Shaun the Sheep

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 05/Mar/2007 Off the Baa!
02 01x02 05/Mar/2007 Bathtime
03 01x03 06/Mar/2007 Shape up with Shaun
05 01x05 07/Mar/2007 Scrumping
06 01x06 07/Mar/2007 Still Life
07 01x07 08/Mar/2007 Mower Mouth
08 01x08 08/Mar/2007 Takeaway
10 01x10 09/Mar/2007 Saturday Night Shaun
11 01x11 12/Mar/2007 The Kite
12 01x12 12/Mar/2007 Little Sheep of Horrors
13 01x13 13/Mar/2007 Buzz off Bees
14 01x14 13/Mar/2007 Fleeced
15 01x15 14/Mar/2007 Shaun Shoots the Sheep
16 01x16 14/Mar/2007 Big Top Timmy
17 01x17 15/Mar/2007 Fetching
20 01x20 16/Mar/2007 Things That go Bump
22 01x22 03/Sep/2007 Sheep on the Loose
23 01x23 04/Sep/2007 Wash Day
24 01x24 04/Sep/2007 The Visitor
26 01x26 05/Sep/2007 Tooth Fairy
27 01x27 06/Sep/2007 Bitzer Puts His Foot in It
28 01x28 06/Sep/2007 Hiccups
29 01x29 07/Sep/2007 If You Can't Stand the Heat
30 01x30 07/Sep/2007 Sheepwalking
31 01x31 10/Sep/2007 Tidy Up
32 01x32 13/Sep/2007 The Farmer's Niece
33 01x33 11/Sep/2007 Camping Chaos
36 01x36 12/Sep/2007 Stick with Me
37 01x37 13/Sep/2007 Heavy Metal Shaun
38 01x38 13/Sep/2007 Snore Worn Shaun
40 01x40 14/Sep/2007 Save the Tree

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
41 02x01 23/Nov/2009 Double Trouble
42 02x02 24/Nov/2009 Draw the Line
43 02x03 25/Nov/2009 Sheepless Nights
44 02x04 26/Nov/2009 Spring Lamb
45 02x05 27/Nov/2009 Strictly No Dancing
48 02x08 02/Dec/2009 Bagpipe Buddy
49 02x09 03/Dec/2009 Supersize Timmy
50 02x10 04/Dec/2009 Lock Out
52 02x12 08/Dec/2009 Ewe've Been Framed
53 02x13 09/Dec/2009 Bitzer's New Hat
54 02x14 10/Dec/2009 Hide and Squeak
56 02x16 14/Dec/2009 Everything Must Go
57 02x17 15/Dec/2009 Party Animals
58 02x18 16/Dec/2009 Cat Got Your Brain?
59 02x19 17/Dec/2009 Two's Company
60 02x20 18/Dec/2009 In the Doghouse
61 02x21 17/May/2010 The Boat
62 02x22 18/May/2010 What's Up, Dog?
63 02x23 19/May/2010 Cock a Doodle Shaun
65 02x25 21/May/2010 Chip Off the Old Block
66 02x26 24/May/2010 Pig Trouble
67 02x27 25/May/2010 Bitzer from the Black Lagoon
69 02x29 27/May/2010 Whistleblower
70 02x30 28/May/2010 The Big Chase
71 02x31 06/Dec/2010 The Magpie
72 02x32 07/Dec/2010 Operation Pidsley
73 02x33 08/Dec/2010 Pig Swill Fly
74 02x34 09/Dec/2010 Shirley Whirley
75 02x35 10/Dec/2010 Foxy Laddie
76 02x36 13/Dec/2010 Shaun goes Potty
78 02x38 15/Dec/2010 Fireside Favourite
80 02x40 17/Dec/2010 We Wish Ewe A Merry Christmas

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
81 03x01 25/Feb/2013 The Stand Off
82 03x02 26/Feb/2013 The Coconut
83 03x03 27/Feb/2013 The Shepherd
85 03x05 01/Mar/2013 The Crow
87 03x07 05/Mar/2013 Hard to Swallow
88 03x08 06/Mar/2013 Mission Inboxible
89 03x09 07/Mar/2013 Bye Bye Barn
90 03x10 08/Mar/2013 The Rounders Match
91 03x11 11/Mar/2013 Film Night
92 03x12 12/Mar/2013 Fossils
93 03x13 13/Mar/2013 The Skateboard
94 03x14 14/Mar/2013 The Piano
95 03x15 15/Mar/2013 The Snapshot
96 03x16 18/Mar/2013 Prickly Heat
97 03x17 19/Mar/2013 The Hang Glider
99 03x19 21/Mar/2013 Bull Vs Wool
100 03x20 22/Mar/2013 Let's Spray

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
101 04x01 03/Feb/2014 Cones
102 04x02 04/Feb/2014 Caught Short Alien
103 04x03 05/Feb/2014 Happy Birthday Timmy!
104 04x04 06/Feb/2014 The Genie
105 04x05 07/Feb/2014 3DTV
106 04x06 10/Feb/2014 The Smelly Farmer
107 04x07 11/Feb/2014 DIY
108 04x08 12/Feb/2014 The Rabbit
109 04x09 13/Feb/2014 Prize Possession
110 04x10 14/Feb/2014 The Spider
111 04x11 17/Feb/2014 The Loony Tic
112 04x12 18/Feb/2014 Men At Work
113 04x13 19/Feb/2014 The Dog Show
114 04x14 20/Feb/2014 Missing Piece
115 04x15 21/Feb/2014 Wildlife Watch
116 04x16 24/Feb/2014 The Pelican
117 04x17 25/Feb/2014 Bad Boy
118 04x18 26/Feb/2014 Remote Control
120 04x20 21/Apr/2014 Ground Dog Day
124 04x24 11/Dec/2014 Ping-Pong Poacher
125 04x25 12/Dec/2014 Hidden Talents
126 04x26 15/Dec/2014 Picture Perfect
127 04x27 16/Dec/2014 Save the Dump
128 04x28 17/Dec/2014 Duck!
129 04x29 18/Dec/2014 The Stare
130 04x30 19/Dec/2014 Fruit and Nuts

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