Season 2

23 :02x01 - Gangster Movies

The lone witness to Sebastian's double homicide case is killed in a car bomb. D.A. Devlin agrees to help out with the case and brings Deputy District Attorney Danny Reyes along to help.
Guest Stars: Arnold Vosloo as Andre Zitofsky | Mozhan Marnò as Maria Lutrova | Jordan Marder as Derek Markham | Albie Selznick as Warren Dowd | Dakin Matthews as Judge Cleary | Mel Fair as Glen Neiman | Colby French as Carl Wilson | Ed O'Ross as Yuri Denikov | Ray Proscia as Auctioneer | Ray Bolton as Officer | Carla Jimenez as Jury Foreperson | Lou Mulford as Dana Neiman | Kevin Pollak as D.A. Leo Cutler | Michael Cotter as Lewis Slocombe
Director: Adam Davidson

24 :02x02 - For Whom the Skel Rolls

Isaac's girlfriend, Raina, is put in an impossible position when Sebastian forbits the team from telling Issac that his fiance's murder case has been reopened after new evidence arises that the murderer may still be at large.
Guest Stars: Kevin Pollak as D.A. Leo Cutler | Denise Dowse as Judge Jane Briar | Kurt Fuller as Ben Bentley | Robert Joseph as Detective Akins | Paul Ben-Victor as Ricky Rago | Robert LaSardo as Hector Hernandez | Lou George as Wilson Stevens | Sherrie Jackson as Nicole Ellers | Sonny Marinelli as Detective Richie Swift | Shaun Sipos as Trevor Boyd | Eddie McClintock as Tom Brandt | Tiara Parker as Olivia Nixon
Director: Paul Holahan

25 :02x03 - Eye of the Beholder

While trying to identify the killer of a 22-year-old actress, Sebastian's team soon finds that the woman's plastic surgeon exchanged sex for surgery.
Guest Stars: Nora Dunn as Gretchen Curbow | Michael B. Silver as Dan Lauter | Ivar Brogger as Judge Woodruff | John de Lancie as Warren Kovak | Richard Burgi as Dr. Neil Fuller | Michelle L. Gardner as Medical Examiner | Neil Hopkins as Garrett Blake | Lucas Ford (1) as Rick Steiger | Marisa Ramirez as Monique | Susan Chuang as Judge Futamora | Shaun Sipos as Trevor Boyd | Brett Rickaby as Hank Gibbons | Amy Price-Francis as Amanda Sellers | Terri N. Hardin as Foreman
Director: Marcos Siega
Writer: Ted Humphrey

26 :02x04 - Dr. Laura

Jessica is shocked when Medical Examiner Laura Fields is caught tampering with evidence in the murder case. Things get worse when Laura claims she was pressured by Jessica into tampering with the evidence.
Guest Stars: Kevin Pollak as D.A. Leo Cutler | Orla Brady as Claire Stark | Shashawnee Hall as Judge Watkins | Ted Garcia as News Reporter | Judith Scott as Dr. Laura Fields | Dana Cuomo as Victoria Pearson | Matt Battaglia as Don Kipling | Jason Marsden as Kelso Sutton | Dex Elliot Sanders as Greg Tobias | François Chao as Mike Wong | Robert Curtis Brown as Morgan Ride | Matthew Troyer as Panel Host
Director: Kate Woods

27 :02x05 - Student Body

Despite several pieces of key evidence -- the suspect's bomb-making knowledge and an incriminating letter to name a few -- Danny believes that the student is innocent and convinces Sebastian to let him find another suspect.
Guest Stars: Carlos Gomez as Mayor Manny Delgado | Orla Brady as Claire Stark | Shaun Sipos as Trevor Boyd | Ron Glass as Judge Stewart Fenton | Jeffrey Nordling as FBI Special Agent Oliver Hayes | Michael Beach as Lester Spence | Laura Kenley as Anna Dalton | Johnny Lewis as Michael Hackford | Jos Viramontes as Professor Anthony Ramirez | Jordan Baker as Dr. Rebecca Graham | Allen Rinker as Matt Burris Scott | Anjali Bhimani as Lab Tech Carlson | Don Jeffcoat as Joe Crawford | Tyler Kain as Jamie Dressler | Artie Baxter as Kyle Deering | Scott Paulin as Craig Deering | Paul Schackman as Dr. Kevin Phelps
Director: Seith Mann
Story: Bill Chais

