Cascading Failures - Recap

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The scene opens with the children getting taken away by Children Services. Jimmy comes back and is shocked. Fiona tells them that it won’t last long. She asks who reported them, but Brittany Sturgis doesn’t respond. Sheila tells Frank that she has to have him watch Hymee for a while. Frank lays him in his bed. Fiona is frazzled with the news and Jimmy tells her that he has this. She goes off to work. In the van, the kids are certain of what is going to happen, but Brittany says that it is different. Carl and Liam are together, Debs is by herself and Lip and Ian are going to a group home. Fiona gets into work and Patty tells her that she is late again. Fiona goes in the back room with Bobby and tells him that she needs to call in because the kids have been taken by Children Services. However, he tells her that he can’t do that. Fiona threatens to show the video and he tells her that he will say that she has been stealing from the register. He tells her that she is going to have to quit too. She throws her uniform at him and storms out of the store.

Lip and Ian get to the group home and DeAndre, the leader of the home, tells them that they are going to have to surrender their money and phone privileges until they find out which type of kid they are. Debs gets to her new home and it is a kind older woman who says that she is happy to take her in. Brittany is a little worried that the woman is taking care of too many kids, but she says that she manages. Brittany leaves and the woman’s demeanor changes and she is rude and untrusting. Debs tries to make the best of it. Carl and Liam are placed with a bi-racial gay couple, Kashis and Linear. Carl asks if crap gets stuck at the end of their penises. They are shocked at his question. Fiona goes to Children Services and Brittany says that she can’t tell them where the kids are. Fiona tells her that she wants to know that they are safe. She tells her that Liam and Ian are together, Debs is by herself and Lip and Ian are in a Level 14 group home. She thanks her and asks if they can be all together if she could find a home where they can take all 5 kids. She says that in theory, yes.

Frank goes to the Alibi and talks to Stella and asks her to take him anywhere but where they are on her truck run. She says that she can. Fiona goes over to Veronica’s, who is getting ready to film a DIY High Colonic to make money. She tells Veronica that Lip and Ian are with kids that light their parents on fire. Veronica agrees to do so. At the group home, Lip makes peace with a couple of thugs and tells them that they are just passing through. Fiona gets home and cries when she folds clothes. She pulls herself together and Veronica says that her Case Worker won’t allow her to take the kids. She doesn’t like the fact that she has to talk to Frank to get the kids back. Kashis catches Carl watching Gay Porn in the living room and is told that he shouldn’t touch things that are not his. They have dinner and it is Kale. He is told by Linear that his body is a temple and only natural things should go in it. Carl questions if fists are allowed to go in your body because he saw it on the video. At the house, Fiona cleans up the house and is grossed out by the things she finds in the rooms.

Later, Jimmy comes in and says that the holes are covered. Fiona attempts to find Monica, but it is no use. Jimmy says that he is there for her. He attempts to have sex with her and she just wants to be held. At the group home, Lip and Carl are told that Carl has work and Lip has community service. DeAndre does believe that Lip is better than anyone and Lip doesn’t buy DeAndrea’s “Scared Strait” tactic. Kev is not happy that their kid credit is bad and Veronica says that they are going to have to try something else with her mother, Carol. Fiona and Jimmy come in to the Alibi and tell Frank that they are going to Children Services. She tells Frank that she found Aunt Ginger and that they need him. Frank takes this as a chance to get what he wants and demands room and board. Fiona reluctantly agrees. She tells him that they have to go visit Lip and Ian in the Group Home first.

Carl is packing up some things that belong to the two men they are staying with. He tells Liam that they are going to steal from these guys before they leave. They get to the group home and Lip and Ian tell them that they are fine. Frank asks for his hug and Lip and Ian flip him off. At Deb’s foster home, she has an assembly line with another girl to feed the kids and is taking charge. Ian gets into work and Mickey tells Ian that he can crash at his place since his dad is out of town. Carl goes over to Veronica’s and tells her that they ran away. Veronica tells him that he has to go back and offers to drive them. She doesn’t like how Carl has stolen from the two men. Frank meets with his lawyer, who is now pregnant. She tells him that she will get the file and says that he is going to have to be sober. Mandy goes up to Lip and says that he could have told her what happened. He says that he knows and says that he will sneak her in after lights out.

