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Carolina, played by Joyce Giraud

Carolina is a bartender from Bogota, Columbia. Despite her innocent and sympathetic demeanor, she is the one who secretly stole the food, burned the shed down, and framed Johnny. She is really an actress hired by the producers to stir up trouble and increase the "drama." Her real name is Joyce.
Johnny, played by Johnny Wactor

Johnny is a competitive bull rider from Jedburg, SC. He's a tough competitor and figures that it's every man for himself, and is skilled in hunting deer. Johnny has romantic feelings for Carolina despite his tough demeanor.
Esther, played by Esther Anderson (1)

Esther is a model from Melbourne, Australia. She'll do anything to win, including "cheat" by sabotaging the guide flags in the opening contest. However, she comes to regret secretly giving Victoria the unprepared mushrooms, which cause the girl to temporarily lose her mind. However, when Irene is injured, she has enough and, impressed by her friend's determination, offers to forfeit the game and summon the helicopter to get medical help. However, it's a ruse to convince five of the others to take Irene to the helicopter, disqualifying themselves.

Although Esther works with the others after that, she still betrays them after discovering that the revealer box holds the $500,000 prize. She hides the money in her bag and drives off without them.
Miljan, played by Miljan Milosevic

Miljan is a club DJ from Podgorica, Montenegro. He is the most ruthless of the male contestants, ready to do whatever it takes to win. He has paired up with Esther since she feels the same way, but she soon made it clear that she was using him. He is subject to sudden mood swings, and afterward dismisses them as jokes.
Daniel, played by Daniel David Sutton

Daniel is a computer programmer from Royalton, MN. When Tommy is killed, it hits him hard because of how Tommy helped him early in the competition. He has a crush on Irene. He joined the show in part to prove he's a good guy, because he blames himself for running when three muggers attacked him and his girlfriend and put her in the hospital.
Neeko, played by Neeko O.J. Skervin

Neeko is a professional rugby player from London, UK. He ends up becoming the de facto leader of the group, although Johnny doesn't recognize his authority and Meljan and Esther often ignore him.
Irene, played by Irene Yee

Irene is a fashion designer from Taipei, Taiwan. A woman of hidden talents, her father nagged her into taking classes in a wide variety of subjects, including Zen archery. When she's badly injured by a spike trap, Irene still insists on playing the game, saying that she can't fail.
Sam, played by Sam Dobbins

Sam is a bouncer from Brooklyn, NY, and a former cage fighter. He lost his wife and doesn't have any other family, but he worked with children at a youth center. Very little phases him and he's an excellent take-charge kind of guy. When Neeko assumes leadership of the group, Sam backs him up. He knows Russian from his grandmother.
Sabina, played by Sabina Akhmedova

Sabina is a retired soldier from Haifa, Israel, although she has not revealed this to her fellow teammates. Very little is known of this mystery woman, although several of her fellow contestants are convinced that she knows something about the Tunguska area that she isn't revealing. Sabina carries a locket with a photo of a young boy in it, saying that it's what keeps her going. Later, Sabina tells Neeko that her son is ten and that he's with her father, a horrible man who raped her when she was growing up in an orphanage. She was forced to leave the orphanage and enlist in the Israeli Army, where she beat a high-ranking official when he tried to rape a girl. Sabrina was discharged and entered the contest to get enough money to buy her son back.
Natalie, played by Natalie Ann Scheetz

Natalie is a veterinary assistant from Santa Barbara, CA. She is financially well off and doesn't need the money. When desperate, she turned to Annie for love. However, she eventually has second thoughts and leaves, presumably signalling the helicopter for retrieval. She leaves a goodbye note to Annie saying she's going back to her ex. The contestants later find her corpse in the woods, savaged by some kind of animal, and realize that she never made it to the helicopter.
Annie, played by Anne-Marie Mueschke

Annie is a graphic designer from New Orleans, LA. A lesbian, she is attracted to Natalie. She desperately needs the $500,000 reward money for winning the contest. She is killed by soldiers trying to escape the research center.
Victoria, played by Victoria Hill

Victoria is a sales clerk from Winnipeg, Canada. She inadvertently eats some unprepared mushrooms slipped to her by Esther and undergoes a series of vivid hallucination where she sees the sky catching on fire and everyone dying. After she recovers, she voluntarily forfeits.
George, played by George Dickson

George is an accountant from Louisville, KY. After Tommy's death, he's the only contestant who decides to leave the show, taking the $5,000 consolation prize, rather than risk dying and leaving his family without him.
Tommy, played by Thomas Mountain

Tommy is a environmental activist from Boston, MA. He's willing to sacrifice himself for others, and almost forfeits his chance in the contest to help an injured Daniel make it to the settlement in the first contest. He dies in what the host describes as a fatal accident after leaving the others during a mushroom hunting expedition. In fact he is attacked by some off-camera figure and killed, although his cameraman survives the experience.
Berglind, played by Berglind Icey

Berglind is a journalist from Reykjavik, Iceland. She's eliminated in the first contest when she leaves the group and tries to find a shortcut. The last two contestants to reach the settlement are eliminated, and Berglind is sent home.
Harpreet, played by Harpreet Turka

Harpreet is a graduate student from Washington, DC. He's eliminated in the first contest when he follows Berglind, who leaves the group and tries to find a shortcut. The last two contestants to reach the settlement are eliminated, and Harpreet is sent home.
Host, played by Jonathon Buckley

Network: NBC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Mystery
Status: Canceled
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 01, 2013
Ended: September 16, 2013
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