The Blue Carbuncle - Recap

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The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

Watson is not living at 221B Baker Street.

The story starts with Watson finding Holmes lounging in a purple robe, in the sitting room at Baker Street, examining a “disreputable” hat. The tale attached to the hat is as follows: Commissionaire Peterson, while on his rounds one night, broke up a fight between a gang of roughs and a single, drunken man who owned the hat. All fled, with the man leaving behind said hat and a Christmas goose. Peterson brought both to Holmes, knowing his interest in anything, no matter how small.

Holmes gives the hat to Watson and the good doctor starts a minute observation of the hat, but alas he can come up with no deductions. While Holmes and Watson are discussing the unknown man’s life, Peterson comes flying through the door like a goose in flight himself. He shows the detectives what the goose had in its crop: a large, blue stone which turns out to be the stolen cache from a local hotel robbery. The general consensus is that the Countess of Morcar’s stone had been stolen by a convicted thief by the name of John Horner who protested his innocence in the strongest of voices.

Holmes places advertisements in the various papers, asking one Henry Baker (owner of the hat and goose) to stop by 221B Baker Street to reclaim his possessions. The charming Mr. Baker does stop by and unsuspectingly leaves with his hat and a different, fresher goose, none the wiser after Holmes’ unusual questioning of the man. Before leaving, Mr. Baker tells Holmes where he had bought his Christmas goose. When Holmes and Watson pay a visit to the seller and start to question him, the man's whole manner is aggressive and defiant. As the pair leave, they overhear a heated conversation between the seller and another man. This man is also begging for information on the whereabouts of a particular goose.. They introduce themselves to “John Robinson” who in turn tells them a pathetic tale, including the fact that Robinson had John Horner arrested for a crime which he did not commit.

James Ryder alias John Robinson tells them that this escapade is a “one-off” and so Holmes plays Judge, Jury and Executioner once again. Merry Christmas!