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Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia

Mycroft convinces Sherlock to recover compromising photographs taken by a dominatrix, Irene Adler. However, Sherlock soon discovers that Irene is his intellectual equal and a battle of wits ensues as he attempts to decipher the code to the camera phone containing the blackmail material.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x1
Airdate: Sunday January 01st, 2012
Special Airtime: 08:10 pm

Alternate Airdates:

US (PBS) May 06, 2012
Ireland Jan 08, 2014

Guest Stars
Una StubbsUna Stubbs
As Mrs. Hudson
Rupert GravesRupert Graves
As DI Lestrade
Rupert GravesRupert Graves
As DI Lestrade
Mark GatissMark Gatiss
As Mycroft Holmes
Mark GatissMark Gatiss
As Mycroft Holmes
Andrew ScottAndrew Scott
As Jim Moriarty
Louise BrealeyLouise Brealey
As Molly Hooper
Louise BrealeyLouise Brealey
As Molly Hooper
Lara PulverLara Pulver
As Irene Adler
Lara PulverLara Pulver
As Irene Adler
Danny WebbDanny Webb
As DI Carter
Danny WebbDanny Webb
As DI Carter
Andrew HavillAndrew Havill
As The Equerry
Todd BoyceTodd Boyce
As Neilson
Todd BoyceTodd Boyce
As Neilson
Oona ChaplinOona Chaplin
As Jeanette
Oona ChaplinOona Chaplin
As Jeanette
Richard CunninghamRichard Cunningham
As Timid Man
Richard CunninghamRichard Cunningham
As Timid Man
Rosemary SmithRosemary Smith
As Married Woman
Rosemary SmithRosemary Smith
As Married Woman
Simon ThorpSimon Thorp
As Businessman
Simon ThorpSimon Thorp
As Businessman
Anthony CozensAnthony Cozens
As Geeky Young Man
Munir KhairdinMunir Khairdin
As Creepy Guy
Luke NewberryLuke Newberry
As Young Policeman
Luke NewberryLuke Newberry
As Young Policeman
Peter PedreroPeter Pedrero
As Archer
Peter PedreroPeter Pedrero
As Archer
Honor KneafseyHonor Kneafsey
As Little Girl
Honor KneafseyHonor Kneafsey
As Little Girl
Ilana KneafseyIlana Kneafsey
As Little Girl
Thomasin RandThomasin Rand
As Beautiful Woman

Amber ElizabethAmber Elizabeth
As Commuter
Main Cast
Benedict CumberbatchBenedict Cumberbatch
As Sherlock Holmes
Martin FreemanMartin Freeman
As Dr John Watson


At the pool, Moriarty tells his men to kill Sherlock and John. Sherlock aims his gun at the explosives pack that was wired to James, and suddenly Moriarty’s phone rings. He asks if he can answer it and Sherlock tells him to go ahead. Disgusted, Moriarty takes the call, and then screams at the caller, telling him to repeat it. He warns that if the caller is lying, he’ll hunt the person down and skin them alive. Satisfied, Moriarty then apologizes to Sherlock, telling him that it’s the wrong day to die. Sherlock asks if he got a better offer, and Moriarty says that Sherlock will be hearing from him. He walks away, telling the caller that if he has what is claimed, he’ll make him rich. The snipers leave as well and John wonders what happened. Sherlock figures that someone changed Moriarty’s mind and wonders who. ..

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Episode Quotes
Jim Moriarty: So if you have what you say you have, I'll make you rich. If you don't, I'll make you into shoes.

Sherlock: What are you typing?
John: Blog.
Sherlock: About?
John: Us.
Sherlock: You mean me.
John: Why?
Sherlock: Well, you're typing a lot.

Sherlock: No, don't mention the unsolved ones.
John: People want to know you're human.
Sherlock: Why?
John: Cause they're interested.
Sherlock: No they're not. Why are they?
John: Hmm. You know. One thousand eight hundred and 95.
Sherlock: So?
John: I reset that counter last night. This blog has had has nearly two thousand hits in the last eight hours. This is your living, Sherlock. Not two hundred and forty different types of tobacco ash.
Sherlock: Two hundred and forty-three.

DI Lestrade: Have you heard of Sherlock Holmes?
DI Carter: Who?
DI Lestrade: Well, you're about to meet him now. This is your case. It's entirely up to you. This is just friendly advice. But give Sherlock five minutes on your crime scene and listen to everything he has to say. And as far as possible, try not to punch him.