28 :02x06 - No Holds Barred

A top ultimate fighter commits suicide and Sebastian's team sets out to charge the league CEO with murder due to his forcing of the fighters to use steroids.
Guest Stars: Kevin Pollak as D.A. Leo Cutler | Orla Brady as Claire Stark | Shaun Sipos as Trevor Boyd | John Cothran, Jr. as Judge Webb | Rockmond Dunbar as Teddy Banks | Marcus LaVoi as Steve Abbott | Josie Davis as Kelly Abbott | Kevin Durand as Rick Carris | Michael Adler as Dr. Dan Millman | Robert Cicchini as Ramon Campos | Lisa Thornhill as Stephanie Downing
Director: Paul McCrane
Writer: Ken Woodruff

29 :02x07 - In Absentia

Without telling the judge, Sebastian and Danny head south of the border to find a defendent who left the country in order to avoid being jailed following the murder of his business partner/mistress.
Guest Stars: Sherry Stringfield as Nora March | Titus Welliver as Javier/Dexter Modene | Amy Aquino as Judge Grant | Brenda Strong as Olivia Hartnell | Meredith Monroe as Nina Weber | Kelly McGarry as Hanna Hartnell | Steven Brand as Eli Weber | Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Louis Menashi | Katie A. Keane as Meg Fullerton | Troy Ruptash as Mike Brigham | David Michie as Benicio | Jerry Zatarain as Louis | René Rivera as Police Captain Garcia | Austen Parros as Don Davis | Robert Thorne as Tommy Harris
Director: Adam Davidson
Writer: Kim Clements

30 :02x08 - In the Crosshairs

The mayor pressures Sebastian and his team to locate and convinct a sniper as panic breaks out in Los Angeles.
Guest Stars: Carlos Gomez as Mayor Manny Delgado | Kevin Pollak as D.A. Leo Cutler | Shaun Sipos as Trevor Boyd | Michael B. Silver as Dan Lauter | H. Richard Greene as Judge Williams | Scottie Thompson as Leslie Purcell | Collins Pennie as Lewis Beamon | Nathan Anderson as Sam Purcell | Laura Leigh Hughes as Natalie Warner | Julie Dixon Jackson as Suburban Mom | Amin Joseph as Kelvin Barlow | Darren O'Hare as Tim Bramson | Nick Baga as Hipster | Dylan White as Supervisor | Bradley Fisher as Conspiracy Theorist | Anjali Bhimani as Miranda Carlson | Melanie MacQueen as Shut-In | Dave Allen Clark as Reporter Dave Clark
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Keith Eisner

31 :02x09 - Burning Sensation

While trying to find an arsonist responsible for claiming the life of a firefighter, Sebastian's team finds that the man the firefighter died trying rescue was murdered before the fire began.
Guest Stars: Glenn Morshower as LAFD Deputy Chief Don Alston | Karl Makinen as Captain Joe Stevens | Benjamin Patterson as Engineer Paul Adams | Jon Sklaroff as Deno Orr | Michael Tower as Jared Qualls | Lisa Lawrence as Torrie Smith | Alex Carter as Alan Boyd | Kate Norby as Diane Hadley | Cassandra Freeman as Grace Hernandez | Mark Deklin as Peter Rhodes | Bob Jesser as Richard Johnson | Carlos Gomez as Mayor Manny Delgado | Rick Fitts as Judge Walker | Michael Cavanaugh as Judge Newman
Director: Marcos Siega
Writer: Ted Humphrey

32 :02x10 - Every Breath You Take

A prisoner, recently released from prison after a five year stay, stalks and then murders a female tennis star. Jessica is guilt ridden for the death since she didn't get the conviction upheld.
Guest Stars: Kevin Pollak as D.A. Leo Cutler | Shaun Sipos as Trevor Boyd | Ivar Brogger as Judge Woodruff | Jacqueline Hahn as Judge Kathryn Cavanaugh | Holly Valance as Christina Shaw | Shawn Christian as Kerry Conklin | Ray Abruzzo as Lennie Rabinov | Sam Witwer as Richard Lee Franco | Robin Thomas as Evan Kendall | Thomas Knickerbocker as Jonah Ryan | Mark Totty as Zach Holbrook | Carlos Alvarado as Reuben Gutierrez | Ted Garcia as Reporter #1 | Stacey Fields as Reporter #2 | Alex Carter as Alan Boyd | Sumalee Montano as Arlene Pierce | Bruce Nozick as Kevin Gage | Lysander Abadia as Foreman
Director: Dean White
Writer: Ted Humphrey

