A Long Way From Home - Recap

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The scene opens with Fiona inspecting the house to make sure that it is cleaned up. She is dressed in her best. She tells Jimmy that they are done with Frank and that they have to make sure that the doors are dead bolted shut. At Deb’s foster home, the woman in care gives Debs a new job to do around the house. She shows her that she is going to make jewelry for her business. If they make a certain amount, they get food. At the Alibi, Frank tells Kev that he is on his last shot. He says that he has a hearing for Child Services and that it is the same thing. All he has to do is show up in a suit and pass around some Alcoholic Anonymous chips and they give you your kids back. Fiona and Jimmy talk to, Mr. Riddell, a friend of Jimmy’s brother, Chip. He tells them that he can’t help them, but Fiona tells him that he is not going anywhere until he tells her what to do. He tells her to have a job, a home and get the parents to relinquish their rights in order for Fiona to have full custody of the children.

Shelia goes into the bedroom to tell Chody that Hymee is asleep. However, she finds him staring at a noose suspended from the ceiling. He tells her that as he is chocking, he will reach a whole new level of orgasm all in the name of love. Sheila tells him that she can’t tame him and that it is too much. The doorbell rings and Sheila finds a boy there with his mom. He says that they have his baby and that his mom wants it back. At an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Frank tries to bargain for a 30 day sober chip, but Nancy, one of the group members, calls Frank a liar. He doesn’t get the chip and tells everyone that alcohol is great. Fiona gets back home and tells Jimmy that she is going to make a Will for Aunt Ginger and that she can download a W-2 form too. Jimmy says that might be a bad thing to do. Lip and Ian are at the house and tell Fiona that the group home lets them out from Dawn till Dusk. She tells them that she is trying to get custody of everyone so that they can all come back and have it stay that way.

At Sheila’s, the mother of the boy says that the dad gets the baby and that they can raise him well. Shelia and Chody tell them that Hymee has Down syndrome. The mother says that they have a cure for that. The mother asks where the baby’s mother is and says that they have a big family to care for him. Fiona and Jimmy wait for Lip and Ian to come with W-2 forms. Lip comes up with Kev’s W-2 forms and Fiona asks if Kev is alright with this. Kev says that he doesn’t even know what a W-2 form is. Fiona says that she needs a Will notarized too. Jimmy gets a text and leaves. Nancy, from the Alcoholics Anonymous class comes in and asks for a drink. Jimmy runs up to Nando’s man and tells him that he got a 911 text saying that Immigration is at the house. They rush to the apartment and Jimmy acts as if he just got out of the shower. He comes downstairs and greets Immigration. Fiona goes up to Veronica and asks for a favor. However, Veronica still has her mind on how Carol had sex with Kev. Fiona asks if they lose a lot of seniors at the nursing home and says that she needs a dead body.

Frank goes to Father Pete and asks for a letter and Father Pete tells him to get out. Frank gets upset that he is being sent out and eventually, Father Pete drafts the letter. Sheila tells the mother the things that Hymee likes. Chody asks if this is what she wants and Sheila says that they still have Holidays and Weekends. They hug each other and Chody asks if she wants to go upstairs. At Estefania’s, Nando’s man is having Jimmy sign checks to pay the bills and Jimmy asks if he can sign one to CASH so that he has some extra cash. Nando’s man says that Jimmy needs to get his own money. Lip and Ian get the Will drafted and are on their way to get it notarized when Mandy comes up and tags along with them. Ian asks where Mickey is and Lip asks what happened. Mandy says that he got pistol whipped.

