandy to tell Molly that she is actually a boy.

Mandy asks Lip where he is going and he says that he and Kev are driving up to Indiana for a fireworks run. She asks to come, but he says that they won’t all fit. He tells her that she needs to stay there. She is clearly not happy about it. Lip tells her to put some pants on in the morning. They get downstairs and Jimmy is still depressed with what he found out about his dad and Debs asks for some help. Molly offers to help. Debs compliments the dress Molly is wearing and she/he says that it hides her girl penis. Fiona tells everyone that they are digging up the sewers so this means that they are going to have to use buckets that day. Debs asks about Aunt Ginger. Fiona goes outside and tells Frank that he is going to have to find Ginger’s body, the woman who Frank keeps cashing the Social Security checks for, before the work crew gets it.

Frank sits up and is confused. He goes inside and asks people for help. Everyone refuses. Carl tells him that he is sick and Frank tells him that the pills worked and that he is Cancer Free. He wants a party and Frank says that after they dig up Ginger, he can. At the public pool, Debs is waiting by the pool when two girls come over. One of them asks Debs if she is a lesbo. She tells them that she knows a person who have had same sex relationships and that it is nothing that is wrong. The teenage girls tell Debs to grow some boobs and walk off. Frank goes to Shelia’s and sees the priest outside. Sheila runs downstairs and hides all the sex toys. She tells Frank that they are watching a nun from the hospice. Ned goes in to see Ian at work and apologizes. Ian says that he can forgive him, but refuses to kiss him. He asks Ian to break into his house and get his stuff.

At the grocery store, Fiona finds out that Princess put tacks in her register and asks what her deal is. Princess tells Fiona that her sister could have gotten the job and says that she trained her not to gag on semen. Debs asks what that was all about and Fiona says that it is just for fun. Veronica and her mother go to the doctor and she tells Veronica that she is never going to have kids. Carl, Little Hank and other kids are helping Frank with the yard when the jackhammer shorts out. Little Hank hits something. It turns out that it is the sewer main and it is leaking. Lip and Kev have fireworks in the van and Kev tells Lip that he is Ghetto Married to Mandy because of the things that she has been doing. He tells him that he is not. Fiona gets home and has leftover almost expired food from the store. Jimmy still can’t figure out why he is so bothered by this and Veronica tells him to get over it. Fiona tells Veronica that the girls at her work put tacks in her drawer. Lip and Kev get in with their stash and Mandy shows that she is getting comfortable. Lip tells Fiona that she’s be out in a week.

Jimmy goes to the bathroom and the family talks about how he has dad issues and can’t handle them. Kev asks Veronica what the doctor said and Veronica lies and says that she couldn’t get there. Fiona asks Veronica if she considered someone else carrying the baby. She says that she will do something. At Shelia’s, the nun is quiet and Sheila tells her that it is nice that she took a vow of silence and that she can tell her everything. She starts telling the nun about how she may have pushed Chody too hard and that she can’t take it with all the sex toys. She lets out a sigh of relief and says that she feels better. Jimmy continues to complain about his gay dad and Debs gets ready for the pool. Mandy asks Lip if he wants to get high and he says that he is tired. Carl is still curious about gay people and Lip says that he needs to think of it as one guy plunging another guy’s toilet. At Veronica and Kev’s, Veronica is not happy of their situation and Kev says that it may not be meant to be. She says that she is not going to take that and tells him to fight for this. They have sex.

The next day, Frank still hasn’t found the body of Ginger and Fiona tells him that he has committed a Federal Crime for the past 14 years. He gets motivated again to find the body. Ian tells Mickey that Ned wants him to rob his house and Mickey agrees. Ian tells Mickey that Ned isn’t afraid to kiss him. Lip and Kev later are selling Fireworks and weed from the ice-cream truck when Mandy shows up. Lip gets irritated and tells her to go to her own home for once. At the store, Fiona gets locked in the bathroom and Princess blows cigarette smoke under the door. She leaves and Bob says that she can’t smoke in the bathroom. At the pool, the teenage girls compliment Debs on her “boobs”, which are stuffed, and tell her to go for a swim. At the Alibi, Jimmy tells the bartender that he is broke when Kev gets in. He tells he needs to get over it. Frank gets in and lies to the bar that his mother buried the treasure in his yard and two offer to help. Debs gets out of the pool and sits down on ketchup that the girls placed on her chair and blames her period.

Veronica and Kev pull up to her mother’s hair salon and want to know if they have weighed all their options before they do this. Frank and his friends are digging and Fiona is not impressed at the progress. Ian comes downstairs and asks Lip why he is treating Mandy like crap. He says that she always is asking when “they” are going to do things. He says that he is tired of it. Debs is upset and says that she doesn’t want Molly to leave. Carl tells everyone that Debs got her period at the pool. Molly says that she/he can’t wait to get her/his period. Fiona tells Molly that she is a he. Debs tells Fiona what happened to her at the pool and Fiona tells her that no one messes with the Gallaghers. At Sheila’s place, Sheila finds out that the nun has been blogging all of Shelia’s sins that she has been telling her. Fiona and the rest of the family are digging in the sewage that is the yard and Carl throws a strand of fireworks on the grass. However, it helps with their processes and they allow it. Jimmy comes up, still complaining. Fiona says that she has bigger problems. Jimmy doesn’t like how she is not supporting him and so he leaves.

Veronica talks to her mom while Kev relieves himself to give her sperm to turkey baste inside. Veronica’s mother says that it is warmer than she thought. At the house, Fiona tells everyone to get to bed. Lip tells Fiona that Jimmy will be back. Lip calls up Karen and gets the voicemail. He calls her every name in the book and tells her to rot. Fiona tries to call Jimmy, but it turns out that he is over at Estefania’s and they had sex. She listens to him and they have sex again. Lip goes to Mandy’s and says that he is a dick. She accepts his apology. The next day, Ian, Mickey and a few guys go to rob Ned’s house. Mickey kisses Ian and goes inside. When they try to steal the clock, they make a lot of noise and Jimmy’s mother wakes up with a shotgun. She shoots Mickey in the butt.

At the pool, Debs gets some sand in bags. At the same moment, Child Protective Services is outside the Gallagher house when Mickey gets carried in. Ned, who’s a doctor, brings his surgical gear. Debs jumps in the pool and tries to drown one of the teenagers that were teasing her. The child Protective Services woman comes in the house to find the house in chaos. Fiona finds the body of Ginger. She goes in the house and asks what is going on. She asks who the woman is and she tells them that she is Brittany Sturgis from the CPS. Debs comes in and says that she made a girl pass out at the pool. They are in trouble. Sheila drops off the nun in front of the church and throws her luggage in the street. The episode ends.