33 :02x11 - Shaun of the Dead

Sebastian and the team investigate the death of a rock star's frined and realize that the rocker's brother knows more than meets the eye.
Guest Stars: Shaun Sipos as Trevor Boyd | John Cothran, Jr. as Judge Perry Webb | Paul Wesley as Justin Bishop | David Clayton Rogers as Brody Miller | Chris Payne Gilbert as Rob Bishop | Bart Blackwell as Shaun Mason | Jack Plotnick as Bradley Roberts | Ramy Zada as Andy Zahai | John D'Aquino as Ty Bennings | Rob Brownstein as Judge Wycoff | Jeffrey D. Sams as Julian Cook | Kathleen York as Jillian Parks | Jason Marsden as Kelso Sutton | Jack Weber as Kid | Kaylee Defer as Katie Dobbs | Phoebe Holston as Foreman
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Writer: Ken Woodruff

34 :02x12 - Partners in Crime

Sebastian's dark secrets resurface after the shooting death of a long-time friend and former law partner is discovered to be a failed attempt on Sebastian's life.
Guest Stars: Kevin Pollak as D.A. Leo Cutler | Rikki Klieman as Judge Dana Pearlman | Peter Gallagher as Frank Bell | Matthew J. Willig as Hank "Buzz" Busby | Joe Spano as Paul Faber | Carlo Rota as Anton Robitaille | Jonathan Banks as Jason Normandy | William Stanford Davis as Sonny Gore | Elizabeth Lackey as Jennifer Randolph | Colleen McGrann as Carol Faber | Jeff Austin as Bob McClure | Joseph Will as Detective Moreno | Ashley Greene as Natalie Faber | Michael Massee as Duncan Mercer | Efrain Figueroa as Judge Victor Ortiz
Story: Bill Chais

35 :02x13 - Bar Fight

Sebastian must build a case against a kingpin in order to fullful his side of a deal from the State Attorney General's office that could save him from being disbarred.
Guest Stars: Orla Brady as Claire Stark | Paula Marshall as Jordan Westlake | Jonathan Banks as Jason Normandy | John Kapelos as Presiding Officer | David Barrera as Medical Examiner Mickey Cruz-Alvarez | Curtis Mark Williams as Gangbanger | David Vincent (1) as Deputy | Michael Rooker as Oscar Riddick | Hudson Leick as Cindy Broyles | Patricia McCormack as Mary Belkin | Roy Jackson as Sheriff's Deputy | Cullen Douglas as Peter Mirsky | Gary Weeks as Worker
Director: Adam Davidson

36 :02x14 - Leaving Las Vegas

After being disbarred in California, Sebastian heads to Las Vegas where his gambling is cut short by a casino owner and former client who asks Sebastian to make use of his Nevada license to defend him in a murder trial.
Guest Stars: Kevin Pollak as D.A. Leo Cutler | Paula Marshall as Jordan Westlake | Nestor Serrano as Duke Ballantine | Dennis Boutsikaris as D.A. Lester Rivers | Brittany Shea as Blonde (Mandy) | Rich Levier as Dealer | Jina Song as Reporter | Rochelle Aytes as Karla Ballantine | Alyssa Diaz as Rosa Diaz | Kathleen Garrett as Judge Mary Osman | Sterling Macer, Jr. as Officer Lloyed Carpenter | James Immekus as Monte Ballantine | David Andriole as Mickey Rafferty | James Black as Jerry Davis | Ken Meseroll as Arnold Weston | John Kapelos as Presiding Officer
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Keith Eisner

37 :02x15 - One Hit Wonder

An investigation by Sebastian over the murder of an aspiring singer reveals that a number of suspects wanted her dead. Meanwhile, Danny sleeps with a woman who has just been picked as a prime suspect.
Special Guest Stars: Hugh M. Hefner as Himself |
Guest Stars: Mark Sheppard as Rupert Stone | Paula Marshall as Jordan Westlake | Kevin Pollak as D.A. Leo Cutler | Robert Curtis Brown as Morgan Ride | Lisa Sheridan as Marcy Danner | Madchen Amick as Gina Romero

38 :02x16 - Wayne's World 3: Killer Shark

Murderer Wayne Calison escapes from prison and vows to kill Julie as revenge for against Sebastian.
Guest Stars: Billy Campbell as Wayne Callison
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 21, 2006
Ended: May 20, 2008
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