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Episode 103 - Recap

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Previously, the team of kids Shaq and his team have been helping lost a member. Kit had an anxiety attack, which made several people very concerned, particularly her parents.

In an attempt to get Kit to re-join the team, Shaq and Doc dropped by Kit's house to see her and her parents. The father was very upset when Shaq entered the house with the camera crew and ordered everyone but Shaq out. He didn't want to talk to Doc because he didn't know him. The only person the father was willing to talk to was Shaq. Doc and the film crew had to wait outside while Shaq tried to smooth things over with Kit's father. Eventually, the father allowed Doc to come in and talk with him.

It seems the chat with the father changed things for the better, as the very next day, Kit re-joined the team. When the other kids saw her enter the gym, they immediately stopped what they were doing and walked over to her and welcomed her back. It was wonderful to see everyone so happy for once.

Last week, Shaq, Doc, and Dale Brown asked a local school to make physical education a mandatory class. The principal quickly rebuffed that idea because it would cost too much money to add an additional class to the schedule. After consulting with the teachers, the three men have come up with a plan which wouldn't cost any additional money for the school district. The plan asks for teachers and students to use twenty minutes of "home room" to exercise. Dale and Doc present the idea to the faculty and they like the idea and are willing to pilot the program for a period of time and see how it goes.

Although Shaq was unable to make the faculty meeting pitch, he was able to attend the first day of exercising at the school. Not surprisingly, some kids didn't like the idea. Some of them were either lazy or simply not interested. The good news is most of the kids did enjoy the exercise. There's no doubt the early morning exercise will get kids awake and ready to learn.

Since the show was shot several months ago, it was of no surprise when Halloween arrived. Naturally, the free candy will be a big temptation for some kids, and James was the one kid they showed who pigged out. His father then talked about how he has had his own weight problems, but it would be nice to see him be a father and limit James' candy consumption a little better.

Two weeks away from the half-way point, Shaq received the latest weigh-ins for the kids. The news was mixed. Half of the kids are doing a good job, but some are slacking off. The problem is clearly with the diet.

As if things weren't bad enough, Shaq received even more bad news. His recent knee injury will require surgery, which will keep him out of the starting lineup. Also, he and the camera crew have been kicked out of the school district. It seems a new superintendent was hired and he's worried about how the school will be portrayed.

James' level of effort has been a constant battle with the trainer, Mr. Tyler. The friction between the two only seems to make James less motivated. A talk with Shaq didn't help, so he and Mr. Tyler pay James and his mother a visit. The meeting seems to go well and James claims he has a better understanding of things now.

Two weeks after being kicked out of the school, Shaq receives word that the program is back on. You can see how happy Shaq is when he hears this. He's made dozens or phone calls and sent several emails to see if the program can be revived. By the looks of things, Shaq never did hear from the new superintendent, which is very unprofessional if you ask me.

Half-way done with the program, it was time to take the President's Physical Fitness Challenge again. Although the kids didn't improve much on situps and pushups, they did all do a good job on their mile runs. Chris didn't participate because he was on a cruise.