Episode 104 - Recap

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The show picks up right where we left off last week: food. You need to have a healthy diet in order to maintain a healthy weight. Exercise alone isn't enough. After seeing the types of food served for school lunches, Shaq brings in chef Tyler Florence, who can be seen on the Food Network, and asks him to help.

In order to get change, the students talk about putting together a petition to encourage better meal options during lunch. Tyler states this was the sort of thing he would do when he was young.

To get a feeling for what it is like to be a cafeteria employee, Tyler Florence showed up at 6 a.m. to watch as the women prepared the 11 a.m. lunch. A day in their shoes made Tyler realize how tough their job is. But it also showed him how the lunch is nothing more than fast food.

Soon thereafter, Tyler invited the team of kids to a test kitchen at a university to allow them to taste possible meals they and their classmates would see. The kids not only had to taste the food, but they were responsible for helping prepare the food. The kids were soon joined by Shaq, who took part in the taste-test portion of the event. They all seemed to enjoy what they made, although Shaq wanted nothing to do with the couscous, which he claimed was rich (white) people food.

Afterwards, Shaw asked Mr. Tyler to try and let the kids have a little bit of fun in their workouts, a concept Mr. Tyler has been foreign to for some time. He ended up having a "Fun Friday", which allowed the kids to play a little soccer. Unfortunately, James had to do laps the whole time because in Mr. Tyler's eyes, James didn't work hard enough to play soccer. The lack of weight loss is one sign James hasn't put enough effort into his workout. As the day goes on, James' frustration with Mr. Tyler is quite clear and considers quitting. Kevin is asked by Mr. Tyler to help motivate James into working harder and losing weight.

Tyler Florence shows up at the school at 6 a.m. once again and prepares to get his first school lunch ready for the kids. He is able to get the cafeteria workers to help, but a scheduled lunch break leaves Tyler all on his own for a short time. Tragically, the meal ends up a disaster. A large number of the students didn't eat all of their meal and a lot of them ended up being late for class, thanks to Tyler's slow service in the lunch line. Perfection has a cost.

Next, it was time for the weigh-in. The kids get to go to a Miami Heat game if they all lose twenty pounds each. Everyone but James is successful in hitting the twenty pound mark. James was five pounds short of meeting the goal, and the kids let him have it for his lack of effort.

Nutritionist Joy Bauer drops by James' house to help him with his diet habits. She wants him to be able to go to the Miami Heat basketball game with the other kids. One of the problems with James is his love of sub sandwiches, which tend to have a lot of bread in them. He's clearly eating too many sandwiches, so they try to compromise.

Frustrated by James, the other kids single him out and make him feel bad. Soon thereafter, Shaq and Mr. Tyler bring in a few chickens and have the kids chase them around the field. Shaq claims he got the idea from watching the movie, <em>Rocky</em>. Everyone got a good laugh out of the whole event. Afterwards, Shaw pulls James aside and talks to him about his frustrations and thoughts of quitting. Since James doesn't have a father at home, Shaq seems to be the primary adult male with any influence with him.

In order to get James involved a little more, Mr. Tyler decides to let James wrestle him a bit. James loves that sort of thing, and it improves James' mood quite a bit, and declares he'll be sticking with the program.

With just one day until the next Miami Heat game, it was time for James to weigh in. Because he was able to lose the twenty pounds, James got to attend the game with the other kids. They all seemed to really enjoy themselves. They not only got to meet a few players, but they were visited by the Miami Heat cheerleaders.