Veronica and Kev are at home and Veronica tells Kev that they need to find a different delivery system for his sperm. Later that night, it is lights out in the group home and Lip pays who he has to so that he can sneak Mandy in and Ian out. Mandy asks if this is what is going to be like when he goes to college. He says that the guys in his dorm will be literate. Ian is over at Mickey’s and they have beers. At Veronica’s, Kev and Carol are shocked at Veronica’s suggestion that Kev and Carol have sex with one another. They say that she is out of her mind, but when she starts to cry, they agree. Frank and Fiona go see Sheila and she is upset that Frank left Hymee alone. They say that Sheila needs to pretend to be Monica. Chody says that she should do it. Back at Kev and Veronica’s, Carol is drunk and Veronica puts a sheet over her so that Kev doesn’t have to look at Carol. She asks if she can take off the sheet and he says that she can’t. Fiona asks Jimmy to take Frank to Children Services and he says that he can. At Deb’s foster home, Debs goes downstairs and texts Fiona the address she is staying at.

Sheila, who has put on a blonde wig, is posing as Monica. Frank says that they had a bad Meth run and says that it was bad. Brittany gives them parenting classes and Frank isn’t happy about that. Sheila likes the sound of that and likes being a blonde. Fiona visits Debs and the woman gives them 15 minutes. Fiona asks her if she is fine and she says that it isn’t so bad. She asks Fiona when they can go home and Fiona tells her that it won’t be long. She gives Debs some Hershey Kisses. At the Group Home, DeAndre asks Lip where Ian is and Lip says that he is the latrine. Carl is peeing on the couch at his home and having Liam color on the wall when Fiona comes over. She is told by Kashis that he and Linear have started the adoption paperwork for Liam and Carl. Fiona is shocked. Carl sits down and asks Liam if he peed on the coach and drew on the wall. The couple is not happy with this, but Linear feels that it is an easy fix. Fiona likes what Carl is doing and smiles. Ian tells Mickey that he needs to get to work, but Mickey brings out some Anal Beads for Ian to shove up his butt. However, Ian says that is no fun. They begin to have sex, but are interrupted when Terry, Mickey’s dad, comes in and catches them. He beats up both Ian and Mickey and calls the Russian over.

Sheila and Frank go to Parenting Classes and are asked to role play a scene. They show what a parent should not do. The “Russian” comes over and it turns out to be an attractive woman. She is told by Terry to have sex with Mickey while Ian watches. He says that he is going to get the gay out of his son. Mickey puts on a show and Ian is not happy. Kev and Veronica are still trying to get Carol pregnant and this time around, Kev has trouble getting it up. Carol cries and says that she is not attractive and Veronica tells her that is not true. Fiona talks to Jimmy about her problems and he tells her that everything will be fine. At the Parenting Classes, Frank asks Sheila for a Volume and urinates in a cup before taking it. Back at Kev and Veronica’s, Kev is still trying to have sex with Carol and Veronica sits on Kev’s face to “inspire” him. It works. Frank and Sheila take their urine test after the Parenting Class and Frank spits the urine he has been keeping in his mouth out into the cup.

The next morning, Fiona goes to Kev and Veronica’s, who are still getting up after their night of wild love making. Fiona asks Carol if there are any spots in the Salon, but she has a hangover. Veronica reveals that Kev had to have sex with Carol for faster chance of having a baby. Fiona apologizes and she says that Frank did the test and everything looks good. She asks what the asparagus is all about in the house. Veronica says that it is sperm energy. Fiona arrives at Children Services and talks to Brittany. She tells Fiona that everything is put through. Fiona asks who called the services on them. She tells her that a man did. She tells Fiona that she is going to the restroom and tells her “not” to click the file. Fiona does and listens to the phone call. She finds out that Frank called and she has the look of fire in her eyes. The episode ends.