Season 2

23 :02x01 - Rendezvous

Sheena has a romantic relationship with an Interpol agent she has to save from a drug lord.

24 :02x02 - The Feral King

A jungle boy who has been gone missing is heir to a huge fortune. Sheena and Cutter are asked to help look for the boy.

25 :02x03 - Mind Games

Kali is put up against an old enemy who tries to gain control of Sheena so that they can control the LaMistas.

26 :02x04 - Collateral Damage

When a CIA sniper is in the middle of a mission, he is targeted by operatives who have gone rouge. Sheena and Cutter befriend him and help save him before things go bad.

27 :02x05 - Meltdown in Maltaka

Cutter and Mendelsohn help a female boxer who has only one dream. That is to be a champion boxer.

28 :02x06 - The Treasure of Sienna Mende

When the tribes suffer a drought, Cutter and Sheena, along with a female jewel thief, hunt down a hidden treasure that will help them all.

29 :02x07 - The Darkness

To help steal a government payroll, a rouge beast is enlisted to take care of things.

30 :02x08 - Still Hostage After All These Years

Cutter's ex-wife comes to the jungle when a vaccine cut-off is threatened. They have to find the terrorist that was kidnapped before it is too late.

31 :02x09 - Return of the Native

A new school ran by Sheena's first love is opened and tension and jealousy is clear when he moves into the jungle.

32 :02x10 - The Maltaka Files

Uranium is on auction when UFO sightings becomes popular.

33 :02x11 - Stranded in the Jungle

Sheena meets someone with possible clues to her past when a survival game show comes into the jungle. Sheena must save them when they come in danger by a coup.

34 :02x12 - Coming to Africa

When a plot to destroy an arranged marriage is discovered, Sheena and Cutter must save the princess before things go wrong.

35 :02x13 - The World According to Mendehlson

Mendelsohn is kidnapped by natives who believe that he is related to their god.
Guest Stars: Stacy Meadows as Kwashee | Stacy Meadows as Kwashee