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Sherlock: The Hounds of Baskerville

A young man, Henry Knight, comes to Sherlock and John and asks them to investigate the case of his father's murder at the teeth of a gigantic hound. The case takes the duo to Dartmoor and a military base engaged in secret genetic experiments which may be connected to the death of Henry's father.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x2
Airdate: Sunday January 08th, 2012
Special Airtime: 08:30 pm

Alternate Airdates:

SE (SVT1) Feb 11, 2012
US (PBS) May 13, 2012
Ireland Jan 15, 2014

Guest Stars
Una StubbsUna Stubbs
As Mrs. Hudson
Rupert GravesRupert Graves
As DI Lestrade
Mark GatissMark Gatiss
As Mycroft Holmes
Andrew ScottAndrew Scott
As Jim Moriarty
Russell ToveyRussell Tovey
As Henry Knight
Amelia BullmoreAmelia Bullmore
As Dr Stapleton
Clive MantleClive Mantle
As Dr Frankland (Dr. Robert Frankland)
Simon DaySimon Day
As Major Barrymore (as Simon Paisley Day)
Sasha BeharSasha Behar
As Dr Mortimer (Dr Louise Mortimer)
Will SharpeWill Sharpe
As Corporal Lyons
Stephen WightStephen Wight
As Fletcher
Sam Jones (2)Sam Jones (2)
As Young Henry
Chipo ChungChipo Chung
As Presenter
Main Cast
Benedict CumberbatchBenedict Cumberbatch
As Sherlock Holmes
Martin FreemanMartin Freeman
As Dr John Watson


Young Henry runs through the woods, the screams of his father being ripped apart echoing in his head. He finally finds an old woman on the moors, walking her dog, and she asks what is wrong. When the dog moves toward Young Henry he screams...

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Episode Quotes
John: Go after her and apologize.
Sherlock: Apologize?
John: Um-hmm.
Sherlock: Oh, John, I envy you so much.
John: You envy me?
Sherlock: Your mind, it's placid, straightforward, barely used. Mine's like an engine, racing out of control, a rocket tearing itself to pieces, trapped on the launchpad. I need a case!

Sherlock: Phone Lestrade. Tell him there's an escaped rabbit.
John: You serious?
Sherlock: It's this, or Cluedo.
John: Ah, no. We are never playing that again.
Sherlock: Why not?
John: Because it's not actually possible for the victim to have done it, Sherlock, that's why.
Sherlock: It's the only possible solution.
John: It's not in the rules.
Sherlock: Then the rules are wrong!

Henry Knight: Do you know Dartmoor, Mr. Holmes?
Sherlock: No.
Henry Knight: It's an amazing place. It's like nowhere else. It's sort of... bleak, but beautiful.
Sherlock: Hmm, not interested. Moving on.
Henry Knight: We used to go for walks after my mum died, my dad and me. Every evening we'd go out on the moors.
Sherlock: Yes, good, skipping to the night that your father was violently killed, where did that happen?

Henry Knight: How on earth did you notice all that?
John: It's not important...
Sherlock: Punched out holes where your ticket's been changed...
John: Not now, Sherlock.
Sherlock: Oh, please. I've been cooped up here for ages.
John: You're just showing off.
Sherlock: Of course. I am a show-off, that's what we do.

Sherlock: What did you see that changed everything?
Henry Knight: It's a strange place, the hollow. Makes you feel so cold inside, so afraid.
Sherlock: Yes, if I wanted poetry, I'd read John's emails to his girlfriends. Much funnier. What did you see?

Sherlock: Nice touch.
John: I haven't pulled rank in ages.
Sherlock: You enjoyed it.
John: Oh yeah.

Sherlock: I never did ask, Dr. Frankland, what exactly is is it that you do here?
Dr Frankland: Oh, Mr. Holmes, I would love to tell you. But then, of course, I'd have to kill you.
Sherlock: That would be tremendously ambitious of you.