At Shelia’s place, Sheila gets surprise visits from friends of Chody who have come over for a Gang Bang. However, Sheila tells Chody that she is not into it. He says that it will open her mind up more. She tells him that she gave Hymee away because the environment is not right for a baby. Chody gets upset and goes off with the guys to another house. Fiona sees Jimmy installing the dead bolt and is told that Frank is upstairs. Fiona tells Frank that Monica signed her rights away and he should too. Frank says that he doesn’t want to. At the foster home, Debs tells her new friend that she wants to get out of there. However, she is told that that the lady sees everything. The lady puts down her drink and Debs spikes it with Benadryl. At Carl and Liam’s foster home, Lip and Mandy are visiting and Carl tells him that they took away everything of his that is fun and Lip tells him that they will come back and swipe a few things after getting the security codes from them. Ian finds Mickey shooting a gun on the top of a building and asks where he has been. Mickey ignores Ian.

Frank goes to Shelia’s to find her packing Hymee’s things away. She tells him that she pushed Chody and that is why she had to give up Hymee. Sheila suggests that they stage an intervention for Chody. Frank says that he doesn’t want to until Sheila threatens to kick him out. Debs gets out of bed later that night and gets the key from the lady, who is sleeping from the Benadryl. She puts crazy glue on the lady’s eyes before leaving. Veronica, Fiona, Lip, Ian and Jimmy get a dead body to act as Aunt Ginger when Jimmy gets a text and says that his mom is having issues. It turns out that Estefania just called him over for a booty call after the guy before him couldn’t “last”. She gets naked and he obliges to her needs. Fiona, Lip, Ian and Veronica get the body out and place it on the bed. They have to cut off one of her toes and neither one wants to do it. Fiona is about to do it when Debs gets in and starts to eating like crazy. She tells them that there are other kids too and they all pitch in. Fiona goes upstairs and cuts off the dead woman’s toe and is grossed out by it.

Chody comes home grabbing his groin and Frank is there with Shelia and a guy from the bar. He is told that he has a sex problem and Sheila reads him a letter. Frank sees this as an opportunity to get a sobriety chip and convinces Chody to give them up. Frank says that Chody has to be handcuffed so that he doesn’t hurt himself further. The paramedics arrive at the Gallagher home and say that the woman has been dead a day or two. Fiona lies and says that they were out. The paramedic recognizes Fiona as Patrick’s cousin and tries to ask Fiona on a date. She declines. Sheila tells Chody that she is there and Chody says that “it” is hard. Sheila sees that he means that he has an erection. At the courthouse, Frank tells Fiona that he is representing himself and Fiona says that Aunt Ginger died and left her the house. Frank is upset that the checks are going to stop coming now. Mr. Riddell asks them to work it through inside. Sheila comes downstairs to find that Karen has come home. She hugs her and says that she is glad she is home.

In the courtroom, the case is opened and the judge hears Frank say that the kids are his. Fiona says that she can give the children a stable environment. Lip goes to file the Will, but finds out that Patrick, the cousin, filed one that trumps Lip’s. Back at Sheila’s, Karen asks about the baby as Sheila cooks her some food. Shelia says that he is staying with his dad right now. She asks how he is and Sheila says that he is great. Back in the courtroom, the judge asks the kids how they like Frank and they say that he is alright and they could care less. Frank makes up a story of how he left because of his addiction and that he is sober now. Fiona asks the judge if he is buying that Frank is clean. Frank says that his kids mean the world to him. Fiona talks about the first time when Frank left her with Lip and Ian. She was 6-years-old and she had to walk to the Free Clinic. She says that Frank is not a good father. The judge calls Fiona and Mr. Riddell into his chambers.

Once inside, the judge asks Fiona if she would like to be a guardian over the children. He tells her that she will have to be responsible for the kids until they are all 18 years old. She agrees that will be fine. The judge doesn’t like that Fiona won’t be able to do anything more with her life. The judge comes back and gives Frank his kids back, but gives Fiona guardianship. Frank goes to the Alibi to celebrate despite the 60 day mandated Alcoholics Anonymous class he has to attend. The Gallagher family is together again and Jimmy realizes that he and Fiona are not going to get their own place for a while. At Shelia’s place, Karen walks in on Chody giving himself a blowjob. He says hello. The episode ends.