Sherlock: (about Phil) Having driven to an isolated location and successfully committed a crime without a single witness, why would he then call the police and consult a detective? Fair play?
DI Carter: He's trying to be clever. He's over-confident.
Sherlock: Did you see him? Morbidly obese, the undisguised halitosis of a single man living on his own, the right sleeve of an Internet porn addict, and the breathing pattern of an untreated heart condition. Low self-esteem, tiny IQ, and a limited life expectancy. And you think he's an audacious criminal mastermind? (turns to Phil) Don't worry, this is just stupid.
Phil: What did you say? Heart what?

John: You wearing any pants?
Sherlock: No.
John: Okay.

Sherlock: Dominatrix.
Mycroft Holmes: Don't be alarmed. It's to do with sex.
Sherlock: Sex doesn't alarm me.
Mycroft Holmes: How would you know?

John: Don't you remember, I was a soldier. I killed people.
Sherlock: You were a doctor!
John: I had bad days!

Irene Adler: I don't understand.
Sherlock: Oh, well, try to.
Irene Adler: Why?
Sherlock: Because you cater to the whims of the pathetic and take your clothes off to make an impression. Stop boring me and think!

Irene Adler: Do you know the big problem with a disguise, Mr. Holmes? However hard you try, it's always a self-portrait.
Sherlock: You think I'm a vicar with a bleeding face?
Irene Adler: No, I think you're damaged, delusional, and believe in a higher power. In your case, it's yourself.

Sherlock: If I was to look at naked women, I'd borrow John's laptop.
John: You do borrow my laptop.
Sherlock: I confiscate it.

Sherlock: Look at them. They all care so much. Do you ever wonder if there's something wrong with us?
Mycroft Holmes: All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage... Sherlock.

John: Listen, has he ever had any kind of, um, girlfriend, boyfriend, a relationship, ever?
Mrs. Hudson: I don't know.
John: How could we not know?
Mrs. Hudson: He's Sherlock. How will we ever know what goes on in that funny old head?

Sherlock: Don't snivel, Mrs. Hudson. It will do nothing to impede the flight of a bullet. What a tender world that would be.

Sherlock: First get rid of your boys.
Neilson: Why?
Sherlock: I dislike being outnumbered. It makes for too much stupidity in the room.
Neilson: You two go to the car.
Sherlock: And then get into the car and drive away. Don't try to trick me. You know who I am--it doesn't work.

Sherlock: Oh, you're rather good.
Irene Adler: You're not not so bad.
John: Hamish. John Hamish Watson. Just if you're looking for baby names.

Sherlock: You could have chosen any random number and walked out of here today with everything you've worked for. But you just couldn't resist it, could you? I've always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage. Thank you for the final proof.
Irene Adler: Everything I said, it's not real. I was just playing the game.
Sherlock: I know. And this is just losing.

Mycroft Holmes: My brother has the brain of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart?
John: I don't know.
Mycroft Holmes: Neither do I. But initially he wanted to be a pirate.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorSteven Moffat  |  Mark Gatiss
Executive ProducerMark Gatiss  |  Dan Guntzelman  |  Beryl Vertue  |  Rebecca Eaton
Line ProducerCharlotte Ashby
First Assistant DirectorFrancesco Reidy
Second Assistant DirectorJames Dahaviland
MusicMichael Price
Costume DesignerSarah Arthur
Property MasterPhill Shellard
Script SupervisorNon Eleri Hughes
Production CoordinatorSian Warrilow
Post Production SupervisorSam Lucas
Supervising Sound EditorDoug Sinclair (2)
GafferJohn Best
On-Line EditorScott Hinchcliffe  |  Barrie Pease
OtherTrina Castillo (Field Corrdinartor)
Director of PhotographyFabian Wagner
StuntsMark Archer
Stunt CoordinatorGareth Milne
Production ManagerBen Holt
Based On The Works OfArthur Conan Doyle
Dubbing MixerHoward Bargroff
Sound RecordistJohn Mooney
Third Assistant DirectorHeddi Joy Taylor
Costume SupervisorCeri Walford
Make-up & HairHannah Proverbs  |  Louise Coles
Special Effects SupervisorDanny Hargreaves
Unit ManagerGeraint Williams  |  Rhys Griffiths
Focus PullerLeo Holba  |  Jamie Phillips
Sound Effects EditorJeremy Child (2)
Production BuyerBlaanid Maddrell
Supervising Art DirectorDafydd Shurmer
Standby Art DirectorJulia Challis
Assistant GripOwen Charnley
Production RunnerSandra Cosfeld
Costume AssistantDominique Arthur  |  Kelly Williams (3)
Make-up & Hair DesignerMeinir Jones-Lewis
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