John:: So?
Sherlock: So?
John: What was all that about the rabbit? Oh, please, can we not do this this time?
Sherlock: Do what?
John: You being all mysterious with your cheekbones and turning your coat collar up so you look cool.
Sherlock: I don't do that.
John: Yeah you do.

Sherlock: The question is, has she been working on something deadlier than a rabbit?
John: To be fair, that is quite a wide field.

Sherlock: Look at me. I'm afraid, John. Afraid.
John: Sherlock...
Sherlock: I've always been able to keep myself distant. Divorce myself from feelings. But you see, body's betraying me. Interesting yes. Emotions. Grit on the lens, the fly in the ointment.
John: All right, Spock, just take it easy.

Sherlock: I uses my senses, unlike some people. You see, I am fine. In fact, maybe better. So just leave me alone.
John: Yeah. Okay. Okay. So why would you listen to me? I'm just your friend.
Sherlock: I don't have friends.
John: No. Wonder why.

Sherlock: How about Louise Mortimer? Did you get anywhere with her?
John: No.
Sherlock: Too bad. Did you get any information?
John: Hm. You're being funny now.
Sherlock: I thought it might break the ice a bit.
John: Funny doesn't suit you. I'd stick to ice.

Sherlock: Murder weapon, scene of the crime, all at once. This case, Henry... thank you. It's been brilliant.
John: Sherlock.
Sherlock: What?
John: Timing.

Cultural References
John: All right, Spock, just take it easy.

Mr. Spock, portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, is the half-human/half-Vulcan first officer of the starship Enterprise in the TV series Star Trek.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorSteven Moffat  |  Mark Gatiss
Executive ProducerSteven Moffat  |  Mark Gatiss  |  Beryl Vertue  |  Rebecca Eaton
ProducerSue Vertue
Production DesignerArwel Wyn Jones
EditorCharlie Phillips
Line ProducerCharlotte Ashby
First Assistant DirectorPeter Bennett (2)
Second Assistant DirectorJames Dahaviland
MusicDavid Arnold  |  Michael Price
Costume DesignerSarah Arthur
GripDai Hopkins
Camera OperatorMark Milsome
Location ManagerGareth Skelding
Property MasterPhill Shellard
Script SupervisorNon Eleri Hughes
Production CoordinatorSian Warrilow
Post Production SupervisorSam Lucas
Supervising Sound EditorDoug Sinclair (2)
GafferJohn Best
On-Line EditorScott Hinchcliffe  |  Barrie Pease
Director of PhotographyFabian Wagner
StuntsRob Jarman  |  Marcus Shakesheff  |  Richard Bradshaw
Stunt CoordinatorLeon Rogers  |  Lee Sheward
Production ManagerBen Holt
Based On The Works OfArthur Conan Doyle
Dubbing MixerHoward Bargroff
Sound RecordistJohn Mooney
Third Assistant DirectorHeddi Joy Taylor
Costume SupervisorCeri Walford
Visual Effects SupervisorJean-Claude Deguara
Production AccountantElizabeth Walker
Make-up & HairHannah Proverbs  |  Louise Coles
PropsJackson Pope  |  Dewi Thomas
Best BoySteve McGrail
Special Effects SupervisorDanny Hargreaves
Unit ManagerRhys Griffiths  |  Geraint Williams
ColoristKevin Horsewood
Focus PullerJamie Phillips  |  Leo Holba
Casting DirectorKate Rhodes James
Sound Effects EditorJeremy Child (2)
Production BuyerBlaanid Maddrell
Standby Art DirectorAlexandra Merchant
Assistant GripOwen Charnley
Production RunnerSandra Cosfeld
Costume AssistantDominique Arthur  |  Kelly Williams (3)
Executive Producer For BBCBethan Jones
Make-up & Hair DesignerPamela Haddock
Sound Maintenance EngineerStuart McCutcheon
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