Episode 102 - Recap

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In the second episode, we catch up with a disappointed Shaq, who has found out the kids he has offered to help lose weight and get in shape, has brought in Tarik Tyler, a personal trainer. Tarik is a fairly intimidating figure and quickly tries to whip the kids into shape. Kit, one of the only two girls involved, has an anxiety attack and is transported to the hospital. This incident not only surprises the kids but Shaq, who is very concerned for Kit's health. Shaq's personal trainer assures him Kit was only having an anxiety attack and not about to have a heart attack and he shouldn't worry.

After a month of time in the program, the kids had another check-up at the doctor's office. The doctor weighed everyone but Kit, who didn't show up. Most of the kids lost one to six pounds; however one kid gained three pounds.

In the continued effort to get mandatory PE in schools, Shaq, Doc, and Coach Dale Brown stop by a Miami middle school and encourage the principal to add the class. Not surprisingly, she tells the men she cannot add another 45-minute class to the day's schedule because it would cause them to increase the teacher's salaries and would cost the school an extra $650,000 a year. They're forced to leave and come up with a plan.

In order to help Chris out with his nutrition, nutritionist Joy Bauer drops by Chris' house and prepares his family a healthier version of one of their favorite Cuban dishes. The result is a dinner which both parents admit has no difference in taste, but has far fewer grams of fat and calories.